Monday, January 31, 2011

Still here

It was a rather uneventful weekend, so I really have no excuse for not blogging, except for when the hubs and my older child are at home, I'm usually busy with them, and don't have the same "free" time I do when they're away at work and school.
Anyway, our weekend looked a little like this:

We had some Harry Potter Lego castle building. 

 She was far too busy building to look up and give me a smile.

Some sillyness involving some bunny ears.

You can tell I've made too many holiday cards for the last few holidays because as I went for my camera,
Kaylee suggested I use these pics to make an Easter card. lol!

A playdate with Kaylee and her BFF at The Alley, a place that has bowling, go karts and an arcade. (a ridiculously overprice place, I may add!) 
Waiting to ride the go karts :) 

Getting ready to go! 
(I couldn't get my own daughter to realize I was trying to take a picture. Silly girl!)

Some serious air hockey competition!

And all the while, my littlest one did this:

All in all, we had a good weekend. Kaylee is back to school, the hubs is back to work, and Isabelle is doing some more of that napping she's famous for. Perhaps I should get some cleaning done...


  1. Man, now I want to go go-karting...that looked fun!


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