Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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I'm having a hard time writing today.
I wanted to sit down and write about my thoughts on being a stay at home mom, but I was trying to cover too many angles while hoping to keep my words from offending anyone.

I wanted to write about how I enjoy staying home, but that I don't judge you if you aren't.
I wanted to talk about why I thought staying home was a good choice for my family, but didn't want it to come across as what's right for me is right for everyone and if you're doing something different you're doing something wrong, because that's not how I see it.
I wanted to share that staying at home isn't always great fun and that sometimes you do miss working, but didn't want to appear dissatisfied with my life, because I'm not.
I wanted to write all those things and more, but found myself typing typing typing and then deleting deleting deleting. 
So instead of walking the fine line between sharing my thoughts and trying to keep from offending anyone, I'll just say how grateful I am to have a husband who allows me to stay home and supports that decision. Because if it wasn't for him, my day to day life would be vastly different from what it is today.

In other news, Kaylee introduced Isabelle to Aurora.

 And right after these pictures were taken, Kaylee pushed Isabelle's hands away and said "Isabelle, she's real! Be careful!" :)

Kaylee asked for some Sprite. This is her "please face."

Any time I take a picture of Kaylee, she asks to see it on the camera display screen. When I showed it to her, she said it looked like she needed to pee. lol!

Kaylee and Isabelle spent some time reading. Sweet sister time.


  1. I totally get where you're coming from on the blogging blank. It is hard to strike that difficult balance. I think you did a nice job anyway. I know just what you mean. Remember that this is your blog and you're entitled (if you so choose) to put your opinions and feelings on it (even if they're not what everyone else likes.)

    So glad that you get to stay at home with your kiddos like you want to. I too love being a stay at home mom and wouldn't trade it for any amount of money in the world.

  2. Ditto what Michelle said. I try to be charitable in the way I say things, but it IS my blog, and I *will* say what I feel. I know people get really touchy about the whole stay-at-home mom thing, and that one is a fine line for sure, but boy, IMHO it is so important to our children to let them be at home with their mamas. At any rate, I'm glad it's a decision that works for you and your family. Those lucky girls!

    And Gemma does the same thing wanting to see pictures!!

  3. I feel the same way, but I'm worried less about offending people :) I think staying home is pretty awesome and I'll probably write about that one day...when I get tired writing about my retarded dog lol.

  4. Thanks, ladies, for your comments!
    I just re-looked at the pictures I posted and decided I really need to use my stay at home time to clean up my house! I don't like all the clutter you see in the background :(

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