Thursday, February 24, 2011

Isabelle's rough day

Isabelle and I have a weekday routine that we stick with almost every day.
We have Kaylee dropped off to school by 8:50 every morning, and then we usually go to the YMCA for about 30 minutes. Yes, I know, 30 minutes is hardly enough time to break a sweat, but my goal is just to do something active, not hardcore work out. We began just by walking on the track (Isabelle in the Ergo) but now we usually split our time between the elliptical and the track. I'll let Isabelle play as long as she'll allow in her car seat, and once she's yelling loudly enough that I feel like the inattentive mom that's focused on her workout and not her baby, we'll strap on the Ergo and go walk the track.
 Obviously, I am not one of those runners :)

After we're done at the Y, since we're already out and about, if we have any grocery shopping to do (and/or momma just feels like wandering around the grocery store) we do it then. Today, however, we were headed to Target. 

(Here's where Isabelle's rough day could actually be called Isabelle's bad mommy)

I, personally, don't like diaper bags. (let me interject that Isabelle is breastfed, so we have no need to carry bottles and formula. So essentially it would be a big ole diaper bag...with just a few measly diapers and wipes and footie PJs.....and a whole lotta empty space) I already carry a purse, and depending on our mode of transportation, am either carrying my almost 20 lb baby in her infant car seat (which is heavier than you think) or pushing a stroller. If I carry the car seat, then it's being sat in the cart. (go ahead and picture seat, in cart does not equal much room left for groceries.) So basically what I'm saying is that in most cases, at the grocery store, my cart is filled with baby seat, and I'm pushing a cart AND holding my purse. IF I were a diaper bag user, I would also be holding a diaper bag on top of that. 

Anyway, that paragraph is a means to show you why I dislike using a diaper bag. Which is not to say I don't attend to Isabelle's possible needs. I carry 4-5 diapers + a travel case of wipes in my purse. 

However, today at Target, we had the dreaded poop explosion. (all you moms out there have experienced it, don't lie!) And as I said earlier, I carry diapers and wipes in my purse...not a change of clothes. I keep extra clothes in the car. 
So I get Isabelle out of her dirty clothes and change her into a clean diaper. (1 point for good mommy)
But then I have to wrap her up in her blankee since I don't have clean clothes on hand to changer her into. (1 point for bad mommy)
On top of that, I have to carry her out to the car, where somehow it has managed to get at least 10 degrees colder outside than it was when we got to Target. (1 point for bad mommy
Now, picture me, carrying purse, carrying baby, trying to keep blankee wrapped tight around baby, trying to open car door, trying to reach extra clothes, all while carrying purse, baby, wrapped tight, etc. Not easy!
Then, while trying to close car door while carrying purse, baby, wrapped tight, plus clothes....I accidentally drop the clothes. (not baby!) On the ground. That's wet. Cause it's raining. (148 points for bad mommy)
We returned to the changing table and I did my best to blot and squeeze out any wetness from her clothes. Unfortunately, there were still a few damp spots, but I got her dressed. 

Poor Isabelle. She wishes she had a diaper bag carrying mommy.


  1. I've avoided ever having a poop explosion while out, but we've had some bad ones here at home! I do usually carry an extra outfit in my diaper bag, but it's just a onesie, so if I actually needed to use it, people would think I'm a bad mommy who can't dress my baby for the weather :)

  2. Landon had one of the worst blow outs ever (all the way up to his neck almost) while we were at a wedding reception!! Thankfully I did have a change of clothes (in the diaper bag) but not his cute dress up clothes. So terrible!

  3. Poor Isabelle! But I did find it all very amusing. I'm sure Isabelle forgave her well-meanning mommy. :)

  4. Not fun! I'm with you, the diaper bag is clunky and takes up lots of unneeded space. A big purse works better for me.

    Regarding blow-outs...I'm telling you, cloth diapers...

  5. We have all been there! I hate days like that, where everything is going wrong!!

  6. My son peed through his diaper on Christmas while we were at someone else's house. We live on Okinawa so it doesn't get super cold, but we had walked to their house, I didn't have a clean pair of pants, and he had to wear wet, peed on pants on our walk home. I felt like such a jerk. Thankfully, I did have a blanket so I covered him up good in his stroller but still. Terrible mom moment.

  7. I, too, have a not-so-fond relationship with the diaper bag. I always fear that I'll have a onesie about six months too small in the diaper bag.

  8.'re obviously a very GOOD mommy!!! I had to chuckle reading the way you explained your plight. You write so well.

    I remember those days well....the days of lugging around all that stuff...and you're right - a baby in a car seat is NOT easy to carry around! (See...that was over 20 years ago for me, and I STILL remember!)

  9. I think we have all been in some sort of situation like that! lol I with you though, hated carrying the diaper bag, just another bulky thing to keep track of ! :0)

  10. I can relate to everything you just said. I experienced the poop explosion many times. Once my little daughter pooped on the blow up slide at a birthday party and it went everywhere. Once I got her cleaned up and the place shut down the slide, I came back to realize my slightly older son peed all over the other slide. Yeah, that was bad. I had NO changes of clothes for either of them. I now have extra clothes in the car for both of them. Lesson learned.


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