Saturday, April 30, 2011

So what quick Saturday

There is much to be done, and not enough time to do it all. Do you have that problem too?

So what...if we didn't make it to the art gallery event last night? It was just way too windy for baby to be out walking around, but we still had quality time together and that's what matters. We had a hot date here:
So what...if I haven't taken a shower yet today? I used deodorant, spritzed some perfume, and threw my hair in a ponytail, and no one knows the difference!

So what...if I bought something that I totally don't need with the intention of using it and sharing the results on my blog? It's these nail strips...
that aren't even really my thing, but are just so intriguing to me. I'm very skeptical about them, but I'll let ya know how they go!

So what...if I eat cheese in some form in at least one meal every day? Calcium and protein, right?

So what...if the excitement of some of my days is checking the mail? I have a weird thing about getting really excited about mail. So if you ever wanna send me some, consider this your invitation!

So what...if I just discovered sticky notes on my computer and now think it's the greatest thing ever?

So what...would you do at the farmer's market? I love the idea of supporting local farmers, and I don't want our farmers market to die out, but it's all SO expensive. To buy or not to buy?

And what are YOU saying so what to today??


  1. i agree about so what I didn't take a shower...haha that is me all the time!!

    I am thinking so what that my house is a mess because I would rather get my workout in and then still do my school work than clean and do school. haha :)

  2. Finally found those sticky notes, huh? You're welcome. ;)

    And you know what pkg. you'll be getting from me very soon! ;) I better get off here so I can work! I'm sure you're okay with that.

  3. I bought those salon effects too and wanted to do a review on my blog. I will let you know how it goes.

    I am wondering if they will stick on easily.


  4. So what I decided to take a nap instead of cleaning up our living room. :)

  5. Thank you for the follow!

    Returning the favor,

  6. I love mail too! Since moving to Japan I get to order lots of stuff's great having a constant flow of packages!

  7. I have the same dilemna about farmer's markets. It's not actually cheaper and the stuff actually rots faster (from sitting out?) and it's not actually organic. Plus, they sell local produce at the commissary here, so I don't NEED to go to a un-air conditioned farm stand, but I feel like I should support small farmers. Obviously I haven't come to peace with my decision to shop or not to shop yet :)

  8. I could've wrote this post. :) Those nail things aren't my thing either but I did wanna know how they work and how well. So I look forward to hearing about it. I didn't shower today either, so what? Lol. I will tomorrow. And mail?? I LOVE getting mail too, if it's not bills. :)

  9. Love farmers market - I never noticed higher prices, I always felt like it was cheaper.

    Love sticky notes, love Target and I've been wanting to try those nail press ons forever. I have heard great things about them on the blog.

  10. So what if I had a cookie at lunch.. this cake isn't going to eat itself! :)

    I love getting the mail now that I'm really into reviewing!

    ~Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery~

  11. oh don't even get me started on the mail. I really do get excited about it EVERY day. its the little things, right?

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  13. Thanks for following, I'm following you now as well!

    I say so what that I ate almost an ENTIRE (large) bag of cheese curds while watching TV last night. I'm pretty sure I needed the calcium. Yeah, that's it.. ;)

  14. It's funny--it's waaaaay cheaper to get my produce from the farmer's market here than the grocery store!

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  16. I've never come across a "SO WHAT" Saturday post and it's interesting to plug in what you think. I actually do that from time to time where I don't shower and I spritz some perfume and put some deodorant on because I gotta get out the door asap. Ive never tried those Salon effects nails, but they've been the rave on some beauty bloggers lately. Not sure it's my thing I feel like it'd peel a lot easier on me. I love mail too I definitely love waiting for mail to come everyday :)

  17. I really need to learn how to say SO WHAT to a lot of things. It's actually perfect timing. I have been really stressing lately. So here goes..... So what if I slept in late the past two days? So what if I didn't study for a final yet? So what if the floor went un-vacuumed for another day? Today is a new day! :)

  18. We are lucky its cheaper for us to shop our farmers market and not the grocery store, and its 2 miles from our house. :)

    So what if I decided to take the kids to the craft fair and carnival yesterday instead of coming home to do chores and clean.

  19. To be perfectly honest... i have only been into a Target once!

    And as far as the cheese goes...


  20. Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday Blog Hop I'm happy to follow you. Beautiful Family!!!

  21. Hello! Stopping by and following from the Mingle Monday Blog Hop. I've added your button to My Button Collection page.

    I know Sticky Notes are an option, but have no idea where to find them or how to use them. :)

    Stop by, look around and say "hi".

    Have a great week,


  22. I have had many days where I don't get a shower until late in the evening thanks to my children :)Following you as part of the Happy Monday Blog Hop. Look forward to your future posts! You can find me at

  23. Great post! I always try to get the mail first! It can be exciting to find surprise goodies!
    I'm a new follower from the hop! Hope you can hop by my blog too!

    P.S. I'm also having a giveaway starting Sat. Ten days of giveaways. Hope you will come back and enter!

  24. Brilliant post and I love eating cheese as well:) I think you will be getting something special in your mail very soon:) haha...Btw: Hope you got my email:) Happy May Monday, sweetie

  25. Ooh I love this post! You are so cute! So glad I found your blog!
    And I LOVE to check the mail! Haha I always get excited when it's that time! :)

  26. I'm saying "so what" to the fact I woke up late this morning and didn't have time to do my hair like I normally do...showered, put some spray gel in it and scrunched it, and half assed blow dried it!! I was only 5 min late to what! HA!

    I love cheese too...Mmmm!

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