Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Follower fun

Forgive me for my lack of real posting this week.
Sure, I brought some deliciousness into your life, caused you to crave Papa John's, and am giving you the chance to win something cool, but I haven't had time to do any fun what's going on in my world posts.

That's because there hasn't been any fun.

I am the coordinator, planner, organizer, supervisor, director, leader, person who is doing everything in preparation for Kaylee's school's fun night this Friday. That means I've planned all the events, contacted and contracted with the food vendor, bought all necessary supplies and taken them to the school (including 600+ drinks, 300+ candy bars, 1000+ bingo cards, etc), designed, written, and made 900+ copies of various flyers and notes to go home, written a schedule for volunteer's needed at fun night and coordinated with the 30+ volunteers we need, etc etc etc.

Turns out fun night really isn't all that fun.

Since I have no time for real posting, I leave you with this list:

Wednesday blogger confessions:

--I like to color with the non-pointed end of crayons.

--I don't have any reason to post this but wanted to include it anyway:

--I own re-usable grocery bags, and keep them in my car so that they're easily accessible, and yet 90% of the time I still forget to bring them in the store.

--I've been known to cancel plans with friends in the middle of winter, just because it was cold outside and I didn't want to leave my house.

--My 7 year old daughter is more into recycling than I am.

--I took that same 7 year old daughter to pick out glasses last night, and because I'm a mom that thinks that kids should get to make as many of their their own decisions as possible (within reason!), we ended up purchasing a bright red pair AND a bright turquoise pair. She'll love looking back on these pictures years from now, wondering what in the world she was thinking!
a little bit like this.

--To go along with that, when I was about 10, I chose a pair of round, bright green glasses. Looking back at pictures, I am HORRIFIED that my mom allowed me to wear them.

--I always go to the self-checkouts at the grocery store if it's an option. I'm OCD about how my groceries get bagged and I think I do a better job than the employees.
 this is NOT good!

--I'm mad at UPS because I was going to use them to ship my cake truffles to the auction winner, but for a little 10 X 5 X 2 inch box, 1.5 pounds, they were going to charge me $50 to overnight it. I don't think so!!

--And lastly,
As a newbie blogger, every time I saw my follower count increase by one, I did a little happy dance. True story.
I was glad that people were interested in reading what I had to say, and looking at pictures that I had posted. I was excited that people were willing to take the time to leave a comment about my posts.
 And now, as a seasoned, mature blogger of three months now, I know that my blog is more than just my silly little ramblings. A blog is a way to connect with people, a way to share my own little world, and get to learn about others as well. I've "met" some great people, and I enjoy getting to read little snippets of their life each day. And I really have some amazing, awesome followers.
Yes, YOU! (In fact, because I love ya so much, I have a follower-only giveaway coming up in April.)

So if you're here, and you like what you see, either head on up to the top of my page or to the right-hand column, and click the little follow button. I visit and follow all my follower's blogs, and enjoy the opportunity to connect with new people. 

(As a little side note, my husband has recently started noticing my followers. (he follows my followers, if you will!) And after seeing more than one of my little happy dances about my followers, anytime he notices that my follow count has increased, he lets me know. He loves to be the bearer of good news. (or just likes to laugh at my ridiculous happy dance) Just think, if you follow me now, he'll be telling me about it very soon :)

Oh, and if you haven't yet, you can still enter my giveaway! And be ready for another one on Monday!


  1. I laughed when I read the part about paying attention to your followers because..... I'm OCD about checking my stats. I like to look every single day at how many people have read my posts, how they got to my page, (sometimes) what country their from, etc, etc, etc...
    I remember when I hit a 1000 views and I was so excited I called Clayton at work to tell him.
    As a side note, Clayton was giving me a lot of grief (in a nice way) about how "in to" blogging I am until I reminded him it was free hobby that doesn't cost him anything. He's let up since then.
    BTW - I really enjoy your blog!

  2. I concur wholeheartedly about the self check out line (unless I have an entire basket full of groceries, of course). Even though it may actually wind up taking longer, in my mind I'm ALWAYS faster at the self check out line.

    I'm impressed by your number of followers!! I wouldn't even know how to go about gaining new "followers" apart from the people I know who I told about my blog aka mostly family!

  3. my husband totally keeps tabs on my followers too!! silly men.

    oh, and i'm 100% obsessed with how my groceries are bagged. why can't they train the baggers?!?!

  4. You are such a sweetheart and I used to have a pair of huge green glasses as a child as well...hahah
    Have a fantastic day, my dear


    Ps: I’m hosting an amazing GIVEAWAY today! You can win 2 adorable tea towels and a mug!

  5. I hate self checkouts because somehow, I screw something up every time. At our grocery store, if you mess up, there is a little alarm that goes until someone can come fix it. So embarrassing.

  6. I think you are going to do an awesome job for daughter's party!
    I also buy reusable bags and forget them 95% of the time darn it!
    And yeah, followers are pretty awesome. They make you feel loved :-)

  7. This was such a cute post :+) I always forget my shopping bags in the trunk as well.

  8. I do a happy dance when I get a new follower, too. It seriously makes my day! (Speaking of followers, you should have one more now :) ).

