Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whiney Wednesday, inagural post

I thought today would be a good day to join in with my first Whiney Wednesday post. I'd reckon (haha, who says that anymore? I never do in real life, but felt the urge to write it!) the idea is pretty much self-explanatory from the title, but basically, you get to whine about three frustrating things from the week.

Notice the limit. Three.

With three complaints, you can usually get sympathy, understanding, and "oh, me too!"s. With more than three, you're just an annoying whiner. Haha.

1. I love my sweet Kaylee to pieces, and am very fortunate that for the most part, she is very intelligent, reasonable, easy going, etc.


The girl has some irrational fear of automatic toilets. You know, the kind that flush by themselves after you're done with your business.
And unless I force her to go, amid many protests and pleadings and potty dances, Kaylee absolutely will not use the automatic toilets. To the point of she might pee herself, cannot possibly be comfortable needing to relieve her bladder that badly, doesn't matter, wants nothing to do with those toilets. And when I do force her, I have to go stand guard next to the toilet and cover up the little sensor. Otherwise, she won't go. No. matter. what.
For whatever reason, she's terrified of the toilet flushing while she's sitting and peeing. No, she's not scared to flush when she's done. I don't know. I have no explanation. All I know is it's really annoying.

 this picture has nothing to do with the toilet issues, except that
it looks like a "I-gotta-pee" pose. It wasn't though :)

2. Stride Rite shoes.

Why in God's green earth are they so freaking expensive?
We went to a Stride Rite store while on our mini vacation, and I found some super cute adorable Stride Rite shoes for Isabelle. They're from their Early Walkers collection, which are specifically engineered for little feet to be super flexible and blah blah I don't know but are great for babies that are beginning to walk.
Super cute, right?

Guess how much?

40 DOLLARS. Four-zero.

Isabelle did not come home with a pair of Stride Rite shoes.

3. Chips packaging.
Yes, I understand chips are packaged by weight and "contents may settle during transportation" and that I am getting the full 10 ounces or whatever is supposed to be in there, but I really dislike opening a brand new bag of chips and seeing it 80% empty already.
This is not my own picture...I googled bag of chips and found countless pictures newly opened yet empty bags, so you know it's not just me that is annoyed about this. I would much rather buy a full bag of chips that comes in a bag sized 6 inches by 6 inches than buy the standard size bags that are pretty much empty upon opening.

How about you? Any whines you'd like to share?

(in the mean time, keep an eye on my blog. I have at least 3 giveaways coming up in the near future and you know everyone loves a giveaway!) 


  1. so funny about the automatic toilet flushers! I found those kinda freaky too! ha ha! And the chip thing...soooo annoying! my whine of the day is that it is snowing big time here today!!!

  2. That automatic toilet thing will be a fun story for future boyfriends :)

    My whine for today is my best friend (who is getting married in Nov) asked me to not have tan lines for her wedding. Yeah...that'll be super easy considering how much I run outside! Am I supposed to run in a tube top?

  3. Welcome to the Wednesday club! If you want, you can link back to Erika's original rules post each Wednesday, so others can join if they want.

    Gemma is not a fan of those terlets (that's how she pronounced "toilet" as a baby) either. But she hasn't quite reached that epic extent yet.

    We had some stride-rites when Gemma was around 18 months. I think I got them used?? Anyways, as much as I liked them, they made her feet stink bad, so keep that in mind. I found some great Nike ones at Shoe Carnival (they have girl and boy ones) that are much more water-proof, easy on and off, etc. Still not cheap ($25ish) but at least not $40. And not quite as cute, more of an athletic look, but I like them.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  4. Welcome Megan! Whiners do love company. And yes, you are exactly right- 3 is just right but over 3 is annoying. ;)
    1. I laughed out loud on this one. My 4 year old is still afraid of automatic toilets. I have to try and convince him that it will not suck him down, even the nonautomatic ones! Once, when he was almost 1 I thought it would be neat to set him on the toilet to see if he'd understand the concept. For whatever reason, this totally freaked him out and we've had problems with him and the whole 'potty' thing ever since. One day, hopefully, he'll conquer his fears.

    I hear you on the expensive shoes. My kids, unfortunately, inherited my freakishly abornomally narrow feet and so stride-rites tend to be the only ones that fit them. Needless to say, we don't buy shoes all that often.

    Again, thanks for joining and yes, like Monica said, please do link back to my blog so others can join in and you can leave a comment on mine linking back to yours. Thanks!

  5. Sorry, I used my wrong account on that last comment from Kansans...
    Here is the link to my personal blog

  6. Awwww, that's so sad that she's scared of the automatic toilets!! I definitely agree with you about the chip bags. I hate when I open one and it's barely full.

  7. Hi, there. Randomed over from KERF.

    My DD was afraid of flushing public toilets, period. I think it was the loud echoing. So she would finish up, open the door, flush, and run out as fast as she could. It is so funny to think about it now that she is 16. :)

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