Saturday, February 26, 2011


(First, to everyone that inquired about the overnight oats from yesterday, YES, I eat them cold. I think it's so good. Cold and creamy. I suppose you could try heating them, but something about heating up yogurt just doesn't appeal to me. To each their own, though!) 
(Back to your regularly scheduled post!) 

Not your usual lazy Saturday over here!

We have our appointment for pictures at 2:00 today, so instead of a lazy Saturday like we usually have, I've been very schedule focused.
 When talking a baby for pictures, you've really got to consider their sleep schedule. If you want a happy, smiley baby, you must have a well rested baby.
Luckily, Isabelle woke up around 7:00 today, had some early morning play time with daddy while mommy slept an extra hour (oh yeah!) and then had breakfast at 8:45. (breast milk, breakfast of champions!) Then she played in the bath for awhile and got all squeeky clean for pictures.
 This was actually from last week lol!

She laid down for her nap at about 10:15, which should be perfect if she'll sleep her usual 3ish hours. Up at 1:00ish, eat, change diaper, and head to pictures, with a perfectly rested and full of smiles baby! Yay! I'm really really excited to have pictures to post from our photo shoot with Mollie Wetta!

In other news, It's a frigid 30 degrees outside but our forecast for tomorrow is in the 60s. Hopefully, Mr weatherman is correct, because we're hoping to go outside and frolic!
nothing says frolic like jumping off a big rock!

Hope y'all are having a super Saturday!


  1. Faith had that same tub! I kept the toys from it since they were such a hit :)

    When I had baby pictures done, I remember the stress of trying to pick the "right" time of day to get a happy baby. It worked out for us, I hope you have the same luck!

  2. Woohoo! I hope the pictures went well! You'll have to post an update & pics when you get 'em!

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