Monday, March 28, 2011

Treasure Hunt and Christmas in March

I do not consider myself to be very imaginative or creative. At all. I'm good at copying, or recreating something that I see, but as for coming up with my own stuff? Forget about it!

Kaylee, on the other hand, has imagination like you wouldn't believe. Based on the kids I've been around while I was teaching, I can safely say that she has a more active imagination than your average kiddo. I don't know where it comes from.

I feel badly about it, because it makes it harder for me to play with her. She'll come up with some crazy idea / scheme / story in her head and ask if I want to play pretend that we are littlest pet shop animals named Cody and Pipsweek (her spelling) going on a treasure hunt, using an intricate map that she just drew.


How do you play that?!

Sure, I can pretend to be an animal and make the appropriate animal noises / movements, but doing so while hunting for a nonexistent treasure? I'll pass, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, Kaylee has been on a big treasure hunt kick after watching National Treasure 1 & 2 recently, and she spent Sunday morning drawing a treasure map and rolling it up inside a gatorade bottle.

Enter my wonderful husband.

While Kaylee was distracted with something else, he got busy drawing his own treasure map. And he had to be all professional like, squirting it with some bleach and putting it in the oven to darken it. Tearing and burning the edges. Oh yeah. The whole nine yards. And then he replaced Kaylee's treasure map with his in the gatorade bottle.

 An authentic treasure map!

Unsuspectingly, I asked her to show me her map again. She got the gatorade bottle, removed the map...and realized it wasn't her own!

She studied the map for a few seconds.

And then she was off!

And here she comes running back with her treasure!

On one of my two trips to Target yesterday, I picked up a copy of Yogi Bear since it was on sale for $15. Kaylee has been asking for it, so she was really excited. 

Cool dad of the year award to my husband, huh? This was much better than just giving her the DVD :) 

In other news, we received a new vacuum cleaner from my dad for Christmas a few months ago. This wasn't a "gee....thanks for the vacuum cleaner" kind of gift; we actually asked for one. 
Well....I've let it sit in the box for the last 3 months while I continued using our old one. But today was the day to get it out!

It sucked.

Hardy har har. (get it?)

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pps - my about me  page has been updated!


  1. AWW, that was such a sweet thing to do! :)

  2. Wow! Talk about creative! Not only would I NOT be able to make a map like that, I would never THINK to make one. Good job dad!!!

  3. Ohh thats AWESOME, and soo much fun!!! Major cool points for dad!!

  4. You've gotta love a child's imagination!

  5. very very cute! i love the treasure map he made and her happy faces while using it :) i also got a new vacuum! from a garage sale over the weekend :)

  6. What a cute idea! That is SO SO sweet!

  7. Well, I was GOING to comment all about how that treasure map thing was so awesome...

    and then you had to go and say the "suck" thing.


    You're too much.

    P.S. My daughter has the same striped sweater. Thanks, Target! ;)

    Still laughing.

    Sophisticated Steps

  8. Oh...and Annabella is the same. VERY creative, imaginative and a HAM!!! Oh my. That girl is funny.

    I'll have to post a pic of what she did tonight. She didn't like the new flavor of oatmeal she she taped a note to it that read "Don't like oatmeal" and left it on the counter for me to find. Ha! How could I be upset at her for wasting it? It was so funny.

    Sophisticated Steps

  9. I asked for a mop for Christmas and got one from my in-laws, but its exactly what I wanted..the steam mop!!!! So I get asking for vacuums, its how I roll!
    Have you ever heard of letter boxing? We did this in Virginia before we moved back to Texas and its sooo much fun. Do a google search, your daughter will love it...and I'm so glad to remember it - we need to do some here too!

  10. Such a sweet idea! She looks thrilled!
    I would be thrilled about a new vaccuum...almost as exciting as my Christmas present as a trip to the dentist! I'm not was all I wanted. :)

  11. great post! Did I post about me being bored while playing with Ira's gigantic imagination or did I just plan that out in my head? Play Super Sleuths in the Hundred Acre Wood?... ugh... again...

  12. What a great dad!

    Thanks for updating your "about" page... great to learn so much about you! Looking forward to keeping up with you and the family. :-)


  13. Ok seriously I love the treasure map idea... so much in fact that I'm going to make one today for hubs. Ha ha I'll have to figure out a "booby prize" ha ha I crack myself up :+)

    Heading to the giveaway now!

  14. Aw what a great step-dad and a great idea! :)

  15. I love the map idea! She looks so happy :)

  16. wonderfull party game i also want to design in my home.very very cute! i love the treasure map he made and her happy faces while using it..
    Christmas Treasure Hunt

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