Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweaty Bands review and giveaway

  Although I'm not making fitness the priority I hope to in the near future, it is still important to me.

It is my personal decision not to leave my little Isabelle at the nursery at the gym, and I don't leave her with daddy because evenings are set aside for dinner and family time (since my husband and oldest daughter are at work and school (respectively) all day).
I know that taking time to work out is important, but it's more important to me that I have time with my family. During the day, Isabelle and I will take walks together (usually at the YMCA since winter has overstayed its welcome) but I haven't done anything more strenuous than that since before my pregnancy.

Once the weather is nicer, (which I'm SO ready for!) I am planning will take up running and Isabelle and I will head to the streets with her jogging stroller.

Anyway, regardless of my lack of workouts lately, I know the importance of a good head band to keep your hair out of your eyes and off your face while you're running or working out. I have some from Target (conair or goody or something) and I'm not a fan. If I wear them longer than a few minutes (which, duh, I'm going to) they cause headaches. And they slip around on my head a lot. This means either a) I have an abnormally large head and slippery hair or b) drugstore brand head bands aren't the best choice for fitness purposes.

Enter Sweaty Bands!
Directly from Sweaty Bands:
"We’ve turned perspiration into a fashion sensation! Sweaty Bands are the ultimate sports and fitness headband, uniquely designed for women and girls who want to show their style, even when they sweat a while! Slip into one today and become a Sweaty Bands believer."

Sweaty Bands were created by Donna, a mother of three, who has been teaching group fitness classes and personal training for 20 years. Sweaty Bands began as a way to pay for fitness related expenses and she originally sold them out of her gym bag.  Now they're available online and the general public is able to experience this innovative product.

Sweaty bands are soft, flexible headbands that keep your hair in place and absorb sweat. I love that not only do they work well, but they are fashionable too.

I'm a big fan of the Sweaty Band, and can attest that it lives up to all its claims! I would encourage it for all your headband needs.

I asked my husband to snap a few pics to show off the goods: 

Unfortunately, my husband cannot be trusted with the camera. He and I were focusing on different things.

(he giggled like a little boy when he saw me find this one as I viewed the pictures)

Ahem. Back to Sweaty Bands. I was forced to take my own (awkward) pictures after that. 

With hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from I have no doubt that you'll a style for you. With a retail price of $15 and up, they're pricer than your average headband, but they're also cuter and work better, which makes it worth it if you ask me.

To learn more about this company and see all the different options they have to offer you can visit their website at Sweaty Bands.  I would encourage you to go see all their different prints!

You can also find Sweaty Bands on Facebook.
Or Sweaty Bands on Twitter.

And now the fun part!
Sweaty Bands has provided me with a Sweaty Band to give away to one lucky winner!

Entering the giveaway is simple! Just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite fitness product or accessory and one winner will be randomly selected.
While I'd love for you to become a follower of Loving the little things, it's not a requirement for winning. I'd rather you choose to follow cause you want to, not cause I require it :)
(If this giveaway doesn't interest you, have no fear! There's more coming up!)

Giveaway closes Thursday, March 31 at 9:00 pm CST.
Winner will be announced on the blog and notified by email on Friday, April 1. No foolin!

In the interest of full disclosure, I was provided with Sweaty Bands from I received no compensation for my review, and my thoughts are entirely my own.


  1. I don't really understand when it is mommies (or daddies for that matter) are supposed to find time to work-out during the day without cutting into family time. We're still working on that one I guess. Right now I consider gardening my "working-out"

    I do love me some Champion shorts from Target and my New Balance tennis shoes though!

  2. Those are really cute! I recently cut my hair short, and I need to start using headbands to keep it out of my face, since ponytails are no longer an option.
    I think my favorite fitness product is my heart rate monitor!

