Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions...

...And have I got a ton of them!

One of them being this blog! I love that I have the opportunity to stay home everyday with my little one, and while Isabelle and I have lots of baby talk, I definitely miss adult interaction throughout the day. Therefore, all of you get to hear my ramblings, ideas, events, etc. Aren't you lucky?! It's my goal to blog at least 3 times a week.
Besides the blog, this is the list of resolutions I came up with for 2011.

In no particular order:

- Be a better wife and mommy.
For the most part, I think I do a pretty good job, but my biggest goal would be to be more active in those relationships. As in, participate more. Give them more of my undivided attention. Say yes more often. Less of "in a minute" or "not right now." I have to remember kids are only young once and only have one childhood and I want to help make it the best one possible. Not with stuff, but with quality time and lots of memories.

- Do something active for at least 30 minutes a day.
Because, lets be honest, with a little one, I'm sure not going to make it to the gym daily. And with the 30 degree weather outside, I'm even more surely not going to be taking walks. So sometimes the "active" part may be a little...outside the box, but it'll get the job done. I'm not looking to lose weight, but I wouldn't mind if the weight I have redistributes itself. More muscle, less fat.

-Cook from a recipe at least once a week.
Yes, I make dinner at home most days, but usually it's simple stuff that I just throw together. Baked chicken breasts. Ground beef with a jar of spaghetti sauce. Pigs in a blanket. Canned veggies. It gets the job done, but I'd like to use some of those cookbooks I have sitting in my kitchen cabinet. (Especially my new Pioneer Woman cookbook! Thanks, mom!) I know once a week isn't too impressive, but the reason dinner is usually so simple is because I have Isabelle in one hand, Kaylee needing help with her homework, stuff to put away, laundry to fold, etc etc and making dinner needs to be quick and uncomplicated. Once a week is a good starting point! (And I've already done this week! I made sweet potato know, the kind with pecan streusel on top? So delicious!)

- Get Isabelle to sleep in her crib.
Yes, I'm THAT parent. The one that lets baby sleep in bed with them. It's just so much easier when you're a nursing mommy. But I think Isabelle's getting old enough that she would sleep better if she had her own space. So it's time to start making the transition. She's a little snuggler though, and pretty much refuses to fall asleep on her own, so it'll definitely be a challenge!

- Volunteer.
I already volunteer at Kaylee's school regularly once a week doing copies for her teacher, and then any other days when other things pop up, but I'd like to do more than that. I think I'm going to arrange volunteering once a week at my old school and maybe look into volunteering at the Lord's Diner if they'll let me have the little one with me. That's the hard part - there's so many organizations needing volunteers, but many won't let me have Isabelle along. I know I'm not as productive with her as I would be without, but I wear her in her baby carrier and have both hands free, so I'm not helpless either.

- Take more pictures.

Lots more. I go through phases where one week I'll take several, then it'll be months til I take another again. NO GOOD. So I'm going to consistently take more.

- Display more pictures.
I want to display more around the house. Frame more, hang 'em up, stick them on the fridge, whatever. And also find a better way to store them. I don't know that I have the time (or creativity!) for scrapbooking, but it's something I'm considering. I have the software for digital scrapbooking, but while it doesn't require cutting and pasting and paper and all the aspects of traditional scrapbooking, it is kinda tricky to figure it out. If not, basic boring albums would be okay. But right now I'm guilty of either leaving pics on the memory card, or uploading them and leaving them on the computer, or printing them and then leaving them in the envelope. None of which allows anyone to enjoy the photos.

- Keep track of finances and money spent.
Wayne handles all the bills such as mortgage, electric, gas, water, and all that stuff, but I do all the shopping and groceries and I want to keep track of exactly how much I spend where. Not where as in store, but where as in food, snacks, household items, etc. So I'm hoping to create some excel spreadsheets that divides it all up and keeps a running total.
At the same time, my goal is to save as much as possible. Shop sales, use coupons, etc. It's a fun little game to see how much I can save.

- Eat more fruits and vegetables.
I don't eat enough fruits and veggies, especially considering I'm a nursing mommy and needing to provide all the vitamins and healthy stuff for Isabelle too. So instead of just saying more and hoping it happens, I'm going to try to have at least one fruit and/or veggie with every meal.

And, if all that isn't enough, one last possible resolution I may have, but am leaving it open in that it may or may not happen, is to run a 10k. As of right now, I don't run at all. Zero. Nada. In fact, I hate running. It sucks. But for me, it's a mental thing. Anytime in the past that I have ran, it's not that my body hurts, or I get too tired, it's just that I keep thinking over and over that I'm not a runner and I don't like to run and all I want to do is stop. So. In keeping with the being more active resolution, I know that I have very little athletic ability. And while I don't like it, I know I CAN run. However, I know training for a 10k, building up the endurance for it, will take time. And it will take time that requires me to be baby free. (Until the weather is nice enough that I can run outside, in which case I can use the jogging stroller.) But any indoor running will have to be time away from Isabelle, (and Wayne and Kaylee) which I hate. So while I like the idea of saying I can run a 10k, I also really really like having time with my family, and that comes first. So the running thing is an iffy resolution.

So there's my list. I think it's ambitious enough to be a bit challenging, but nothing too ambitious so as I won't be able to accomplish it. Either way, I'll keep you updated!


  1. YAY, didn't know you blogged. I'll have to add you to my list. Great post, you're ambitious. Just my opinion...don't feel like you have to kick Isabelle out of your bed...Kolbe is almost 1 and still sleeps with us. I just think it's wherever everyone sleeps best. I've given up on caring about babies sleeping in their beds, sleeping through the night, whatever. I just want us all to sleep well. And I savor the snuggles, I know they'll be gone all too soon (and I have quite the snuggler as well).

    Good for you on the running thing. I've kicked the running even though I really enjoy it, just too much time away, you're right. Family first for sure. I'm thinking about hitting the gym a bit (hopping on the eliptical or possibly some weights) as I'm able this year, but we'll see.

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog! Good luck on the sleep transition thing, I know how hard that can be! We let the baby sleep in her bassinett way too long (to the point where she was too long for it) and the transition to the crib was not smooth at all. In fact, she still fights going in there now, but I have a very stubborn baby and hopefully yours will make it easier on you :)

  3. sounds like some great resolutions!!!
    for your storing pictures one...I'm also NOT a scrapbooker, so I've decided my plan is at the end of each year of Landon's life to make a shutterfly photo book - it's really easy to do & way more manageable than trying to cute pictures & paper. well, that's my goal at least :)

  4. hi! thanks for stopping by my blog! you have great resolutions!


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