Friday, April 22, 2011

Public Service Announcement + Winners

(warning! This post contains blood...but not gore!)

First of all, when you run your dishwasher, be sure to put in detergent. Otherwise you will have to run your dishwasher twice...on Earth day. FAIL.

And secondly, if you feel like you're in such a hurry while you shower that you have to RUSH to shave, maybe you just shouldn't shave at all. Otherwise, this could happen:

And now for some winners!

The winner of the AMAZING Happy Baby Giveaway, according to
Congratulations to Heather!!
Heather, please email me at megandyanray at gmail dot com with your mailing address so I can forward it on to Happy Baby! So excited for you!

And we have FIVE winners for the iCaughtTheEasterBunny giveaway!

The Workaholic Momma

Patty @ Entertaining Angels

Erin @ Keeping Up With the Joneses

Isabella's Mommy @ Isabella's Family Blog

Meri @ Meri Goes Round

Ladies, please email me at megandyanray at gmail dot com. I'll send you a promotional code and you can go to the website and make your own picture!

Do you have a public service announcement you'd like to share??


  1. Ooohhh looks like a murder scene LOL!

  2. OUCH!!!!! I dropped my (full) body wash container on my toe in the shower today and bloodied it all up too :(

    No bueno. Happy Earth Day lol!

  3. Yess! I am so excited! Thanks!

  4. And I cut myself shaving maybe... once a week? ridiculous.

  5. OOOOOOOOHHHH YAY!!!!!!!!!! Im soooo excited!!!!! Girl!! your poor ankle! I think you need stitches and a unit of blood, from the looks of the picture!!!! Happy Friday my friend!!!! I <3 You!!!!

  6. Ouch that looks like it hurt!

  7. Hey girl! Sorry about your shaving accident! Been there before (don't drink and shave lol) Also, I got my baby carrier at my baby shower, my friend bought it for me/us from etsy!

  8. oh my gosh, that picture. EEk! I HATE it when that happens!

    and thanks for the reminder about putting in dish soap before I start the laundry, I needed that :)

  9. That's why I don't shave my bony ankle/knee areas. I don't care if I have hairy ankles or knees...Haha...just kidding...kind of.

  10. Thanks for visiting Tales From the Nursery - trying to get caught up on comments and visits!

    I don't know which shocked me more - the blood or that you had a camera at the ready? lol

  11. It COULD be could have been that woman in Florida who was shaving her hoohah while driving and caused an accident!

  12. OUCH!! That looks awful!! Loved that you stopped while bleeding to grab your phone and take a picture! Haha!

  13. Sorry I'm late at returning the follow. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this week. I'm your newest follower

  14. It's been a long time since I've cut myself like that.

    Thanks for visiting my blog; I'm now following you.

    In regards to the books, have you read Lauren Conrad's. I recently got L.A. Candy {I haven't finished but it seems like a fun read}\\\


  15. Owww! Slicing and dicing myself into the shower while shaving is something I tend to do fairly regularly too. Man it hurts!

    As for forgetting to put dishwashing tablets into the dishwaher, at least you didn't put dishwashing LIQUID! I remember a guy at my old work doing that once. It was hysterical - there were bubbles for MILES!

  16. Love your new banner picture! Your girls are so beautiful.

    Also, I've given you a blog award. Read about it here: Cheers!

  17. Oh my. Please be careful in the shower because that looks a little scary.

    Happy Easter. I hope you are having a great weekend.

    We have finally started a twitter account. Please check it out and let us know if you have an account.!/SunnyDaysBlog

  18. Oh no.. that's just... *speechless* but yeah, I agreed because I had this experience once...

    Oh yes, by the way, I am your latest followers and if possible, would you return the follow at my simple tingtasy site? Thanks!


  19. Do you shower with your camera normally? :)

  20. hahaha I can't say that I've forgotten dishwasher detergent, but it's highly probable that I will at some point. What I don't get about shaving cuts is it is tiny little knick and it bleeds for hours. Make no sense!! eeeppp, hope you're OK!

  21. I hate shaving injuries! Hope you're OK!

    I gave you an award, blogger buddy! :)

  22. Thanks for following me! I'm now following you too. :)

  23. Hi!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    Im returning the follow :)

    Also I have two giveaways going on right now If you want to check them out! :)
    Hi! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
    Im returning the follow!

    Also I have two giveaways going on right now if you want to check them out! :)

  24. OMG hope you're ok now.

    Thanks for the follow, following you back :)

  25. I had to laugh at the dishwasher fail :)
    And your shower looks like that scene from Psycho!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following,following you back:)

  26. Oh no! I hope you are okay :)

    Congrats to all the winners!

  27. Ok... my question is why did you have a camera in the shower? *eyebrows lifted*

  28. I'm amused that you're so dedicated to your blogging that you take pictures of your bloody stump in the shower. Bravo.

  29. Been there! OMG I HATE when that happens! It's always the tiniest little nicks and they bleed like you cut an artery!


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