Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oops I did it again

I like to think I'm pretty stellar at saving money.

I mean, I don't work and bring in an income, so I kind of consider it my job to save and spend as smartly as possible.
And at the grocery store, I usually do a pretty good job. I clip coupons (and print and get them in the mail and all that jazz) and I try to match up my coupons to sales to maximize my savings.
Like on my trip to Dillons today, I saved 58%, and my savings were more than what I spent. Pretty sweet, right?

(yes, I know my savings don't compete with those crazies on Extreme Couponing, but I don't live eat and breathe coupons and carry around a 30 lb binder full of them either. So I'm ok with that!)

But then, there are times that I don't save so well.

Like today. I went to Gap with one item in mind...a watch for Kaylee. Simple enough, right? Easy in, easy out.
Where did all that come from?? Oopsie!

What should have been a $12 trip somehow turned into $79. My husband texted while I was waiting to pay and asked if I found a watch. I replied that I never should have stepped inside the door.


That $79 got a lot of stuff since Gap was having some fabulous sales.

I ended up with two watches for Kaylee for less than the one was at original price. And four super cute pairs of flip-flops for $6 each...two for K and two for me. (LOVE being able to wear kid sized shoes!)

For Isabelle, I found two adorable tulle skirts that were still a bit pricey at $12 each, but much better than the original $30, and two little ruffley cardigan shrugs for $7 each, down from $25. Plus the little lavendar dress and pink shorts.

So if you average it out, I spent $79 on 12 items, which makes each item an average of $6.60.

And for those of you that have a Baby Gap problem like me, right now all sale items are buy one get one 50% off.

Sale + sale = deal!

Did you see the little icon I made and put in my right column?
This is my very favorite bible verse(s). I know you could probably make something much more impressive in Photoshop or Corel draw (ahem, husband) but I'm pretty proud that I made this all on my own :)

Where do you consistently find yourself spending more than you intended??


  1. I love those skirts for Isabelle! How have you not mentioned your freakishly small feet in any of your random fact posts?? :)

    I always spend more in Target and Kohl's than I mean to when I walk into the store.

  2. Ahhh I love those outfits! And I can wear kid shoes too. :) It's great, so much cheaper!

    I spend waaaaay too much money at Target and Babies R US. Like today, I went into Target for diapers. That was it. And I left after spending $68 and some change.

  3. Those skirts are gorgeous, and I wear kids' shoes too, I may have to wander over to Gap after the husband gets paid...see what you did?!

  4. I am with you...I am obsessed with getting a deal! The favorite part of the reciept is the "you have saved $x)...this bigger $ the better :)

    Cute finds, btw!

    xx Cat brideblu

  5. Target! It never fails. Even if I go in just to look I end up getting something. Target is my biggest weakness! lol

  6. Shopping for little girls is so much fun. I remember those days!

  7. I am in LOVE with Gap. Not only for my kids but also myself. I would say half our wardrobes are from their, and the other half Target or Kohls. When they have their Friends and Family sale I go CRAZY and stock up.

  8. Those are way cute!!!
    I am currently banned from going to the Children Place, at least for another two weeks, hehehe!

  9. Your GAP finds are great...and at $6.60 an item, thats practically a steal!!! My weakness is TJ Maxx - I can never get out of that store for under a $100 :(

  10. I think That if you lived near me we could get in lots and lots of trouble!!! That for the heads up on the sale!!!! Super cute outfits for Isabelle!

  11. I love looking to see how much I saved too! And I'm not like coupon crazy woman but I also consider it my "job" to try to save us money where I can :)

    I always end up spending too much at Target.... run in for paper towels or something, and come out with flip flops, a bathing suit, and beauty products to try!

  12. Aww I wish I had a little girl to get little outfits for...super cute! Way to go Momma on hitting up some deals!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I, too, was a teacher in a former life and now I am a full-time Mommy of 3. I'm your newest follower now.

    April@Party of Five

  14. LOVE that bible verse. And everyone needs a little baby gap every now and then. They have the CUTEST clothes for little girls!

  15. Thanks for the comment on my first blog post! The winters aren't so bad.

    I find that I spend too much money in Costco. I always forget everything is ~$10 an item and I come out with a buggy packed... did I mention we are only feeding 2 adults and a basset? :)

  16. I am ALWAYS spending more than I should at Costo :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  17. As long as you didn't pay full price, that's definitely okay to shop. Haha. Or that's my take on it anyway!

  18. i always drop 100 bucks at target. even if all that's on my list is shampoo. and i'm likely to forget the shampoo.

  19. Who can pass up tutus? I think you should dress her in them until they don't make them in her size anymore :)

    I'm totally a bargain shopper as well. I head straight to the sale rack in most stores except for Target. I love Target for their cheap clothes.

  20. I over spend all the time. Budgeting is not my strength...I'm mean sticking to the budget is not my strength. I just cleaned out my girls closets and realized that they now have nothing to wear.
    Online shopping at Old Navy and Please Mum are my addictions.

  21. Those tulle skirts are so adorable! She is going to be one styling baby :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  22. Those little clothes from the gap are adorable. I am not very good at using coupons unless it is at some place like bath & body works.

    That is one of my favorite verses from the Bible too.

  23. Hmmmm, maybe I should make a trip to Baby Gap. Those little skirts are the only reason I'm sad I don't have a girl. Someday!

    Target definitely has the potential to be my downfall. I'm usually able to resist, but not always

  24. oh and p.s. what websites do you use for coupons? The one I use I haven't been super impressed with recently

  25. Great job!!! I am your newest follower : )

  26. I watch extreme couponing and i SWEAR I could save more than them. But then I realize they are just so intense. hahaha

  27. I watch extreme couponing and i SWEAR I could save more than them. But then I realize they are just so intense. hahaha


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