Friday, March 18, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

1. The best deal I've ever gotten is: getting to quit my job teaching and stay home to be a mommy. Or did you mean money saving deal?? Oh goodness, I don't even know. I switched to Progressive and saved about $400 a year on my car insurance haha.

2. If I were hosting a dinner party and could invite people from my fantasy guest list it would include: honestly, I'm going to stick with friends and family. You just never know how all those "fantasy" people would mesh, and no one wants a dinner party with awkward conversation anyway.
I just thought of a better answer! My fantasy list would include Bobby Flay and Thomas Keller and Paula Deen and any other amazing chefs and THEY can do the cooking. YES.

3. Something that inspires me is: music! I don't know if "inspires" is really what I'm going for, but music has such an ability to transform my mood. Their are so many songs that can invoke different emotions for me.

4. If I could only choose to eat one flavor of food for the rest of eternity (sweet, salty, spicy, bitter....) I would have to go with: Sweet AND buttery, but not together! I just love those two so much. The sweets are a given, but I love buttery bread and buttery pasta sauces.

5. I dream about: crazy stuff! But I honestly couldn't tell ya! I remember my dream immediately after waking, but details begin to fade within moments, and by mid day, I usually have no recollection of it.

6. My weekend will be spent: making milk and changing diapers, catching up on laundry, attending a soccer game, cooking and eating something delicious, packing for some Spring Break road trip shenanigans and heading out to have some fun!

7. If I could only watch one movie or TV show for the rest of my life, it would be: Friends! I LOVE Friends. I own all 10 seasons on DVD and have seen every single episode at least 3 times.


  1. #7. Best one. Hands down. You SERIOUSLY own all 10 seasons? I'll try to still like you. That would be AMAZING!!!! ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  2. I miss Friends. That was the best show ever. I've probably seen every episode maybe twice. :)

  3. Yay! Love your answers, especially your plans for the weekend. I'm totally going to steal this :)

  4. Awwww, I love your answer to #1! I hope that I get to be a stay at home mommy!

  5. I love #1, your toooo funny!!!! I will be a SHAM soon, I hope!! I hope your having a great weekend!!

  6. bhahaha, I love #1 . I got to quit my job in Marketing and become stay at home Mom to two little boys. I guess we really didnt quit working because being a Mom is tough. Their are no lunch breaks and you work 24 hours a day. Harder than any other job I ever held, but I love it.

    Write it in Lipstick

    I'm a follower

  7. Hi! To answer your question: I use the Pillsbury Classic crust. I didn't know there were different ones. I just checked the package and it just says "Classic". Hope that helps!

  8. I love Friends. I never turn down a re-run.


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