Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Isabelle thinks you should recycle!

Don't worry, I'm not here to judge if you recycle or not. Anyone who is halfway educated has no doubt heard or read studies saying how great recycling is and how much it helps the planet, so you don't need me to do that too. And trust me, I know, benefits aside, that it's not always easy to recycle. There's the sorting and the storing, and here where I live, we don't have the option of curbside pick up for recycling, so if you chose to recycle, you're making the drive to the nearest recycling facility. For me, that's about 20 minutes away.

Basically, if you recycle, great! And if you don't, that's ok too. Hopefully you're helping mother earth by not littering :)

Anyway, this little girl
 wanted me to tell you about Recyclebank today.

Do you use Recyclebank? You should!

Basically, it rewards you for recycling.
Even if you don't recycle, you can still earn points on their site. (look under Earn points) You can use your points to "buy" magazine subscriptions, discounts to local and national retailers, or coupons that you can print or have sent in the mail to you. These are all legit offers that I've tried and received successfully myself. I have a subscription to Whole Living that is from my recyclebank points, and our current favorite offers are coupons for $1 off Kashi, $2 off Naked Juice and a free Happy Baby product.  Pretty sweet, right?

If you feel so inclined to sign up, I'd love if you'd use my referral link below. (it'll get me 10 points!)
I couldn't make it clickable, so you'll need to copy and paste it into the web address bar.
Also, in case you're concerned, Recyclebank doesn't send any spam or any crap to your email, ever. I've had an account for 5-6 months and have nothing but good things to say about it.

After you sign up, if you need any help on earning points, just ask and I'll share all my tips with you!

Isabelle says thanks for reading her Recyclebank PSA!


  1. Thanks for the reminder! My RB stuff is sent to my old email, I need to update that.

    I am a huge fan of recycling!! So you don't have recyclebank available at your house??

  2. We recycle, but because we live in the boondocks, my husband has to load it all up in his truck and take it to the place once a month. Such a pain!

    I love Isabelle's denim dress!

  3. Haha! Cute way to get the message out! We do happily recycle. (Well, sometimes I'm not happy to rinse out stinky tuna cans.) ;)

    We have a MONSTER of a garbage can style recycle bin provided by the county...uh...I mean tax payers. Ha!

    Sophisticated Steps

  4. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Recycling is great!! We have two trash cans in our kitchen- one for trash and one for recycling. Our development makes it super easy to recycle as we don't even have to sort! No excuses :)

    Isabelle is adorable by the way!! :)

  6. Recycling is mandatory here in Japan. Thank goodness they pick it up. We went back home to Virginia right before we moved here and were staying with my grandma. She always used to recycle but I noticed the recycle bin was gone. She said the trash company started CHARGING you extra if you recycled so she quit! Can you believe that?? You should get a discount!

  7. Good for you for driving your recycling 20 minutes away! Most peeps wouldn't do that I don't think. I'm lucky to have my recycling picked up curbside. I'll have to check out that program...sounds intriguing! :)

  8. My goodness, that is one cute little girlie! Those blue eyes are beautiful!

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  10. I recycle and she is such a cutie..I love those photos:) Have a fantastic Thursday

  11. What a cute way to post about it!! Love her!


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