Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break

The long-awaited Spring Break has finally arrived.

Kaylee is officially on Spring Break, so I will have many more needs with which to occupy myself with for the next eleven days.  
Yes, 11.
It's my belief that elementary students are not so hard worked that they need an 11 day break from school. No way.
Anyway, we're about.....26 minutes into Spring Break (going from when school would have started this morning) and I've already given her my little Spring Break "surprise"...the 3rd grade set of Brain Quest cards. (bought them a few weeks ago and have been saving them for a good occasion.)
She's had and enjoyed the 2nd grade cards, but after her parent-teacher conference yesterday (which was all positive reports) when we were told Kaylee is more than ready for 3rd grade, I figured this would be an appropriate time to get them out. She was pretty excited about them, and we already spent a good 20 minutes going through some of the questions. 
Luckily we have some other plans to occupy our days. Kaylee has two soccer games and then we'll also be taking a few little fun road trips, so hopefully we don't have an excessive amount of boredom to deal with.

You know, as a teacher, I was all for Spring Break, cause after all, it was a week off work for me. LOVED it.

But for a parent, Spring Break is hard work. I am fortunate enough to stay home, so child care isn't an issue, and before this year I taught, so I was off work as well, so I've never had the Spring Break child care problem. But for working parents, who normally don't have a form of daycare since their children are occupied at school during work hours, finding a child care solution can be difficult. It's just like inservice days, but times six.

I know kids love the idea of Spring Break ("YAY! No school!") but in reality, I don't think they actually do love it all that much. Every kid I know mopes around at home, complaining about being bored, despite the fact that they have TVs, DVDs, Wiis, X-boxes, PS3s, books, board games, a room full of toys, markers/crayons&crafty stuff, a yard to play in, a bike to ride, etc etc etc.
(Yes, I know all children are not this fortunate, but for the average American kid, they do actually have most of those things, even if the family can't really afford it. But that's a whole other issue.)

So I can't really figure out why we still have the tradition of Spring Break. I think Spring Break was instituted back in the day (yes, that's a real time) when most people farmed, and kids were needed to help with planting or some farm task that corresponded with this time of year. Obviously, your average kid at public schools these days are not farmers (probably don't even have gardens at their house), so really, Spring Break has become unnecessary.
With the "economy the way it is these days" (ha! how many times do you hear that lately?) I'm also going to venture a guess that your average family isn't going here:
Even though I know we all want to. But the few that can afford to do, and then it's over crowded and not so fun anyway.

It would be my proposition that Spring Break be just a college thing, with perhaps a shortened version for high schoolers. I think most college kids use the time to go home to visit family, or go on crazy vacations they won't remember, so at least the Spring Break week is utilized.

At the elementary level, I just don't see much use for Spring Break.

Discuss! What do you think about Spring Break? 
I really am curious! 


  1. well, i'm all for spring break for adults :)

    i really miss the college days of getting a nice little break right around midterms. i agree that it can be tough for working parents, though.

  2. I don't know why they have Spring Break, but I welcome it as an adult. I'm sure as a parent it will be stressful though... esp. because kids get so used to a schedule

  3. I'm all for Spring Break this year because my boss is going to a place that looks like that picture meaning.... I get to stay home with Clayton and Aubrey! Yea! 5 days with my two favorite people when I rarely get one. :)
    (If not for our current situation, I think I might agree with you though.)

  4. Enjoy your time together! I LOVED Spring Break as a teacher, but I am sure it's much different as a parent now.

  5. I can only imagine how tough spring break is as a parent!! I wish that adults got spring breaks! Haha. I think we definitely deserve them!!

  6. I used to LOVE Brain Quest as a kid! Whenever we went on road trips or were just hanging out my siblings and I would quiz each other. So much fun! What a great gift for your daughter. :)
    My guess is that having a Spring Break balances out the school year since you have a Winter Break for the first semester you get a break for the second one as well.
    I have always liked Spring Break, but I can totally understand how it is more work for a parent.


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