Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thankful for {3}

I've decided that every on some Sunday(s), I'm going to do a post stating 5 things I've thankful for from the prior week. Little things, big things, whatever, just specifics from the last 7 days.

a} YOU! I know, it's cliche, but truly, I am thankful that you take the time to read my blog. I know my blog is nothing special, but it's something that I enjoy. And while I love getting to write posts based on whatever floats my little boat, I really like that I get to "meet" people because of my blog, through the commenting and conversations. I really like that you take the time to leave comments. Also, I really like getting to visit your blogs, and read your posts and leave you comments. It's all pretty awesome. So thanks for being a part of it!

b} SUNSHINY days. We've had a few days of nice weather this last week and it has been ahh-mazing. I'm not a winter person at all, and have been waiting anxiously for Spring since November.

c} my sweet husband. He's always willing to go out of his way to do the little things. Earlier this week, I was craving diet coke like you wouldn't believe, and he ran to the store at 8:40 at night to get me some. Totally unnecessary, but very sweet.

d} Coupons and great deals. Since I'm a stay at home mom, and not earning any money, I make it my job to try and save money on the things we do buy. It's definitely beneficial for our finances, but I think it's pretty fun too :) I love when I can combine a good sale price AND a coupon and get my groceries for super cheap. Dillons prints the percent you save on your receipt too and I always check to see how well I did. I've had a few 70+ % savings and I love it!

e} Books. As I've shared on here before, I really do love to read. I can spend hours reading. And I love all different kinds of books. But I'm thrilled that my kiddo loves to read too. You cannot force a child to like reading (believe me, I was a teacher!) but you can expose them to reading and good books, and help cultivate a joy for reading. And thankfully, Kaylee enjoys it. Her school had their Scholastic book fair this week, and while we walked away with $38 less than what we started with, it's money well spent if you ask me.

I'd love if you join in and share a few things you're thankful for! 
It's easy to get caught up in the negatives, so I think it's good to take a minute and focus on the positives...and hopefully you'll feel a little bit better afterwards.  

You can see some of the other things that I've been thankful for here or here.


  1. Ditto to the thankful for beautiful weather! So nice to actually take Landon outside!
    Thankful for Landon being not only healthy, but a very happy & content baby!
    Thankful for you sharing all your insights on homemade baby food, ha! He tried sweet potatoes for the first time this weekend :)
    Thankful for our blogs that have made us actually catch up with each others' lives!!!

  2. I am so thankful that baby's GI issues seem to be behind her. I love how happy she is now. We went through months of her screaming for hours a day in pain until we figured out what the issues were, so I'm thankful every day to have a smiling happy baby!

  3. I love to read, too and I am trying so hard to get Brendan to like books. He won't sit still for a story unless he's drinking a bottle. :)

  4. I am super grateful for the beautiful weather leading into spring break AND the fact I was able to take off work this week to spend it with my family. It looks like Clayton may be gone for awhile in the next month (which also will mean minimal time with Aubrey - not by choice) so it makes me all the more appreciative for the extra time we'll be getting now. :)

  5. Oh! And I'm grateful for your blog because I love reading it!

  6. That is such a great idea. I also try writing down the little things that made me happy or Im thankful for. This post totally made my day:) Thanks, sweetie
    happy Monday

  7. Love this idea! I'm so thankful that we "met" and became blog friends!!

  8. Doing this every week is such a great idea! I think we can always use a reminder of the many, many ways we're all so fortunate... I am often guilty of losing that perspective when I get caught up in something that's meaningless in the greater scheme of things.

    I love that you included coupons on this list! Those 70%+ off days are the best! :-)

    This morning I am thankful for coffee, but going outside of my little world... the tragedy in Japan is making me really appreciative of our shared humanity. Though we can all tend to get so focused on our own lives, it's amazing to see how many people reach out to support those they don't even know when something terrible happens. It's sad that tragedy is what brings it out of us, but I still find it so inspiring!


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