Monday, February 28, 2011

Fifty-five in February - Final Post

I started the fifty-five in February here, and then posted an update here and I think this should conclude my fifty five items.
2 shirts, a jean jacket, 2 bassinet sheets

 2 t-shirts, a workout tank, a crayon stained tank that went straight to the trash
and some cheer shorts that no respectable 26 yr old woman should wear :) 

 2 t-shirts, 4 pants

15 hangers. 
We buy plastic hangers and I hate these kind that come home from the store.

My last total was at 19, and with these items, I'm now up to...50. Which you would think puts me 5 items short, but I'll let you in on a little secret. 

Shhhhh, don't tell!
I hate little junky toys. (Think happy meal toys, oriental trading co. crap, vending machine trinkets, plastic rings/bracelets, etc, you get the idea.) 
Well, I may or may not be that mom that throws that stuff away while my child is sleeping. I cannot post any pictures to verify or disprove that, so you'll never really know. (And thus, my daughter can never say with certainty that I have done this!) 
But in the event that I have thrown stuff like that away, my daughter never really misses those things, so it works out just fine for everyone :)

Anyway, besides the items that went straight to the trash, the rest of the stuff is still here in my house, albeit bagged up and ready to go. In order to have these things out by the end of February, looks like y'all know what I'll be doing today! 


  1. lol I throw things away on the sly too. Not just for Aubrey but Clayton too. One time when we were dating, I was helping Clayton clean out/reorganize/decorate Aubrey's room. He wanted to keep THREE empty Valentine's Day chocolate boxes. When I put my foot down that she could only keep one to use as a jewelry box, he tried to sneak the other two downstairs. Why did we need three chocolate boxes? "Because you never know when they might come in handy." With these two pack-rats, being sneaky is the only way our already filled house doesn't over-flow with things we don't need.

  2. I couldn't agree more, those 'junky' toys need to go!!

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

    Oh, and pop by and enter by GIVEAWAY today!

  3. (saw your blog on monica d's. this is mary arn*** from high school. small world.)

    i had to giggle about throwing away toys at night. i usually let my boys play with them for a day, then snag them. i save them up, then give them to teacher friends who use them as classroom prizes.

  4. I hate those junky toys too! I try to look through the party favor bags before they get them and get rid of all the junky stuff.

  5. This is such a great idea! I definitely need to do this with some clothes!

  6. I used to throw away junky stuff that belonged to my include toys, as well as clothes and shoes that had seen better days. I'm sure my son will be "missing" items soon enough but right now he's too little for those awful happy meal toys.


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