  3. Do those really work? The ones from the store ALWAYS slip back off my head - my head must be abnormally shaped as well :)

    My random favorite workout "accessory" is actually a type of sock my mom introduced me to. They're made by Danskin & somehow have this weave that gives arch support. I never thought that socks could actually make a difference in how your feet feel working out, but they do! And you can get them at Walmart, which is a bonus as well :)

  4. So adorable.. Love 'em.. I'm coming back to follow you.. Thanks SO much for stopping by.. Loving your posts.. :))Happy Monday ~

  5. I love having a water bottle and just my ipod!

  6. Headbands for working out that DON'T slip off the back of your head?? Yes please!!

    My favorite fitness product? Hmm...probably my Under Armour Duplicity sports bras. I swear by these things. They are the only ones that pass my dressing room "jump test". I also love my Nike running shorts and, of course my ipod. Basically I'd wear all of the above every day all the time if weather and circumstances allowed it :)

  7. hi. i found your blog, and giveaway, on! awesome giveaway, thanks for sharing. my fav fitness product/accessory is (1) my garmin and (2) any hat to keep my hair out of my face {i'd love to try a headband instead} :)

  8. I NEED one of these! I'm growing out my bangs and a good headband is so hard to find.

    My favorite fitness product is my Garmin, but if I won this, my headband could be my new favorite product :)

  9. I would absolutely LOVE one of those- my head sweats so much when I run..gross!

    My favorite workout pre-drink is a power that you put in water called Extend. It works GREAT, yall. It comes in different yummy flavors, too! You can drink it before or during your workout and it increases weight loss and decreases soreness! I'm all about that! You can get it at your local GNC!

  10. This looks like a perfect solution to my bang problem during my spin class!
    My favorite workout product is probably the Beachbody workout line. I love that I can get a great workout from home without going anywhere.
    Pick me! Pick me!

  11. Favourite workout accessory - perhaps a trainer. I need one. Besides the walking I get every day, and the occasional boost of energy that leaves as quick as it comes (for situps), I *think* about rejoining my yoga studio, but I'm not quite ready yet. At least my upper arms are getting an hourly work out, carrying baby around.

  12. I am definitely choosing to follow your blog :)

    My fave workout product is hands down my ipod arm band. I forgot it the other day and carrying my ipod is a pain!

  13. Super cute bands!! My favorite fitness product is my Garmin because it helps keep me updated on my pace, distance, time, etc.

  14. since Im a new mommy of twins I have little to no spare time for excerise so for now my workout is playing with my boys and Zumba on the Kinect which is a fun family time :)
    I love the bands going to have to look into them!

  15. I'm terrible when it comes to exercising. And with a little infant, it's almost impossible to do that.
    Usually, most bands always fall off my head (I think it's because I have very thin hair). Those look so cute though :-)

  16. Love the new blog look by the way!!
    My favorite fitness product is probably my heart rate monitor. I have two: a Polar and a Garmin.
    Finding time to workout when you have kids is a struggle. Now it's easier since both mine are in school. I just workout after I drop them off.

  17. eeeeeek!!! best giveaway ever! i'm constantly on the hunt for good headbands. mine all seem to not work at all (i must have a big head/slipper hair too).

    right now my favorite workout accessory would be my shuffle. or these new nike capris i got. or my new vibrams. man, do i buy too much workout stuff?!

  18. Totally LOVE these and would love to try them. :)

    Cracking up at the picture your hubby took. That is something mine would do, too.

    Fitness product - hmmm. How about Spring weather in good 'ole Wisconsin?

    Thanks for a great give-away! Have a great week!

  19. Back when I used to work out/run (yep, in the same boat as you on that one), my MP3 player was never far from my side!!

  20. This is such a brilliant giveaway. I started to run lately and this would be perfect for keeping my hair in order. My must have fitness product are my running shoes:) Happy Monday, darling

  21. Those look so fun! I actually love my gymboss. It was a cheap way for me to do intervals!

  22. Your husbands pics had me cracking up!!
    I also get headaches from head bands and so does my daughter, I'm not sure if our heads are over large or over sensitive, probably the latter.
    So nice to meet you!

  23. I have seen Sweaty Bands at a few expos and have wanted to have one for awhile now.
    My favorite fitness product would probably be my garmin or iPod.

  24. Hi . Thanks for visiting my blog. Your girls are so beautiful and you are just as cute! Love the sweaty bands...My favorite fitness product is my ipod!

  25. BTW, where in Kansas do you live? I am in Overland Park,KS

  26. Being a new mommy myself, my favorite accessory is my baby! Strapping my (rapidly growing) eight week old in a carrier (ring sling or Moby wrap) makes my walks slightly more strenuous and makes for nice quality time. I'm still shopping right now, but I think a nice jogging stroller will soon be my next favorite item.

