Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm really NOT feeling it, but I know it's just a mental thing, but today we're going back to the YMCA. It's such an odd thing...when I'm in the habit of going daily, then it's no struggle to go, and in fact, is my preferred routine. But once that routine has been broken, I have to force myself to go again. And really, all I do is walk the track with my 19 lb 3 oz baby, so it's not like I'm working hard or exerting myself in any way. What I'm saying is, I have no reason to dread the YMCA, besides the fact that I just happen to be l-a-z-y. 
did you notice how I snuck in the results of Isabelle's weigh-in yesterday? Redbox codes go to Kara for being the closest without going over, Tracy for being the closest (only one ounce over!) and Gail for being my newest follower! :) I will email you ladies your code today! 

In addition to that, I was tagged yesterday by the fabulous Megan to do a list of all my favorite things. I know some people think lists like this are kind of silly, but I enjoy them because I think it allows me to "know" everyone a little bit better. Yes, I love the well thought out, well-written posts, but the little lists often touch on things you'd never write about. 
If you'd like to copy and post this list, I'll read about your favorites too!

Favorite time of day - my reply used to always be nighttime, but I don't have much a preference anymore. Just not early morning.

Favorite season - Summer! Followed closely by fall and spring. Just not winter.

Favorite month: Maybe September? The weather is still nice, and the trees are turning gorgeous colors.

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite subject in school: History

Favorite channel: I watch very little TV. Whatever channel gave us Friends will probably always be my favorite :)

Favorite color - Pink, followed closely by aqua and teal. 
(side note: those were our wedding colors!)
My best friend did all my flowers for my wedding, and she's AMAZING!

Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing (among many others, like Home Alone 1 &2, Shawshank Redemption, Braveheart, Sex&the City, Big Daddy, The Holiday....)

Favorite celebrity: I'm just not all into celebrities. I'm not particularly a fan of Rachael Ray or Martha Stewart, but I do like both their magazines.

Favorite kind of music: I'll listen to it all, except for explicit rap and hardcore metal.

Favorite tv show: Friends, Sex and the City, House, Dexter, Royal Pains.

Favorite thing to do: read blogs and blog, obviously

Favorite place in the world: the where is inconsequential, the with my family is essential

Favorite hobby: Reading! Especially on my kindle :)

Favorite kind of animal: cute little monkeys. Or maybe dolphins

Favorite place to live: I've only ever lived in Kansas and Texas, and I'd definitely choose Texas

Favorite place to vacation: ANYWHERE! I just love vacations, period. 

Favorite restaurant: on any given day, I'd be happy eating at Panera or Chipotle.

Favorite food: Dessert, always. Oh, real food? Chicken, or anything with melty cheese

Favorite thing to cook: as in, because of the cooking process, or because of the end result? Lately, I really love the simplicity of my crock pot.

Favorite drink: Caffeine free diet coke

Favorite chore: Vacuuming, cause it's pretty effortless, and you have immediate look at what I just cleaned gratification when you dump the canister of nastiness.

Favorite makeup: Mascara. I don't ever wear makeup on my face, just eye makeup.

Favorite hair products: I love Aveda, but watching my budget means I buy other stuff.

Favorite lotion: Johnsons & Johnsons baby lotion.

Favorite perfume: "Burberry Brit" by Burberry

Favorite memory: giving birth to my sweet daughters
 Baby Isabelle, about 2 hours old :)

Favorite blogger: I like them all. If I read it, I like it....otherwise, why would I be reading it?

Favorite thing to blog about: my kiddos

Favorite books: anything Jodi Picoult, the Harry Potter books, ohhhh, I like way too many books

Favorite Verse: The one tattooed across my back :) 

Favorite thing to wear: Summer dresses!! 

Favorite kind of day: In the summer, anything that involves being outside, soaking up the sun. In the winter, a lazy, snuggly day at home with my loves

Favorite job: being a mommy!


  1. thanks for the comments. you are gorgeous as are your kiddos! love living in Texas :)

  2. Holy cow Isabelle is a big baby! She's almost the same size as Faith! You must have superstar breastmilk or something.

    I'm so excited that I was the closest, I've never won anything before :)

  3. These kinds of posts are fun! I love Christmas, Chipotle, Jodi Picoult, and HP too! Simply the best. :)

  4. Hey! THANKS for the RedBox Code! You are too sweet...and funny! :)

    We have a few things in common...I love Friends!

    I'm not from Kansas OR Texas...BUT...my dad was born and raised in TX (I still have family there). My parents met at Baylor and her parents moved to Dallas. My brother was born there. THEN...my dad was called to be pastor of a church in Chanute, KS. My sister was born there. They lived there a while until they moved to Miami. Then I came along. SO...every time my parents moved they had another baby. They stopped moving. Ha!

    I don't watch TV much either (who has time? oh...yeah...well, maybe if I wasn't blogging!)

    Love your wedding colors. My favorite color (for a while now is turquoise/aqua-ish. :)

    I'm with you on the favorite kind of music.

    This was fun to get to know you. Maybe I should do one.

  5. What a sweet post! I love the season summer. It's definitely my favorite and reading is another of my favorite things to do with my free time. I like the wedding colors you had. They are gorgeous together! Glad I could learn a little bit more about you!

  6. Cute post! I want a Kindle. Does it light up? We're flying back to the States in July and I'd much rather take something small like that than have to lug books, along with all the other junk I'll be carrying.

  7. Yay...so glad that you did this!! : ) I loved learning more about you!! I can't believe you like the summer...it's SO hot. Haha. I don't like to sweat. I'm a dork.

    I love your wedding colors. That picture is awesome! I didn't know you were in Texas. Is that where y'all are now??


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