Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy little helper, friends and followers

I truly am blessed to have such a happy little baby. Isabelle is always full of smiles, and she very rarely cries. As long as she gets to hang out near momma, she's pretty content.

I was emptying the dishwasher yesterday and I sent her up on the counter to supervise my work.
I've got my eye on you, mama. 
Don't worry...I never left her alone for even a moment. 
If you've never used a bumbo, they're very sturdy, and despite even the most frantic 
movements by baby, they don't tip or move around at all.

Isabelle knew I was working really hard at unloading the dishwasher and I think she wanted to cheer me on. 

After a few minutes, she realized that there were some spoons that would make terrific toys within her reach. 
look what I found!!

How big are you, Isabelle? 
I'm THIS big!

Also, Isabelle and I were lucky enough to have a few visitors yesterday. My friend Tracy and her son, Landon, came over for a few hours. Tracy and I have been friends since high school, but she lives about 3 hours away, so I don't get to see her nearly as often as I'd like. In fact, this was the first time I've seen her since little Landon was born. It was so great to get to meet him. He's just a few weeks younger than Isabelle is.
We spent most of the morning chatting and catching up, and I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. In fact, I'm disappointed I didn't think to take one of Tracy and Landon together. Of course, we did manage to take one of our kiddos together though. 

Aren't they cute? 
I think they were overwhelmed by two mommies trying to take pictures at the same time :)

In other news, I updated my Recipes page today. Feel free to click there anytime you need some dinner or dessert ideas. I hope to add to it more frequently...I've sort of been making the same things lately. Tonight we're having chili for dinner...nothing exciting. 

Lastly, did you think I was kidding when I said that my husband watches my followers? In fact, lately it's a big contest to see who notices any new followers first. Allow me to submit for you some visual evidence:
So to help continue some good natured competition between husband and wife, if you're not yet a follower, go click the box! I promise to deliver lot of cute pictures, some fun and entertaining posts to your reader, and upcoming opportunities to win some great stuff :)
But when you follow, let me know! I want to come follow you too =)
(And if you're new here, you can still enter this week's giveaway!


  1. I had to click and follow because the text from husband was too cute!
    Love that handy little seat and the adorable girl in it! I love how she's sitting there while you do your chores! So you're at 79 now! Get hubby to text you that!

  2. I'm a new follower!! <3 Tell that hubs of yours!

  3. Totally adorable! They look so happy and your daughter is just TOO cute!

    My husband doesn't track my followers but does ask how my blog is doing lol! I told I am still only sitting at like 28 followers. I think all my friends on FB think when I say follow me to just read my blog lmao!

    Anywho - anyone out there want to follow me? I mean I am not desperate but if you want to follow me feel free to at! Hahaha ok ok I had to put that in there!

    Your blog is adorable!

  4. I just love that your hubs watches your followers! I brag when I hit a milestone to J and he cheers for me... But I don't know if he could tell you what a follower is... Or what my blog looks like! :) I used to try and keep him watching it, but he spends all day programming his computer at work, so I feel bad making him want to come home and read all my posts!

  5. Haha I love this!! and look at you 2 pots in one day!!! wooohooo!!!!! Your blog followers are growing an growing!!! I flippin love you!!

  6. i just found your blog and i LOVE it! i will definitely be keeping up with you!

  7. Your daughter is adorable! Your hubby is funny! I would help you out, but I already follow you :)

  8. yay!! so glad you found my blog!! I am excited to follow you as well! so cool that your husband keeps up with your blog. I just found out that my brother keeps up with mine...i was shocked! haha

  9. your isabelle is almost too cute. so sweet that your husband calls her isabelly.

    thanks so much for your kind words on my last post. we mommas need all the support we can get and your comment meant a lot to me.

  10. Aw SOOOOO cute! I love seeing pictures of your beautiful baby!

  11. Yay Mommy! Isabelle is adorable! It's cute seeing her in different places in her bumbo so she can always be part of the action!

  12. I wish I could still use my Bumbo! Faith has learned out to flip it (yeah, I have no idea how she does that), so I can't use it anymore. Isabelle sure looks sweet sitting there watching you work :)

  13. I have a sister named Tracy...who has a son named Landon. How weird is that!?!

  14. Awww..they are sooooo cute together and your little cutie is so adorable. She is all smiles:) Happy day, sunshine

  15. I am a follower...and your daughter(s) are precious!! those pics are too cute! :)

  16. your baby is soooooooo precious.

    also, how funny that your husband watches your followers! haha!!

  17. It was great to see you guys! And Isabelle looks so cute in those bumbo pics :)

  18. I'll follow you! :-)

    Maybe I need to add the "follow" box to my blog. I still only have 26 followers. My friends won't follow me. They say they don't know how. Haha :-)

    My husband never goes anywhere near a computer, so he doesn't keep up with my blog. But, I share exciting blog news with him and have him read posts now and then.

  19. She is SO adorable! I love how excited she looks.
    And your husband is too funny girl!

  20. Thanks for stopping by my place! Your girls are adorable!

  21. Cute! I like the idea of putting the Bumbo up high in your kitchen so she can see everything you're doing. My baby is a few months younger than yours, but she's such a happy and smiley baby too, especially when she's interacting with people. Isn't it great to have happy babies!!!

  22. Isabelle is so cute.. Add one more to your count... I am a follower!

  23. Umm...Megan? I kind of freaked when I saw her on the counter.

    Moving right along.

    Girl, you are smooooth. Like buttah. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  24. She's so cute! Can't wait to see my Nora do those little fun things!

    And you have another new follower! :)

  25. I used to have a Bumbo! Loved it!! Your daughter is beyond cute.

  26. I love the bumbo!

    And I love that your husband watches your followers!! That's so funny. My husband pretends to be interested when I am excited about a new follower... haha

  27. She is SO SO cute! I totally love that he keeps up with your followers. That's precious.

  28. I can't even get over how adorable your daughter is! I wish I had a cheerleader that cute! (or a cheerleader at all :))

  29. omg MOST adorable kids everrrr! I love that you can just plop her on the counter in that seat! that must be a life-saver

  30. you're in my reader and everything! <3

    these photos are kind of adorable =) so adorable! my hubs counts my stats and followers too! He says i'm his prize horse when i'm doing well...

    ok thats odd ;)

  31. aww she's adorable!

    i'm your newest KS girls gotta stick together :)

  32. Your little competition cracks me up!!

  33. hehehe these pictures are too cute! thanks for making me smile!


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