Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday Minute Tuesday

Here's a little secret. Ever since Isabelle entered my life, 7 months ago, there's a small chance that I might possibly be running late on a regular basis. Maybe.

I figure if I'm behind in real life, it only makes sense that I'm behind in the blog world too.

Thus, a Monday Minute on Tuesday. It's all good, right?

Here's this week's questions:
(1) Where do you get your pizza from?
(2) How would you define your decorating style?
(3) Where do you regularly buy your clothes?
(4) What was the last clothing item you purchased?
(5) What do you prefer in your home: candles or flowers?

1. We usually order from Papa Johns.
Two words:
Need I say more?
Double bonus: Papa Johns has partnered with my daughter's school, and one night a month they donate 10% of their profits to her school. Eating pizza = doing good deeds :)

2. My decorating style = minimalist. I HATE clutter, although sadly you would never know from seeing my house. It's cluttered. There is not enough room for four people and all our stuff.
However, aside from that, I'm just not a "trinket" person. I'd much rather have bare shelves. Trinkets make for much more work when dusting. I do like art on the walls, and I love displaying pics of my kiddos.

3. I don't think I have a regular place that I buy clothes from. I'll shop just about anywhere, from Macy's to Gap to Target to Dillards to Forever 21. When it comes to things like jeans and shoes, I want higher quality stuff. When it comes to things like sundresses, I love the cheapy stuff from Forever 21. Honestly, though, it's rare that I shop for myself anymore. It's all about cute stuff for the kiddos.

4. Jean shorts! It was a need, not a want, but luckily I found a few cute pairs. None of mine from last year fit anymore. I'm back down to a size 3.

5. Candles, no doubt. Sure, flowers are pretty, but I don't have much use for them. They just sit and wither and die. I'd much rather have chocolates over flowers on valentines day :) Oh wait. We weren't talking about food. I get so easily sidetracked. Yankee candles and Woodwick candles are my favorite. I love spicy smells, like cinnamon.

Where's your favorite place to buy clothes from?


  1. Soooo jealous your school uses Papa John's! Aubrey's school uses Pizza Hut (not as good).
    I'm right with you on higher quality for jeans/shoes but not on other stuff. I love Target's sundress selection. :)

  2. I just saw the picture of the pizza and my stomach started growling right on cue!!! I like your blog, too! Thanks for visiting and I look forward to reading your blog! Happy Tuesday!

  3. i totally agree with the clothes thing.

    and yay for dropping a size - way to go!

  4. My favorite place to buy clothes are all stores no where near my town. H&M and Forever 21 are my all time favorites and the closest ones are 5 hours from me!

  5. Sadly, I'm like you and hardly buy stuff for myself anymore -- it's all about my little girl now. She's def the best dressed kid at school though. LOL :)

    When I do shop I'll go anywhere, but I tend to gravitate more towards Macy's, The Limited, and TJ Maxx for a bargain.

  6. Now I really want Papa John's!

    I buy a lot of stuff from Target and Old Navy, but back when I worked, I shopped at Ann Taylor a lot.

  7. every time we order pizza when I'm babysitting, the chill'uns fight to the death over pizza garlic sauce!

    my favorite shopping area is target! it's cheap! ehm I mean affordable.

  8. Oooh Papa John's! The Garlic Butter is so good.

    And I'm a late person, too. I was late before I had a baby, now being on time is hopeless.

    Glad you found my blog, and I'm looking forward to reading more of yours!

  9. Yeah, I totally buy things for my baby and the hubs before I buy them for me. Such is "adult" life.
    And about being late, yep, totally is happening around here a lot nowadays.

  10. I couldn't even tell you my favorite place to shop for clothes, because like every other mama....I shop for my girls. I can't help myself, plus they are easy to shop for.

  11. LOVE Papa Johns. My favorite is thin crust veggie. Mmmmmmm....

    My favorite place to buy clothes is Loft, but I normally buy from Target, Old Navy..the cheap stores. Because I'm cheap. The sale rack is where most of my clothing items come from.

  12. You are making me crave pizza right now..hahah...I also love candles. They can really set an amazing mood in the house. Happy Tuesday, darling

  13. Papa Johns is hands down the best because of the garlic dipping sauce!! Oh now I want pizza!!

  14. oh to live in the States!!!!!! i would definitely shop at Target if we had one... although rumour has it they have bought out our Zellers and are turning them into Target! that would be amazing. I'm a deal shopper. Wherever there are deals to be had is where I shop! This past weekend... Gap... 25% off the lowest ticketed price on shirts... plus the shirts were also buy one get one free!!!!! I'm also a thrifter :D

  15. Completely totally agree w/ Papa John's...it's just the best, no doubt!

    And I rarely shop for myself either...kids/babies are just way funner to shop for :-)

  16. Your #1,2 and 5 answers could have been mine!! I love Papa John's, too. :) Hey at least you played this week. I totally forgot!

  17. How did I miss this one? Huh.

    We order Dominos. Don't worry. I still like you. :) Now, if Domino's would just make some yummy garlic sauce, too, that would be great.

    I don't buy much for myself either. Kids come first. :(

    As for flowers - why waste the money? I'd rather have something that lasts longer.

    And clutter? My worst enemy. Agree with everything you said. Hate it, but have it. Hello! I'm a mom. Clutter happens.

    Sophisticated Steps

  18. we have something like that here in va , cicis ! we go once a month and they donate 10 perc to my daughters school .

  19. I feel like I'm too old for Forever 21!

    I love Ann Taylor Loft. I love Banana Republic clothes, but can't afford the price tag. I adore going to consignment shops for most of my closet, as well as Ebay!


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