Friday, March 4, 2011

No new junk food March

To absolutely anyone who knows me, you know this girl CAN EAT.

I know I've shared the fact on this blog before that despite my small size, I sure can do more than my fair share of eating.
I love food.
And I really really love dessert-y snacks. Not like chips and dip, carrot sticks and ranch, an apple kind of snacks, but sweet, rich, terrible-for-you snacks like ice cream covered in hershey syrup, cheesecake, cake with too much frosting, cinnamon rolls, chocolate, reeses peanut butter cups, baked goods galore...the list goes on.

If I had to pick just one favorite snack, I'd probably say ice cream. Truth be told, I have a bit of an ice cream problem. I'm the only one in this house who eats ice cream, and despite that, a carton won't last a week.
Yes, that's right, I eat all SIXTEEN servings of ice cream within just a few days. (in addition to all those other snacks I listed above.)

Anyway, the point of this post isn't to make you all think I'm secretly a morbidly obese woman (really! I'm not! I'm barely over triple digits, and I'm regularly surprised by that!) but to make myself accountable to my plan for March.

I ate the last of the ice cream we had 4 days ago. And I'm not going to buy anymore ice cream or other snacks during the month of March. The reasoning for this is many-fold, and includes reasons such as:

-cutting back on my hershey syrup intake. Truthfully, I don't think ice cream is all that bad for you. I get all natural ice cream and it's basically cream, milk, sugar and vanilla. I'm ok with that. However, I'm certain there is absolutely nothing nutritiously redeeming about hershey syrup and that's what I'm not ok with.

-eating down my snack supply. I'm pretty sure we have more snacks at my house than the average American household does. Especially in my freezer. Right now in my freezer, I have tons of baked goods from Great Harvest (which I love), amazing cookies from Max Brenner in Las Vegas, a Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake, a dutch apple pie....  but when I have ice cream in the house, I eat that first. Not having ice cream will force me to explore the other goodies.

-and as an extra bonus, I'll save money. I only buy ice cream on sale, so it's usually $3 a carton, and at, say, 5 a month, I'm only looking at $15, but hey, $15 is $15.

As a side note, once I eat down my snack supply and am no longer adding to it or replenishing it with new snacks, I'd like to transition to eating healthier snacks.

I am a snacker, and I know that won't change, but hopefully I can change what I choose to snack on.

p.s. Thanks for becoming my accountability buddies!
Hopefully you'll do better than my husband, who either wants to fulfill my every want and/or is sick of my whining. It's only March 4th, and he's heard "I sure wish we had some ice cream" come from my mouth at least once everyday, to which he always offers to go get me some. :) Sweet of him to offer, but I'm standing strong!


  1. Good luck! Ice creams my favorite dessert too. In fact, one of my co-workers asked what my favorite food was last week. I answer with no hesitation "Ice cream". She laughed and said no a real food. I replied "But ice cream is a real food!"

  2. I think my new favorite reason for reading your blog is that you're cutting ice cream so you can widen your dessert eating to cheesecake :)

    When I went "off" chocolate when I was pregnant (the horror!) I discovered a whole new world of Starbursts and Skittles and Twizzlers...mmmmm

  3. Good luck! I know the feeling : ). I love ice cream unfortunately it doesn't love my weight loss goal!

  4. Good for you...stay strong! I have been trying to snack healthier! I am IN LOVE right now with yogurt with fruit and granola!

  5. Good for you! My willpower is basically nonexistant, so I doubt I would last a week. I bet you'll start feeling better in general by snacking healthy.


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