Thursday, January 6, 2011

Isabelle's favorite things {part one}

As a parent, new or not, you always wonder what things (toys, products, gear, etc) your kids will like. If you're anything like me, you ask all your friends what their kids have liked. You do research online and read tons of user/buyer reviews. And hopefully, based on advice you were given or something you read, you make a purchase and your child loves it!

At four months of age, here are a few of Isabelle's favorite things:

My Pal Violet
Oh yes, Isabelle loves her Violet. (Thanks, Everett, for loving your Scout and encouraging us to get our own Violet!) It's a stuffed dog (as you can see) that you can connect to your computer via USB cord and you can program it with your child's name and some of their favorite things. Then when Violet plays music or talks to you, it says your name and coincidentally, Violet's things are your favorite things too! Right now, Isabelle just loves the music and the lights. Once she's older, I'm sure she'll love to sing along and will be delighted to hear that Violet likes the same things as her. :) 

In fact, Violet was SO popular, that......
Yes, Kaylee had to get a Scout. (He's the boy version of Violet.) I think Isabelle was done taking pictures at that point.

Isabelle also LOVES her blankees. I think she really likes texture, likes to kind of hold and stroke things to comfort herself, so we've kind of splurged on the blankees.

How cute are those blankees? The first, the pink and green, is a teeny "lovey" sized blankee, made by Dara & Co. (found at The middle one, pink and brown, was part of her amazing diaper cake. The last, blue floral, is a My Blankee blankee (found at They're all super soft. The Dara and the My Blankee are both minky dots on one side, minky swirl on the other and a satin border.

Fisher Price my little lamb Cradle 'n Swing
Is it Isabelle that loves the swing....or is it mommy that loves the precious minutes of freedom it allows me? I think both! Isabelle really does love her swing. The motion soothes her, I think, and she'll intently watch the mobile and mirror above her head. It plays music or nature sounds, swing front-back and side-to-side, and reclines or sits up. Most parents consider a swing to be a must have, and I'd recommend this one specifically. 


  1. My baby just got a Violet for Christmas this year and she's a fan! She seems to mostly like chewing on the dog's nose and ears, but I'm sure one day she'll like the songs :)

    I programed Violet so her favorite food is sushi, which just sounds hilarious when she says "I'm hungry for a snack. Do you have any (pause) sushi? That's my favorite!"

  2. I love the picture with the blue my blankee!! Isabella looks so pretty with that color, it makes her blue eyes stand out!!! She looks adorable in all the rest too of course!! ;) I'm loving all of your posts, I would start a blog but I know it would last about a week and then come to a quick stop lol :)

  3. We have the exact same swing & matching infant seat! Well, actually they belong to my sister, we just "rented" them from her. So great!

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    Thank you.

  5. Adorable little ones. New Follower from the Blog Hop! Hope you can hop by and follow back!

  6. Hopped over here on the social parade to follow you! Come follow me too?


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