Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zoo day!

This last Friday, we took a road trip to Oklahoma City.
The hubs had to work, but school was out for inservice, so Kaylee, Isabelle, and I went with my dad. We actually go to OKC about once a month, just for a change of scenery and a fun little outing. We even go for the same three things: shopping, eating, and the zoo. We love road trips!

As far as the shopping goes, as most moms know, once you become a mom, it seems like the majority of your shopping is now for the kids, and no longer for you. Bummer!
Kaylee found this girly-to-the-max soccer ball, and Isabelle was the designated carrier of it while we were at the mall :)
I love this picture!

After the mall, it was ZOO time! 
Normally, I'm not one to take pictures of the animals. I'm very much a picture of people person, not a picture of things and scenery person. However, since I have my new camera, I was pretty impressed with my animal shots. 
I love that cute little otter face in the upper right pic

For the days when Kaylee is in the mood for taking pictures, the Oklahoma City zoo has fabulous photo spots. 
And to my child who thinks she needs to climb EVERYTHING, this rock formation was perfect. 

For the more normal people looking for photo ops, all throughout the zoo, they have really nice bronze statues of the zoo animals and Kaylee loves to pose with them. 

There's several more of these, but these two were my favorite.

And just so Isabelle could feel the picture love, we included her in a few too!
 My favorite part of this picture is actually Kaylee in the background.
She's such a SPAZ and as I already said, is always trying to climb on things. There's your proof.
Contrary to her expression there, Isabelle actually does love riding in the Ergo.
She's just mad cause she always chews those side straps, and I moved it away for the picture.

My dad and Kaylee scoping out the alligators. 

We enjoyed our time in Oklahoma City and were so happy to be out enjoying the 75 degree weather. It was SO nice! Unfortunately, it's back to 30 today. HURRY UP, SPRINGTIME!!


  1. LOVED the pictures from the zoo!! I've never been to OKC's zoo but we love Wichita's. We may need to check it out. :)

  2. That first picture is just too cute!

    I can't wait until my baby is old enough to enjoy the zoo :)

  3. Those were fantastic pictures. I wish our weather looked like yours right now!

  4. So fun. Your kiddos are just adorable! And Kaylee the wall-climber -HA what a HOOT!


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