Saturday, January 15, 2011


The little miss's jumperoo arrived this week.

Daddy was hard at work setting it up.
Isabelle is supervising from her play mat.
As for her first jumperoo experience, I think she was a bit overwhelmed.
HAHAHA! Look at the expression on her face! Like, "Are you kidding me? What am I supposed to do in here?!" I really can't blame her for being overwhelmed though. We got the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo and it has way more toys an things on it than any other jumperoo.

Don't worry though, a few more times in the jumperoo, and she was realizing it's made for fun!
(excuse the poor quality of this photo; I don't know why it's so grainy)

So the good news is Isabelle seems to enjoy the jumperoo.....even though her feet don't touch the floor when she's in it. So right now it's a "playeroo" until she's able to jump in it as intended. 


  1. That is a deluxe jumperoo! Mine only has like 3 toys, but Faith can sure get some height with her bouncing :)

  2. I'm looking forward to Isabelle being big enough to jump in hers!

  3. I actually read this a few days ago, but just now thought to post - we stick a book under Landon's feet so he can jump b/c his feet don't touch the floor either. It works great! (though it works better to take his socks off then or he slides around)

  4. @ Tracy, I was wondering about that!!
    Cause you had said Landon had been playing in his for awhile, and from our most recent exchange, he and Isabelle seem to be about the same size-ish, so I was wondering if different jumperoos had different heights to them.
    A book is a good idea. Wayne was trying to find a piece of wood haha.

  5. We are thinking of getting a jumperoo for Holly, they look brill!

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