Saturday, March 26, 2011

So what Saturday

So what... if I left the house today without showering, didn't shower til 2:00 in the afternoon, and am now in pajamas and plan to be for the rest of the day?

So what... if I'm a bad mom that forgot to pack a change of clothes for Kaylee who played soccer in the rain today? We ran to Target and got a change of clothes from the clearance rack.

So what... if I have my husband take me out for lunch, knowing that we'll both have leftovers and then I won't have to cook dinner? 

So what... if I wore the same pair of jeans 3 days in a row? They're in the washing machine now!

So what... if halfway through writing this post (a baby is a really good blog-writing interrupter) my pj plan changed cause I really love my husband, and actually enjoy being the one to make grocery store trips, and I did end up getting dressed to make a quick Target run?

So what... if that means I've been to Target twice today?

So what... if I'm a bad blogger (or just bad mom) that doesn't always have my camera on me and I have to resort to having crappy photos from my phone?

So what... if some days I count breastfeeding as a form of exercise? It takes a lot of calories to provide for my little chunk!

So what... if my 7 year old pumps more iron than I do? 
So what... if I'm really super excited about lots of upcoming giveaways, the first of which will be Monday?
Stay tuned!!!

What are you saying so what about? :)


  1. It's 5 pm here and I still haven't showered or changed out of my pajamas. Haha. BUT, we have spring cleaned the whole house and made a huge donation pile. That counts for something, right?

  2. girl I napped today during kye's ENTIRE nap!!! garage sales can wear you OUT!!! i totally feel ya on being lazy...I'm about 99% sure I'm going to go lay on the couch while z watches basketball and fall asleep on him now :)
    can't WAIT for the giveaway!!!

  3. Breastfeeding counts as cardio! I think breastfeeding burns more calories than the measly 200-300 my doc told me. I have worked out a ton for a long time and I have never woken up to eat a snack at 2am until I nursed!

  4. Oh, I'm jealous! I would love to have had one of those kinds of Saturdays or any day for that matter! I always end up having to plan ahead for a "Do Nothing Day". It was hot here today and windy. We had a baseball game and then came home for more chores. Ugh, I hate chores! To make it all better I think I sun burnt. I was wearing sunscreen I swear!(SPF 75 and I re applied 2 times!) I guess the good thing was that the guys enjoyed their outdoor time doing boy stuff (digging in dirt and throwing rocks and playing baseball). Oh and don't feel bad about the change of clothes, I forgot the boys tennis shoes today so they ended up having to wear their cleats to run into the store. They kept saying they hurt their feet. Oops!

  5. So What if I justified staying in bed till 10:00 if I let Aubrey watch She-Ra in our room while I slept.... I mean watched it with her....

  6. First of all, love the new header :) That's not a so what at all!

    So what if Kyle just ran to the store for me to pick up the remaining ingredients I need to make dinner (your potato soup!) because I'm still in pjs and a ponytail of day 3 hair? (he's the greatest husband...and in my defense I was trying to also get Landon to go down for a nap)

  7. Sounds like my kinda of day for sure!!! LOVE it!!!! I just Love you!

  8. I missed this one! You're a great source for a good laugh. :)

    For what if I dropped the kids off at school today, came home and slept ALL day until 10 minutes before picking them up. YES!!! It was awesome and I REALLY needed it.

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