Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's not all fun and games

I'm sure everyone reading this is old enough to have a somewhat realistic view on having children, even if you haven't had any yet.
But just in case there's any doubt or confusion, allow me to share with you this very true statement. Having kids is not all fun and games. Take the last two days, for example. A little story in numbers, shall we?

5:40...the numbers I saw on the clock when Isabelle woke up Friday
10...the number of poopy diapers I've changed since 6am yesterday
2...the number of chest X-rays Isabelle had to have at the doctor
20...the number of minutes Isabelle cried during and after the X-rays
10...the number of minutes Isabelle spent having a breathing treatment
38...the number of minutes we had to wait for her first prescription to be filled
2...the number of times she vomited immediately after I gave her the medicine
7...the number of articles of clothing that got vomit covered
2...the number of baths she had to take yesterday to clean up from said vomit
2...the number of prescriptions we've now filled hoping to find a steroid that agrees with her
1...the number of times Isabelle has ever fallen asleep in her play mat, probably from pure exhaustion from all of the above
472...the number of hugs, kisses and cuddles I've given to Isabelle.

Because despite it all, I wouldn't give up being a mommy for anything!


  1. Oh yuck, I'm sorry that she's sick! There is nothing worse than a sick baby :(

    I'm with you on the pre-6am wake-up calls. Faith has been doing that to me all week!

  2. No one ever prepares you for what parenting is really like. It would probably stop quite a few people in their tracks if they knew ahead of time. :)

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