Saturday, April 9, 2011

So what (sunny) Saturday

It's really hard for me to think of some appropriate "so what" sentiments, because today is a great day. There's nothing especially great about it, no standout great moments, but just a good spring day where the sun is shining and I'm spending time with my family. So bear with me while I try to think of a few so what's to share with you...

So what...if when I let Kaylee pick a special treat for being good at school all week she picks Starbucks? What? Do you see issues with my 7 year old already having a Starbucks habit? Don't all 7 year olds have a Starbucks habit? No? Just mine?

So I supposed to think if I tell you that Isabelle won't sleep on her own, but yet she'll fall asleep sitting up in her bumbo when I take a little too long throwing dinner together?
Really Isabelle?! But you won't fall asleep in the bed??

So what...if I let my kid eat raw cookie dough sometimes? I've eaten it for a good 20 years, and am still alive and well :) I bet the same goes for you as well...don't lie!

So what...if I think in the bathtub is a perfect place for taking pictures of baby?

And so what....if I do crazy things to her hair? I'm her momma and that's my prerogative!

So what...if I use about an equal amount of shredded cheddar to chili in my bowl of chili?
(So what if I don't think to take a picture until I'm almost done eating?)

So what...if we have a special day coming up and this is the hint I give you...
Do you know what day it is?? 

Remember, it's almost time for a giveaway! We're thisclose to 100 :) 

What are you saying so what to today? 


  1. DING DING you hit 100!!:) thanks for stopping by. New follower. Your girls are adorable.

  2. Nothing wrong with a 7 year old enjoying a little Starbucks! She knows what she likes!

    And I think our babies have more than hair in common - they even look a little alike! Nora has fallen asleep in the bumbo too. It can't be comfortable but looks pretty cute!

  3. Yay -- there it is -- 100 followers!! Celebrate!! =) I love a little chili with my cheese! ;) Fun post!

  4. Haha. That's too funny that she picked Starbucks. That girl knows what she wants, and she goes for it. Haha.
    Love those bath pictures too. Yay for your 100 followers:-) Your husband must be happy too. Haha

  5. More adorable pictures. So um, Is it fair if I answer????

  6. So what... If I put my 5 week old daughter's hair in a mohawk?

    Did the same thing with my chili last night!

  7. It's your anniversary??

    She looks so funny in that Bumbo!!

  8. Raw cookie dough RULES! (As does raw cake and brownie batter.) And also, Starbucks DOES rule. You just have a really smart kid :)

    And also, Isabelle is adorable, and my parents have tons of naked baby bathtub pictures. It's your rite as a parent!

    Lets see...So what if I pause my workout video several times to take pictures of the dogs. I think that's my rite as the person with the DVD remote.

  9. They are so adorable! I love the sleeping pic! :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm following you back!


  10. