Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thankful for (four)

Happy Sunday!

While I'd love to continue the lazy theme from yesterday, there is much to be done, and I really should get busy. Lots of cleaning, lots of laundry, a little baking, some dinner making...

I still wanted to take a minute to share a few things I'm thankful for. Things such as...

1) Delicious coffee from Quik Trip. My budget really appreciates when I get a $1.50 cup from QT instead of a $4 cup from Starbucks. I make my own version of a cocoa cappuccino by doing half  mocha cappuccino and half decaf. Yum!

2) Having a washing machine to do all my laundry for me. I've already washed 4 loads of laundry this weekend. It's one of those things you never think about, but can you even imagine having to wash clothes by hand? I definitely wouldn't have survived the olden days.
makes my life so much easier!

3) Delivering more girl scout cookies. I STILL have boxes full of boxes of girl scout cookies in my house. Every time I pass out a few more, my house smiles at one less thing to clutter it up. I really really really need to get bitten by the spring cleaning bug, because my house needs it! 

4) Buying new jean shorts! I know this may make me unpopular among the average woman, but for some reason, with both kiddos, I end up smaller and weighing less after baby than I did before. (and I weighed a whole 113 pounds the day I checked in to give birth to my first!) It's got to be the breastfeeding. Cause I sure don't diet! Breastfeeding = amazing! Anyway, all my jean shorts from last year would literally fall off when I tried to put them on. I found some sweet sales at Macy's and got a few pairs for less than $20 each :)
 5) Take a look up at the top of my page. Keep looking. Up above the pictures. (which is a new design, by the way!) Notice anything? I'll give you a minute...

I am my own website now!! Oh yeah! My loving the little things blog now has it's own address at Pretty exciting!

What are you feeling thankful for today? Take a minute to appreciate the little things!

p.s. Stay tuned for my fitness themed giveaway tomorrow!


  1. I was just thinking how great your page looks! How do you buy a site? Is there a book with directions or something? :)

  2. Ditto on the washer...oh yeah!

    The blog looks great, did you get a URL thru or can you do that thru blogger too? Very nice either way.

    Shorts, I hear ya! (you saw my post last week about pants...I just got them all back and I tell you it is glorious, GLORIOUS having pants that fit correctly).

    I got some jean shorts at Maurices I really like. I'm guessing we're about the same size when it comes to clothes (aside from length). I'm about 115 now, but I think I'm a bit taller than you. Yes, I can't gain a pound to save my life. I know breastfeeding is part of it, the other part I think is just in the metabolism. Not complaining, but it is frustrating having a tough time finding clothes that fit well. Glad you found some good clothes that fit you!!

  3. yes, we LOVE the potato soup! I've already made it a few times now & also passed the recipe along to all the girls on my staff team, so thanks for the recipe!
    Not sure what it means that I'm a no email blogger? How do I change that?

    aaaaaaaand, drumroll please...I'm going to be in town next week! (the 3-6) and I would LOVE to bring Landon over to see you & Isabelle! I can also pick up our Girl Scout cookies & further declutter your house. Will you be around?

    and for the record, I have now showered :)

  4. Hey Megan- THanks so much for your sweet comment :) ahh I love potato soup! so yummy! thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see more of ya! Your blog is great :) xo

  5. Megan, I just love your new design!! It's absolutely adorable! : )

    Totally jealous of you and your tiny little self. I don't think I weighed 113 pounds at birth. Slight exaggeration, maybe. I hope breastfeeding works for me like that!

  6. Your blog looks fantastic!!!! congrats on your domain!!!!!! =) You did a great job megan!!!! <3

    I hope I have the same luck as you when I'm preggo and breastfeeding! =) fingers crossed!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. phhhhh totally jealous of the skinny mommy thing!!!! i WISH i had that "problem" :) i also wish we had a quicktrip...oh how I miss them :( and how didcha do the blog change????

  8. You and Monica and your teeny tiny bodies! I do have to say though, 113-115 pounds would not be flattering on me! Glad you found some jean shorts...they are always the hardest for me! I finally gave up on jean shorts last year and went for the perfect fit shorts from Old Navy in a variety of colors. Love them.

    Congrats on your new and your own url!! Oh and I completely love our washing machine too. I feel like I can get so much accomplished laundry-wise in one day because of it! Now if only I could find something that would dry and put away...

  9. I totally agree about the washing machine! If only someone would invent a machine that also folded and sorted the laundry...

  10. Yay for your own site. :)And I do love the new header.

    The washer machine?? I totally agree. Last weekend ours wasn't working, we went 5 days until it was fixed! And let's just say...I have never been happier to wash clothes!

  11. LOVE the new look and web address!! Your girls are beautiful!

  12. You make me smile!!! Im totally Thankful for the washing machine!!! I really need to use it more often!!! Yay for you own domain!! soooooooo Awesome!!! Im totally jealous of your skinny self, I don't think that my stomach will ever be the same!!! BLAH!!!!!!! <3

  13. Life without a washing machine? AGHHHHHH! One thing for sure: my family would own less clothing!

    I'm in the same boat with you...and yes, it's actually hard to find clothes. I, too, weigh less after 3 kids than before (by about 5 pounds which is a lot on me). My hubby is trying to fatten me up. Haha! Not working. Just have a high metabolism, but high cholesterol, so I'm supposed to be on a low-fat diet. Go figure

    I breastfed all three of my #3, my Dr. told me to stop when he was 8 mo. b/c I couldn't keep up with the calories. (With #2, I was preg AND nursing. Oy vey.) Anyway, yes, the nursing helps, but I'm a few years past that now. What's up??? My mom says when I hit 40 I'll gain weight. Well...Um. No thanks. I'll stay right here. Lol.

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