    And I laughed about the recycling confession. When I'm in a hurry and overwhelmed by cleaning up, I don't recycle things that I'd have to wash out. It's terrible, I know!

    Good luck with fun night!

  9. Megan, I love everything you write. Can you do no wrong? :)

    I cannot believe how much work you are doing! Isn't there anyone else to help? Gee willickers! (I have NO idea how that's spelled...neither does spell-check. It wants to replace it with frolickers!)

    Oh...and post baby Isabelle pics ANY time you want. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  10. I love that picture!! Too adorable. And I do a happy dance everytime I get a new follower as well. :) My husband doesn't follow my followers, but he now knows when I say a random number that I'm talking about my followers.

  11. Haha I have Several reusable shopping bags and I have yet to use one for its intended purpose, and like you they are left in my trunk except for the occasional one here or there! Kaylee is Lucky to have a mom who supports her like you do! :) I'm sure you're doing an AMAZING job on the party.

  12. ahhhh I haaaaaaaate bagging my own groceries! will you bag mine? =)

    that photo is adorable THAT's why you posted it!! hehe!

  13. I love getting new followers too! I also really like looking at the google searches that led to my blog...they can be so random!

    Isabelle is so cute :)

  14. Good luck and have fun on Friday night!!!! ;)

    Loved reading this post; made me chuckle!

  15. Your super mom!!!You go Girl!! I Love the red glasses!! Letting her pick them was such an awesome thing to do! Im sooo excited to call you friend ! I love you!

  16. I was psyched when, in one day, my followers went from 3 to 5! (Happy dance!) Of course, it hasn't gone up in a while, but I'm forever hopeful.

    When I was little, I had to wear glasses. My mom let me pick them out. They were HIDEOUS! I think it's some kind of mother's revenge :)

  17. Great post of confessions! I follow your blog even if I don't click the link - so he can count me!!!
    My favorite confession is the grocery bag one - that would be me!

  18. Your list is so cute--

    sorry your week has been stressful!

    Just wanted to let you know that I forget my re0usbale bags ALL the time too and I also cancel plans when it is cold. ANd that is a perfectly legitimate reason!

    Thanks for the comments on our new puppy... she didn't cry as much last night. But man, it is so sad when she does!

  19. Too cute! I guess it's not weird that you get excited to see your followers increase, I am the same way! It just feels good to hear people like what you write!

  20. I'm just amazed that you like to color with dull crayons??? WOW! :)

  21. Just stopping by as a new follower. I can't stand the way the grocery baggers put my stuff in bags. I try to make it idiot proof by placing things on the belt is a very specific order, but they always mess it up! Can't wait to read more.


  22. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I always appreciate the support! :)

    Your girls are so adorable. Makes me excited about the little girl I'm expecting this June.

    I'm your newest follower, as your hubby probably told you. :)

  23. You're just precious!!!

    I avoid the self checkout like the plague. It doesn't matter what I'm buying, something is going to go wrong for me with the little scanner gadget and then someone has to come over and I end up with people standing behind me giving me "the look"'s just not worth it.

    I STILL do the happy dance every time I get a new follower and I'm almost to my 1 year blogaversary. My husband does the same thing yours does - watching my blog for new followers and cool comments 'cause he knows how excited I get.

    And I love to create joy where ever I can and inspire "happy dances" throughout the world - so I'm a new follower ;-)

  24. im a follower of yours, your children are adorable. and love your little girls new glasses , very spring

    love and blessings

  25. New reader - LOVE this post! So true about the followers. I love to follow my followers and get to know the people who are interested in me. I love meeting new people and reading about their lives!

  26. I think you must be supermom for being able to organize an event as big as a school-wide fun night. Very impressive!

    I'm a new follower who totally expects a happy dance.


  27. Just stopping by from Life With my Littles blog! I am following you now too!
    Great blog!

  28. love your mom skills with agreeing to get the glasses; she'll love them for a while

  29. Just came across your blog and think it's so cute!

    You have such a sweet family. Love those red glasses you got your daughter - so fun!

  30. Sweet post! And I'm right there with you with on the follower count although mine is very slow to climb...thanks for adding to that!

  31. So many things in this... where to begin?? :-)

    I totally agree on self checkout, and think it makes using coupons a whole lot easier, too! Then I can scan them in the order *I* want to, instead of whatever random re-ordering the cashier might do that could actually throw off my whole plan. And I feel the same about bagging!

    Speaking of bagging, I found that I started doing a much better job bringing the reusable bags in once I got ones that fold (or crumple) up really small, and then they just live in my purse all the time. As soon as I empty them, back into the purse they go, and then I always have at least three with me!

    I love that you still call your blog little when you have 30+ comments! That rocks! Want to share some of those with my blog??? :-p


  32. You bet -- happy dances all around. We mamas love a little attention... ;) I'm new to your blog and checking things out -- maybe a little bedtime dance is in your future! lol


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