Friday, February 4, 2011

School day!

I think when you're a parent, you get more joy out of a school day! then you do a snow day! (maybe not joy, per se, but...comfort, perhaps?)

Yes, we love our kiddos, and yes, we treasure our time with them, but let's be honest. As parents, we have a schedule. We have things that we usually plan on getting done each day. We have our routines. Even if it doesn't appear to be much of a "routine" from the outside, it is still OUR time and we have a way that we are used to spending it. Anyway, the point is, a snow day, which means your kid is at home, disrupts that routine.
We had THREE snow days this week. That's a LONG time to be cooped up inside with a hyper-active 7 year old and my little baby. I did enjoy having Kaylee home with me, and I was glad I was caught up on chores, because otherwise I stress out that I'm not being productive while I'm trying to keep her entertained.
The good news is, she is back to school today, so life is a little more back to normal. Now if only all the snow would melt and we could have some warm days!
Since little one is finally back at school, I have time to sit and blog. 

One of our snow days, Uncle Brian came to visit!
I think Brian and Isabelle are having a moment :) 

I think Isabelle sees Kaylee going for the chips and wishes she could have some chips instead of her fingers. 

You can tell it was a snow day because it was about 4:00 in the afternoon, and as you can see, both my children were still in their PJs. 

Little miss Isabelle likes her bumbo :) 
And don't worry, she can sit more upright in it; she was just leaning back to smile at mommy, who was standing high above her.

Also, even though husbands don't get snow days, it seems like the weather can make them a little silly too. I left my camera out on the kitchen table and found a few surprises on my media card. There's about 10, but I'll just share one: 


  1. Lol, those are great pictures! My baby looks longingly when I eat chips/popcorn too :)

  2. haha, his face is hilarious! So funny, i don't have kiddos so I've never really thought about what a 'snow day' means for the parents! Hopefully next week it will be all "school days" : )

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