Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My first blog award, TIMES TWO!

Within days of each other, I was awarded two blog awards.
Blog award number one comes from Hannah @Erratic Questions. I enjoy reading about her family and glimpses into her daily life.
Blog award number two comes from Kara @ Dog Lick Baby World. I enjoy reading about her and her baby, as well as her running and fitness routines.

Luckily for me, the premise of both these awards say that I'm supposed to share 7 random things about myself.
(And I'm pretty proud of my 7 things because a year or two ago I did that 'write 25 things about yourself' on facebook and I'm not repeating any of those 25 things here!) 

1. I eat dessert every single day. It is not an optional treat. It is an essential part of my life. I may have eaten an entire carton of ice cream in one night once.(carton, not pint. As in, 16 servings.)
(okay, that's actually a true story. It was HIL-ARIOUS too, because it was when I was in college, I was a cheerleader, a teeny tiny skinny little thing. (92 lbs. for real.) Anyway, I had a few of the other cheerleaders over to my house to make posters for something and I had a new unopened carton of ice cream. I got it out, offered to share, and as most "concerned about their figure" girls would do, they all declined. So I ate some, put it back. Got it out a little bit later, ate some more. Set it back in the freezer. Went back for thirds. Fourths. And, soon enough, I had an empty carton. The other girls were an odd combination of impressed and disgusted.)

2. I'm not a very good blogger because the free time that I do have that could go to blogging I usually use reading other people's blogs rather than working on my own. 
3. Whenever I find good deals at the grocery store (think combining a sale with a coupon) I like to call my husband and tell him exactly how much I paid for each item and how much I saved on each item. It drives him crazy. He doesn't even pretend to be interested anymore. 

4. I read a lots and lots of recipes and think how yummy they sound. Very few do I actually make.
5. I am anal about germs. I wash my hands at least 20 times a day. I'm the person who regularly lysols door knobs. And yet I'll frequently eat fresh produce without washing it. 
6.Even though I am a teacher by profession, an education major, and have almost enough college credits for two degrees, I will never look up a word that I don't know while I'm reading. I always just skim over it and assume it's not really important. So far, every book I've read seems to make sense regardless :)
7. The one thing that I really really enjoy that I wish I could do more of is travel. I love traveling and new places and hotels. (for example, I could spend an entire day just wondering through the resorts in Vegas. No gambling. No shopping. Some eating. Just checking it all our.) My ideal dream job would be to be a hotel/resort reviewer. Just imagine - getting to travel all over the world, stay at the most amazing places and get paid for it! YES PLEASE.  


  1. I'm also a eater of unwashed produce :)

  2. I've totally eaten an entire thing of ice cream at once...and a bag of oreos, and a pizza...not all of those three things at once though but yeah.

    I also don't wash produce unless it is visibly dirty like celery always has dirt on the bottom so it gets washed...apples not so much.

  3. I like to report my coupon savings to my husband too! (Although I usually wait until he gets home.) Too funny.

  4. I don't wash my produce very often either..... and when I do its usually when someone's with me so THEY don't get grossed out.... and even then its still just a quick rinse

  5. I love this! I have a fear of germs too and dang I am impressed by the carton of ice cream!


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