Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Like I would ever be wordless.

I'm just feeling overwhelmed at the moment, like I don't have time for blogging.

Ever since last week, I've had boxes of girl scout cookies taking over my house. The selling is all fun and games, but the arranging time to deliver and collect payment on them is quite another story.
That's about a third of what we've had here.

Besides cookies, we had company over for dinner last night, and will be having company over again tomorrow, and even though I know they come for the company and not the scenery, I still stress when my house is a mess. Which it is. Partly because of said cookies; partly because I'm just not feeling the cleaning motivation at the moment. What? At least I'm honest.

Besides cookies and company, my ridiculous self unwillingly signed herself up to be chairperson and organizer extraordinaire  for my daughter's fun night. I say unwillingly because they've had the position open since the beginning of school in August and as of January no one had signed up despite PTO's many advertisings, askings, and cajolings.... and finally due to the underwhelming response I finally declared I'd do it.
Obviously, I had no true desire to to it, otherwise I would have signed up at the beginning of the school year, but since I am a concerned and involved parent, I kind of felt like I had to. Fun night is a month away, and there's quite a lot of arrangements to be made and work to be done.

Anyway, the good news about having company over last night is that I have a new recipe to share...when I get the time to post it. It involves a little of this:
And who doesn't want a heart shaped platter of cheese? :)

I'll leave you with one of Isabelle's pictures from our photo session last week:


  1. Two company dinners, girl scout cookies galore and you still volunteered? You are my hero (or my cautionary tale) :)

  2. I 116% understand!!! Cookies are all over our living room too and, because we only have Aubrey Sun-Tues, guess who gets to deliver??
    I'm the same way about the house/company. This part excuse/part complaining but here's the deal.... I'm off Sat and Sun and bust my butt to get the house back to presentable on the weekend.... my husband is then home Mon - Thurs.... all by himself.... sometimes with Aubrey added in.... making messes.... with a different cleanliness standard.... and thinks he is helping clean when he pulls out the last 6 months of bills and sorts them for filing away in the middle of our kitchen table..... which would be great if they weren't still there when I get home... or that he did that instead of say.... washing the dishes from lunch.... or even taking them to the sink.
    I get overwhelmed because I feel like I. CAN. NOT. KEEP. UP. and then I feel like I'm a bad wife because my mom's like superwoman and probably could have.... And this doesn't even start with how I feel when we have company from out of town that want to stay with us and he doesn't understand why 6 months of un-sorted/to-be-sorted bills are not acceptable on our kitchen table and why I am not ok with him covering every single surface in our house with something.... I don't even understand where all the stuff on our counters/coffe table/dressers comes from.
    Sorry, your blog just hit a chord and what started as a small comment.... expanded. lol

  3. Phew.... after I hit "post comment", I realised that could have been a blog for me all on its own! lol Long enough?

  4. Whoa, you've been busy! And I'll take a heart-shaped cheese platter, please :)


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