Friday, January 7, 2011


And it's funny to me that when you're a stay at home mommy, all days of the week are basically the same. Friday, which used to be the highlight of my work week, has that extra excitement.

The potato soup I posted yesterday was delicious!! And so easy! The peeling and chopping takes a bit of time, but after that, just let the crock pot work its magic. I'd highly recommend it!  (you can get to the recipe here!)

Isabelle and I went to Babies R Us today to check out the sale. Surprisingly, there are a TON of clothes on clearance; I'd suggest you go check it out. Their clearance prices aren't great deals at the price they're marked, but with the additional 40% you end up with decent savings. It's nearly all winter things, so unless you still need clothes for the next few months, you'd be best buying ahead for next year. That's what we did.
Babies R Us is a dangerous place to be for women with raging hormones, lol! I saw a few teeny tiny babies and it may or may not have crossed my mind to see if I could hide one in my cart to bring home with me. The brand new newborn stage is so fleeting that even at four months later, I already miss it. I already want it again. What is wrong with me?!
Anyway, we got some 18 month clothes for next winter. Fleece sweatshirts and footie PJs. Cute little ruffled corduroys. A sparkle-y fuchsia London Fog coat. I'm just hoping my chunky little daughter's growth slooooows down so that she'll be wearing the matching size to her age. Because right now, she's a four month old in 6-9 month clothing.

Speaking of sales, Hallmark has all their fall and winter Yankee candles on sale at 75% off. That makes the big jar ones only $5!! I like having yummy smelling candles burning, so we bought a few. Can't beat those prices!


  1. I know what you mean missing the tiny infant baby already!! It makes me want another one, although I know that's really not true! I want to enjoy just Landon for awhile. But I do miss the infant snuggling!!
    p.s. you're way better at updating your blog than me; I need to get on the ball!

  2. I got some good deals for Ruby there the other day! So surprised how much stuff they had! Yes, totally get you on the newborn thing! Is the Yankee Candle deal at all Hallmarks? That's a STEAL!!!!

  3. Ahh, my 7 month old is in 18 month clothes now!

    I always want to cuddle newborns that I see. I miss that sweet cuddly stage and I can't wait to have another...nuts, I know!

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