Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally Friday

I say finally Friday, as though I've been waiting for it, or as if the week has been dragging by, but neither of those are true.
If anything, I'm constantly amazed by how quickly time passes. I wonder if being a parent is what does this to you, or if it just comes with getting older. But I know with each new month, I'm always thinking "holy moly! How is it already March?!" Or I realize my little Isabelle is already 6 months old and it totally doesn't seem like 191ish days have passed since she made her debut into this world.

Anyway, Happy Friday to everyone! Hopefully you're enjoying some gorgeous weather like we are here, and not having a yucky wintery day, or worse, dealing with the scary tsunamis or earthquakes that have been going on. How awful would that be? Everytime I want something sweet today, I'm going to think about all those who are dealing with the bad weather/natural disasters, and pray for their safety and comfort during these times. Who cares about a stupid little snack when there's stuff like that to deal with?

Any fun plans this weekend? We're going to be having a busy one! Kaylee has her first spring season soccer game tomorrow, and she's looking forward to that.
 Kaylee at her very first soccer game, last fall. 

After the game, we'll be going to one of my favorite local restaurants for one of my most very favorite meals. I'm pretty sure I gain a good 10 lbs every time I eat there, because my entree of choice contains every fattening thing you could imagine, all wrapped up into one dish.

It's called Firecracker pasta, and here's the breakdown:
--a big giant plate of penne noodles (can you say carb overload?)
--drenched in "New Orleans buttercream sauce" (made with yes - cream, butter, cheese, and flour)
--topped with "Firecracker chicken" (which is breaded and fried chicken tenders, that are then coated with barbeque sauce)
--and all that with freshly grated parmesan cheese on top.

I know, right?! Carbs, fat, fried food, sugary bbq's got it all. And it is UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS. Yum!

After I die of a food coma, Sunday we'll be selling girl scout cookies at the grocery store, and then I have a baby shower to go to. I love baby showers. Especially the baby part :) 

My little Isabelle has been working hard at sitting up, and while her big belly has been detrimental to her ease in rolling over, it's very helpful in propping her up.
 See how my belly helps keep my body up?

But it's still getting kind of heavy...

I need to rest!


  1. I LOVE that first picture!! Well, the rest of them are pretty adorable too:) Happy Friday!

  2. AHHHHH Red Beans!!! What great memories!

  3. So many things to comment on here.

    Tsunami/earthquake - Yes. Praying. Truly.

    That chicken dish - Oh my. TASTY, TASTY! (I'm imagining it.)

    Your Isabella - toooooooooo cute. Seriously. She is precious.

    Girl Scout cookies - I'll take any left over, crushed boxes, please. :)

    AND....DRUM ROLL...
    I finished the Blog Button tutorial. Took me all day, but hopefully it helps!

    Sophisticated Steps

  4. Your daughter looks adorable in her soccer uniform!!

    Isabelle is getting cuter every day!

  5. Yummy, you made my stomach growl!!! I need some of that yumminess!!!! I know what you mean about time just flying by YIKES!! Sounds like you have a busy fun weekend planed!!

  6. That chicken dish sounds amazing! Sounds like something that I'd definitely get!! : )

    I want some girl scout cookies...yum!!

    That last picture made me laugh...SO SO funy!

  7. thanks to you for telling me how to redesign!! My blog would be boring without you :)

  8. wow I totally LAUGHED OUT LOUD at that last picture! That is AWESOME!


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