Thursday, March 3, 2011

Seize the day!

It is amazingly gorgeous outside...sunshiney and mid-60s and I sure wish I was outside enjoying every moment of it...but little miss is busy napping. So I'm busy being stuck in the house.

I've been trying to catch up on some chores around here, but my motivation just isn't there thought a blogging break was in order.

As I've shared before, Kaylee is a brownie girl scout and this week is our week for providing drinks. Usually, this means that someone brings some Capri Suns or juice boxes, but today I'm going to be that mom and go way above and beyond the usual.
I checked with the troop leader and got it okay-ed, so I'm going to take my blender, lots of different fruits, yogurt and juice and make the girls smoothies for their drink today. I have the time to do it, and I just thought it'd be a fun change that the girls would really enjoy. As a bonus, I also bought a can of whipped cream (yes, yes, it's not real whipped cream, but it makes the pretty little swirl of whipped cream) to top all the smoothies with to make it that much more fun. :) I hope the girls like it!
(Don't worry, this is about as over the top mommy-ish as I get. I'm definitely not super mom, that's for sure!)

Back to that photo session that you're all probably sick of hearing about, how cute is this picture?!
I was actually just aiming for showing you the picture of my girls reading, but I stole borrowed this off of Mollie's site and she had put the pictures together as one. So now you get the double bonus of seeing cute little chubby baby feet.
Anyway, I just love that my girls both have a love for reading, just like their momma. So sweet to see them looking at a book together.

Speaking of reading, I just finished reading Summer at Willow Lake.

I'll be honest and admit the only reason I read it is because it was on sale in the kindle store and sounded fairly interesting and I was able to buy it for only $2.
That said, it was a pretty good story. While there's a few hints at borderline romance novel-ish stuff, it's more a story about families and relationships and how the family you come from and what you experienced have a big effect on who you are (in a fun, story telling way, not a boring psychology study way). I enjoyed the book and was happy to see that there is at least one (maybe more?) books by this author that are about the same characters. Not a sequel, per se, but just another story. I'll probably buy it for my kindle and read it sometime soon.

I have several things I've been wanting to blog about, but they aren't quick topics I can type out in a few minutes and call it good.
I've really been having internal debates with myself regarding what I eat now, verses making organic food choices, choosing "real food", limiting preservatives, etc. In truth, I don't know where I stand, but it's definitely been something I've been thinking about a lot lately. I hope to write a post about it soon.

Ok, blogging break time over. Back to the chores.


  1. Those pictures a great, I love the chubby little feet!

    I think you're lying, I bet you really are secretly super mom. :)

  2. Aw, sweet picture. The smoothies sound like a great, healthy idea. Way go go, mama!! We are very health-conscious at our house. It really becomes a way of life, and once you start eating healthier (fresh foods, less preservatives/processed/fortified food (we're actually not too big on organic, but we do buy some organic, you've heard of the dirty dozen?), you really feel it when you don't eat that way. Eating healthy, good, REAL food just makes me feel good. And I feel good that I'm feeding it to my family as well.

  3. ok, so, yet ANOTHER blog question :) how did you do your header/title at the top of your blog? It's so cute!!

    aaaaaaand, if you don't mind my asking, how much did it cost to do a photo shoot w/ mollie? your pics are beyond cute!

  4. What a cute picture of your girls! Brown Bear is one of the ONLY books my boy will sit still to read all the way through.

  5. My daughter loves smoothies! I bet you'll be a huge hit!

  6. SUPER MOM!!!! What a awesome thing for you to do, I bet the girls loved it!! Those pictures are sooooo good and so cute!! Im sooo ready for the weekend!! <3 ya!


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