  27. Totally following regardless =)

    My fav fitness product is my water bottle! Its really cool! Contiga makes it and it is completely spill proof and you press a little button to get water through a sippie "trap door" thingie and it doesnt spill or require scrubbing of odd straws and such! LOVE it!

    ok it sounds weird but its cool! =)

    ahhh hope I win! I need these bands like WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  28. A headband that stays in place and doesn't give you a headache!? I will definitely check these out! Thanks for sharing your review!

    As for favorite fitness product it would be my iPhone with the Nike GPS running app. Closest to a Garmin I have right now!

  29. I LOVE the new header!!!! What a great giveaway!!! I too plan to take up running as soon s it warms up and I can take Landon with me!! Im going to have to say my I-Pod!

  30. These are so cute! Your hubby's focus made me laugh so hard! Haha. Typical man!

  31. Cracking up at the boob shot. Oh my. Did I actually just type that? Yep. Big deal. YOU posted it! Ha! Hilarious. Just hilarious.


    Okay. My favorite workout it have to be something we actually USE?

    I know. I know! My kids. Yes. My kids are my favorite workout product. I lift them, clean up after them, chase after them. Yep. They're good enough for me!

    Perhaps I should say the 8 foot long beast of an elliptical machine, but it just collects dust. I threatened to take a pic of it and post it on Craigslist if my HUSBAND doesn't start using it. (I don't need it. Ha!)

    Cute headbands, though. Bet they'd be good for my daughter for P.E. time at school!

    Does this actually count as an entry? 'Cuz it's just a whole lotta' nothin'. ;) know I was already following...even before the cute new header. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  32. jogging stroller is for SURE my fav fitness item :) esp since it's the only one i own :)

  33. Hi Megan! I don't think I have the world's slipperiest hair or anything, but I just cannot find any hair band that will actually stay put, and I *thought* I'd tried everything. Thanks for this recommendation!

    As for my favorite, I'm going with iPod. I am not one of those people who can run in silence, and when I teach spinning, I love that the iPod lets me change up the mix if I want to.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  34. These look perfect! I just had my second baby on Friday and would love this when I ztart working out again!

  35. Oooh I'd love to give one a try, I love all the patterns and colors :+)


  36. Hi! I certainly love my "Glide" stick. It helps to prevent chafing from sweaty workout gear.

  37. My favorite fitness products: My new bicycle that I don't quite have yet and the iHome bicycle ipod speaker system.

    I believe I saw Sweaty Bands at a marathon expo earlier this year and I was thinking at the time I should buy one but didn't. Glad to have the website now!

  38. your husband cracks me up! I think I'm on that same maturity level... my favorite workout gear: a really good pair of clean socks!

  39. Fun giveaway! I think that my absolute favorite exercise gear are the shorts with built-in underwear from Old Navy. Typically I can't stand the place, but the workout gear there is the best and so reasonably priced!

  40. First off, I love how you put the following thing. I hate when people use give aways to build their follower stats...I would rather someone follow me because they wanted to as well! Second, you are beyond adorable! As for my favorite fitness accessory, I love head bands to keep my bangs out of my eyes. Great give away Megan!

  41. Great giveaway! If I'm outside walking or running, my favorites is my ipod. But since it's been so cold I've been loving my 10 minute solution pilates dvds! I got hooked on their prenatal one when I was pregnant but have found others by them and love them all! I can do only 10 minutes or do more and combine if I have time!

  42. Oh Cute! I'd love to have one of those. I have about 10 workout headbands that currently don't work well enough!

    My favourite MUST have workout accessory is my Polar heart rate monitor because I love seeing how hard I'm working and if I need to step it up!

  43. Would love one for my now-short hair, and my post-baby marathon I'll be training for starting in 3 weeks (once I'm cleared post-c-section!)

    My absolute favorite fitness product is my amphipod handheld water bottle with pocket. I'm obsessed. It fits my key and my ipod, and I hate to run without it!

  44. You're making me decide on ONE product??

    I can't list my Garmin? or my Brooks Thermal Pants? Or my Brooks Shoes? Or CLif Blocks? Or my iPod?

    Hah! There's 5!

    I love these headbands. A GF of mine sent me the link to them this week, too!
    So CUTE!!

  45. My ipod is the most crucial part of my workout. Without my selection of good exercise tunes, the workout just isn't the same.

  46. Gotta have my bottle of water nearby!
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

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