Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Saturday thoughts

--Produce is NOT cheap. I came home from Sams with 5 pounds of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries; and almost $20 less than what I left with :(

--Also at sams, they had a giant, economy sized bag of apple chips or something labeled "Sensible Portions" ....ironic, no?

--Hubby took me out to lunch at Panera today. I know it's not his favorite (is Panera any man's favorite??) but I sure like it. I spent the whole drive there debating between the smokehouse turkey panini and the mac & cheese. I think we'll be having Scholtzsky's in the near future with my dad, so I went with the mac & cheese. If you've never had Panera's mac & cheese, you should! It's delish.

--Isabelle tried out her Fresh Food Feeder for the first time today. She likes it!
She wanted me to let you all know she was way too interested in the strawberries in there to bother holding still for a photo, much less smiling for one.

--I tried the new Philadelphia Cooking Creme last night. It's pretty decent. I had a $1.50 off coupon, so it was worth the try.
I sauteed garlic, chicken and mushrooms, then made a sauce with the cooking creme and served with rotini whole wheat pasta. The hubs and I both enjoyed it.

--Isabelle was enjoying her Fresh Food Feeder as I was typing this, but it appears she is now finished and is in desperate need of a bath, so that's all the Random Saturday thoughts for now!


  1. She looks adorable with the mesh feeder!

    I hate how much produce costs, even at farmer's markets.

  2. My husband loves Panera. So do I, but he seeks it out :) And your dinner last night (and that cooking cream) sound delish!

  3. Last summer Brendan used to annihilate cantaloupe chunks in that feeder!

  4. Sams is definitely not the cheapest place to shop for produce, although they have some pretty good stuff. Believe it or not, Aldi has some good produce at very reasonable prices. We get a lot there at a reasonable price.

    Strawberries and blueberries will come in season here about mid-June, early-July and will be much more reasonable (and better quality as well).

    Happy eating!!!

  5. Sams does have some frozen mangoes, they come in a 4lb bag for around $6.50 I believe, which is a pretty good deal, and they are ahhhhhhmazing (if you like mangoes).

  6. I try to be very careful of the so-called bargains at out BJ's and Costco. My hub doesn't check. Not good.

    I never used one of those food-sucky-net things (fancy description, huh?) but I probably should have. I was so busy they were lucky they were fed.

    My hubby actually LIKES Panera! Shocking, I know! :)

    I'll have to check on the garlicky-cream stuff...sounds good...but is it any different than adding some garlic powder and milk to cream cheese?


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