Monday, February 28, 2011

Here comes the emails!

One of the reasons that I love blogs is because I love the conversations that can take part in the comments section. I like being able to ask questions and get answers, or share ideas, or converse back and forth or whatever.

However, with blogger, I don't think you have the option of threaded comments, that is, being able to reply to a particular comment within the comments. And where as some self hosted sites generate an email to you when your comment gets a reply, I don't think you can do that with blogger either. Yes, you can subscribe to comments, but that's not the same thing.
And I don't know how many bloggers (if any) go to all the trouble of going back to a post they commented on just to see if the blog writer responded to it. If you read and comment on more than a few blogs, that would be a lot of work, so I'm guessing most people don't. I know I usually don't. And because I don't, I don't usually ask questions in my comments, even if I have a question, because I assume either it's not going to get answered, or I'm not going to see the answer. (make sense?)

However, thanks to the amazing Megan (love the name, by the way!) at I learned that you can reply to the comments that you get through email. Meaning, when you comment on a post of mine and I've opted to be emailed with the comments I receive, I can reply through email back to you to comment on your comment.

I, personally, think this is fabulous! Hopefully you do too, because now you're going to be getting emailed replies from me to the comments you make. If, for whatever reason, you think this would be annoying or create unwanted email for you, just let me know and I won't email you any replies.

But since you know that I can reply now, if you have questions, ask away!


  1. That is so good to know! Thanks for the FYI. I am bummed about not being able to reply to comments, because I dont want people to think Im not reading them. I do get comments emailed to me but didn't realize that if I replied to them that the reader would get them!

  2. Hey Megan! Thanks for letting me know :) I need to change that. First step is using my blog email rather than my personal...My phone beeps like crazy all day! Haha :)

  3. Do you have to change any of the settings to be able to do that? I get email notification of comments, but it's from a "noreply" address.

  4. I recently just figured out how to get an email everytime someone comments on my blog. Instead of checking it constantly, I now get an email....brilliant! I'm behind the times, I tell ya but slowly but surely I'll get there!

  5. I get the email notifications too. It just makes it easier for me to remember where I commented and I like to read what other people are saying and when the blogger responds. I set up an email address just for blogging because of it.

  6. You CAN do threaded comments in Blogger, but you'd have to install Intense Debate. I THINK Disqus might work for Blogger, too, but I'm not sure.

    It's super easy in Wordpress (I know you did NOT want to hear that :)


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