Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making friends + Photo Friday + Giveaway ALERT!

I wanted to take a minute to thank you...not only for the time you spend reading my blog, but for the time and thoughtfulness that is so apparent in the comments you leave. I have my comments sent to my email, and my email comes straight to my phone, which is nearly always within reach.
(Except for right now. As I typed that sentence, I started looking around me for my phone, and I'm actually not sure where it is at the moment. Ha.)
The point is, thank you for reading and for leaving such great comments. I do appreciate it.

Side note: I'm trying to play around with my commenting system....stick with blogger's comments, or install intense debate? Or something else? Feeback, anyone??

And now, I'd like to introduce y'all to my best friend, Patty!
She's my best friend {in real life} and she recently started a blog. I think she's feeling a little lonely, being new to her own little corner of the internet, and I'd love if you go visit her. She needs some followers!
She's amazing, and is one of the most loving, creative, and interesting people I know. She's a mommy to two handsome twin boys
and she's also one of the most crafty, talented people I know. She did all the flowers for my small, outdoor wedding:

And they were gorgeous! She also does tons of other cool crafty things....
that I've encouraged her to post on her blog about. She recently made awesome little frog homes with her boys. Some people think boys and crafts don't mix, but this was a great project!

Anyway, Patty also came up with a cool Friday post idea called Photo Friday "where you post one picture for every day of the week that best describes that day. It can be a computer image found on the internet or one you take yourself with a caption to go along with it." 
Sounds like a great idea to me! 
We all obviously missed joining her this week, but I'm planning on getting in on that action for next week, and I think you should too. 

I have two additional fun public service announcements to make.

I have another sponsored giveaway coming up soon. Want a hint? 
What could it be??

AND because we (you KNOW my hubby's into it!) are so close to having 100 followers and are so excited about reaching this milestone, we have a great giveaway of our soon as we see 100. (or more!) Click follow! Spread the word! 
And visit this lady, who's also got a 100 giveaway! Go follow her too :)  

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 
I'm planning on catching up on some chores, enjoying time with my family, and spending time outside soaking up the sunshine! 


  1. I like your idea about the 100 followers giveaway. Maybe I should do a 30 followers giveaway. Haha! I'm so far away from 100!
    I like the Photo Friday idea too and did something similar to that yesterday. I'm heading over to your friend's blog now. :-)

  2. Oh what I neat idea!! I'll keep my camera ready this week for next Friday. :)

  3. You are the slick-meister. :)

    P.S. Can I post the picture of your apple girl? ;) Heh, heh.

    Sophisticated Steps

  4. Love the flowers. They're gorgeous!! She did a great job!

  5. You are way over 100 now! YAY!!!!!


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