Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Minute, part 3

Here are this week's questions:
(1) Do you think Lady Gaga is Gaga or just plain KaKa?
(2) If you had to write these questions every week, what questions would YOU write the participants?
(3) What animal/ insect has always scared the heck out of you?
(4) Do you wash your hands after you use the restroom every time?  Be honest!
(5) Do you buy brand named purses or replicas?

1.  I'm very neutral about Lady GaGa. Umm, I don't own her CD, so I'm not familiar with any of her music besides the songs they play on the radio. Some I like, some I don't.

2.  I'd ask people for their favorite blogs...I'm always looking for more blogs to read, even though I probably spend way too much time reading blogs as it is!
Or I'd ask about their #1 favorite vacation...where they went, where they stayed, what they did, etc.

3.  SPIDERS. I freaking HATE spiders. Eww. Small, big, furry, whatever. The odd thing is, I'm not scared of being bitten or hurt by spiders, I'm just scared/grossed out by the spider itself. I even have a weird enough fear of them that I don't like to kill them because in my mind I'm sure that right when I go to squish them, they're going to run or jump or somehow otherwise end up on me instead of getting squished. The really bad news, though, is that they often run and hide and while I'm running to get someone else to come do the killing :(

4.  Ummmm. No. Out in public, YES. Always. But that's because of touching doors/handles/etc in public restrooms, and I hate those germs, not because I'm a messy pee-er. At home, I may or may not wash afterwards.

5.  For the most part, I do not buy designer purses, but I SURE DO own designer purses. Yes, I know it's terribly materialistic and unnecessary, but I love designer purses. I own at least 18 Coach purses, 5 or 6 Dooney & Bourkes, and 1 Louis Vuitton.
 this is the one I'm using at the moment

this is Isabelle's diaper bag


  1. Hah! I totally told my Husband the other day that I was just going to recycle one of my old bigger Coach bags as the diaper bag!

  2. love the new look of the blog!! How did you change all the fonts & stuff?

  3. Wow, your blog looks great!

    I love your diaper bag :)

  4. Ha ha! Spider-haters of the world, unite!!

  5. P.S. If you really want that card...just email me you snail mail addy and I'll pop it in the mail to you. No charge. I'll just be happy that someone will use it. :) (You can find my email addy in my profile.)


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