Thursday, February 10, 2011

three things

(warning: highly unoriginal and uncreative post ahead) 

3's of Me

You have been tagged. You are supposed to write a note of the 3's of YOU.   If I tag you it's because I want to know more about you --  but not in a creepy stalker kind of way.  It's a good way to learn more about your friends without INTRUDING... blah blah blah no one cares...

 Three Job's I've had in my Life
1. 5th grade teacher (which is awesome when you're the same size as your students. insert sarcasm, if it doesn't transfer well over the internet.)
2. special needs preschool teacher
3. beer cart girl (at a golf course) (best. job. ever. drunk old men are fabulous tippers!)

Three Places I have traveled
1. All over Europe (England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany)
2. Florida (sure do love me some disney world)
3. California

Three Favorite Drinks
1. Diet coke (caffeine free while preggo and breastfeeding)
2. Diet Mt Dew (the occasional splurge - Mt Dew knows they wouldn't fool anyone with a caffeine free version!)
3. anything coffee mocha

Three TV shows that I watch
1. Dexter
2. House
3. Royal Pains

Three of my favorite foods
1. Chicken
2. Carbs
3. Anything cheesy (but not just a piece of cheese)

Three Of my Favorite Colors
1. Pink
2. Aqua
3. Purple

Three of my Favorite types of Candy
1. Vosges Haut-chocolat (it might be an insult calling Vosges "candy")
2. Junior mints
3. Hot Tamales

Three things I am looking forward to
1. Moving to a bigger house someday (but not too big! just big enough)
2. Having at least one more baby (or 6, but who's counting?!)
3. Spending time with my family

Three things in my Car right now
1. Isabelle's stroller
2. a box of diapers I've been too lazy to carry in
3. stuff to take to Goodwill

Three things I did today
1. Cleaned snow off my car (really, winter, you're getting old)
2. 10 minutes on the arc trainer before Isabelle decided she was done sitting in the car seat
3. ate breakfast (after all, eating is a priority!)

Three things I love
1. My family and friends
2. God
3. leggings - as comfy as sweats, but not as ratty

Three Blessings in my life today (Beyond my family) 
1. An email with a GAP coupon just in time for a certain someone's birthday trip to KC
2. nice people who open doors for me
3. two cartons of ice cream in the freezer from the hubs :)


  1. LOL! I loved this one! First off, I have to say you look incredible after having two kids! Wow. Secondly, you really are on your way to sainthood if you not only have taught classrooms full of kids, but also decide to have 2, 3, or 6 kids of your own! And the drunk old men comment cracked me up!

  2. I love these kinds of posts! I also would like one (or 6) more babies :)

  3. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! This was a fun post!

  4. I drove the beer cart too! Such a fun job!

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