Saturday, February 26, 2011

We've got teeth!

Pictures today went well......sort of. 
The picture part went well, as in, I think we're going to have a lot of great pictures. Mollie was wonderful and had lots of fun ideas and stuff to use. Isabelle was well rested and although I think she took a little while to warm up and show off that smile, she did a good job too. 

But we also took big sister with us. 
And today was the worst display of attention seeking I've ever seen from her. I guess I can't be too upset, because for the most part, she has done wonderfully about having a baby sister who gets so much attention from family, friends and strangers. Kaylee was the only one for seven whole years, so sharing the spotlight and the attention is certainly a big thing for her to adjust to. 
Pictures today were 90% for Isabelle's 6 month pictures, and 10% for a few professional shots of the girls together. But Kaylee wanted to be a part of everything. Wanted to be in the middle of everything. It was bad enough that while Mollie was snapping pictures of Isabelle and coaxing out smiles, Kaylee was on the other side of the room, doing something silly saying "mommy, look at me! look at me! look at Kaylee!" which of course got not only my attention, but Isabelle's as well. SIGH. 
While it was annoying and frustrating, I'm trying to remember how different Kaylee's world is now that she's not the only one, and how well she has done for the most part, and just trying to let it go.


  1. Aw, that sounds frustrating. I bet it's hard to be the older sister! Not that I'd know, but I imagine :)

  2. That's what I get worried about with Aubrey too. She WANTS siblings but it'll be a big adjustment when they come.

  3. Great blog. I love the diaper bag mom story.
    Come visit me if you get chance

  4. It will get easier =) I was just like Kaylee and I think I let up eventually! haha

  5. Oh how I remember this so well. My daughter was four years old when my son was born. It is hard for the first one to see all the attention turned to someone else.

    I just tried to get some alone time with her and did my best. I am sure you are doing your best and remember you are a great MOM!


  6. What a lovely photo! They are so cute in that age:)

  7. Too cute! I am the youngest of four girls and so I only kind of got the "good" side of this haha! (aka I was the attention getter generally)

  8. You sound like the sweetest mom! I can't imagine juggling two kids! I'm sure you got some adorable pictures though!

  9. I can only imagine how hard that must be! She will get better as she lives more with her baby sister! I think all kids are like that when the "new" sibling comes along. My mom said my older brother hated me for at least a year. Haha!

  10. Your such a good mom, I know that it must be difficult, but you seem to be handling it soo well. Your girls are just soooooooo cute!!! I hope you guys have had a great weekend!


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