Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Friday

I'm linking up to Patty @ Enteraining Angels for my very first Photo Friday post. I encourage you to join in too!
I'd like to preface this post by saying that I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have, and therefore I'm not too proud of my first submission. I'll try to do a better job next week!

On Friday, I was an enabler in my daughter's Starbucks habit:

On Saturday, after Kaylee's soccer game, we went to Five Guys Burger and Fries and I had the first fast food hamburger&fries in many many many months and the greasy, salty, fresh-cut fries were ahhhh-mazing.
There was no way I was touching my camera with my greasy little fingers, 
so picture credit is here.

Sunday, we went to the park. I already showed you several of those pictures, but I have a really funny one of my husband in one of the little spinny things. 
It's just like this
but with my much larger than a child-sized husband inside. I think the picture is pretty hilarious, but he told me I'm not allowed to post it on my blog. Fun hater!!

On Monday, we celebrated one year of wedded bliss, and of course all celebrations deserve cake. 

On Tuesday, I was supposed to get to go visit our botanical gardens with one of my very favorite friends, but Isabelle's sleeping schedule got in the way, and I had to cancel. She said the tulips were gorgeous, and had I have gone, I could probably show you a picture like this:
But instead, I have to tell you that that picture is actually from here

On Wednesday, I found this fabulous photo on my camera:
Yes, Kaylee likes to take pictures of herself. In this picture, you get to see that a) my child gets some pretty fabulous bed head, b) momma's probably got some hefty orthodontist bills in the future, c) she ALWAYS buttons up her shirt to the very top button and d) she unfortunately inherited those terribly unruly eyebrows from me. What age do you think is acceptable for her first waxing appointment?? 

Thursday, Kaylee got out her Easter basket and some of her plastic Easter eggs from last year and hid them around the house for me to hunt. She thought it was great fun. 
She left for school today with strict instructions for me to hide the eggs while she's gone and she'll hunt when she gets home. I better get on that...

And today, Friday, has been a good day. Despite Mother Nature violating our spring time agreement 
I still enjoyed my morning, chatting with above mentioned favorite friend, watching our kiddos play, and sipping delicious coffee. source

What has been the best part of your week? 

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  1. Shoot! I was going to do "Photo Friday" this week and completely forgot. Next week for sure!
    I was blessed with the same type of unruly eyebrows (unibrow) as you and Kaylee. Unfortunately I tweezed the heck out of them ever since 7th grade and some of the damage is irreversable. My eyebrow pencil is a must!
    The best part of my week is going to be picking my son up from 6th grade science camp in an hour. :-)

  2. the best part of my week has definitely been my brother coming to visit :)

    thanks for sharing your photos!!

  3. I think my mom started plucking mine at 11, but I didn't start waxing until I could drive; I bet my mom would have taken me had I asked. Sometimes I wish I could tweeze my sons - but they're only 3 months! Is that bad? I fear they're going to have a horrible unibrow and get teased.

  4. Thanks for joining in on Photo Friday! :) Ok couple of things here:
    1.) in my defense at the time I sent you the pic. today I had no idea it was only 43 there. (but I still giggled... just a little)

    2.) I have bad bed head too so I feel for Kaylee. Must mean she sleeps well

    3.) I really need to try 5 guys (we just got one down near us)

  5. lol I look at pictures of me at that age and think "WHY didn't my mom teach me how to pluck my eyebrows sooner????" but it all works out.
    And my teach took awhile to get straight so maybe she won't need braces. Although I think the same thing when I look at Aubrey's.... Loved looking through your pics!!

  6. You pretty much did a list of my favorite things...aka Starbucks, Five Guys, and Tulips!

  7. Aaaaaah -- waxing. What a pain. I say let her be a child as long as possible. ;) Tweezing takes away all the innocence. haha

  8. I gave you a award on my last post:)

  9. Best part of my week is that it is Friday!
    I love when kids take pictures of themselves, so cute.

  10. I love this idea. Perhaps I'll jump on the band wagon!

    Looks like you had a good week! Your last picture makes me want to go brew some coffee :)

  11. I'm actually jealous of y'alls eyebrows.... If mine were like that instead of needle thin, I might actually be able to have an awesome arch. And I'd let her get a wax whenever she is ready lol

  12. You did good! Love that your daughter loves Starbucks, girl after my own heart!

  13. When my niece was 9 she shaved her eyebrows off her face. She colored them in with a Sharpie and walked out of the bathroom like nothing had happened. Once they grew in, my sister took her twice a month to have them waxed...but the deal was that she had to promise not to touch them in the meantime. :)

  14. I noticed her button done up to the top in the starbucks photo and wondered if it was a uniform! That is cute she does it to all her button shirts. She has such huge brown eyes!

  15. Oh wow. When she gets to her teen years you'll be glad for the buttoning up to the top button thing :)

  16. As I type this eating breakfast in bed that hubby and my littlest made me [hi...I'm bragging]...I'd like to share my thoughts with you on this fine Saturday morning.

    Kaylee is precious. The stuff you share about her personality is adorable and the way she looks is perfectly sweet. However, what other age does this look cute? There's plenty of time for being high-maintenance later on. I'll have my share of that with my little miss A. My hub has a prominent brow...aka...he passed it on. ;)

    Hmmm...I'm typing this on my know...since I'm still in bed... ;) ...and I can't remember the rest of what you wrote (hard to maneuver here) but I'm sure it was amazing.

    Maybe I should finish my bed.

    Ttyl! (When I finally get know...from bed.)

  17. In my defense ('cuz I know I'm 'bout to get it!) I was up working until 3:30am. ;)

  18. Oh man, now I really need a 5 guys burger. Stat!

  19. Love your pictures...and your "could have been" pictures. Haha. Hope y'all are having a great weekend!!

  20. Love the photos! The best part of my week was today! It's my son's birthday! We are just chilling and hanging out....birthday cake later! :)

  21. gave YOU a blog award lady :) happy weekend!

  22. ahhhh I love five guys!! Yumm!!!!! I loved this post soo fun!!! I think I wanna join!!! Kaylee has to be the sweetest thing ever!!! I just love her!!

  23. Photo Friday, what a great idea! Oh that picture of the 5 Guys fries made me want some so bad! We have one just a few miles from my house and it's hard to resist them. I don't think their burgers are the greatest but I sure love those fries! And that picture of Kaylee on your phone cracked me up. :)

  24. I love this post! Your pics are great. Happy Monday!

  25. I just have to say--I am a total enabler of the Starbucks love with my two older girls, too. They're fixated with the salted caramel hot cocoa and vanilla cream fraps, I've created monsters!

    Your daughter's glasses are adorable--actually, you're all adorable! :)

  26. What a fun post. I love your pictures of your week. So much fun! I especially love your daughter's self portrait. How cute is she? I laughed about the eyebrows. So funny : ) My friend just asked me that about her daughters the other day. What is a good age to subject them to that little torture? EEEK! : )

  27. Awww...I love that photo of Kaylee:) She is such a cutie!Have a great afternoon, darling


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