Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Minute, part 4

I love that the box I type my title into pops up with the other things I've typed before, because otherwise, this post would have been titled Monday Minute, part I don't know what. lol. However, it showed me that I've had part 2 and part 3, so that makes this 4. Genius!

So, without further ado, here's this week's questions:
(and it would be really fun for YOU to join in on this too!) 

(1) Do you change your oil or pay someone to do it?

(2) Are all the award shows over-rated?

(3) Do you double dip your chips at a party? Just once? Don't care?

(4) Who do you love most in the whole world? You can only choose one person.

(5) If you won the lottery, what outrageous thing would you do? The thing where people would say you had more money than sense.

1. While I'm proud to say I DO know how to change my own oil, I am most definitely too lazy and girly-to-the-max to do so. I always feel bad ass that I truly do know how to, but it's just too messy for my liking. One of my best guy friends in the whole world taught me how, and back in high school, we spent countless hours at his house working on his cars. (to clarify, that translates to he worked on his cars, and I hung out, watched, and was excellent company) It was a lot of fun and I look back on those times fondly (Hi, Chris!) 
My dad is always offering to change it for me, but I'm always afraid that he'll be able to tell that I went past the every 3000 miles guideline and then I'll get lectured about taking better care of my car :)

2. Yes! I cannot tell you the last time I watched an award show. When I was in high school, I used to love the Grammy's, so it's probably been 10ish years since I've watched. I read way too many blogs though, so I definitely get the scoop and then some afterwards, so I'm not really missing anything.

3. I don't double dip my chips at a party. I'm not a big chips and dip person, so most likely, I'm not partaking. When I do though, I like a high ratio of dip to chip, so I always break my chip into bite sized pieces before I dip to increase how much dip I'm getting. Also, I really dislike shoving a whole chip inside my mouth, so it's a win-win situation.

4. Oh man. This was a terrible question. Terrible because I hate to narrow it down. Obviously, I love my husband the most, but my kids are a very very very close second. My husband is pretty fabulous though, and such a good man for me, so it's not hard to love him the most :)

5. I have 5 things I would do if I win the lottery.
a) buy a new house! nothing outrageous, just bigger and nicer than what we have now
b) travel! LOTS! I love traveling and you can bet I'll be staying at the nicest resorts too :)
c) save and invest. Fully fund our retirement, our kids' college funds, etc
d) share with family
3) donate to charity

Your turn! Come on, it's a ready build post for you, and some fun new info to share with your readers :)


  1. I could never answer the "who do you love most?" question!

    I'm impressed that you can change your own oil!

  2. There's oil in a car? Ha!

    Kidding. But I don't change it!

  3. WOW I am SO impressed with your lottery answers ... I don't think ANY of those are outrageous! You're so responsible girl!

  4. Remind me to see If I can score some samples for you =) I swear I HATE powders. HATE HATE HATE! The berry is ok... i can get it down -- but the pom mango is delicious!!!!!


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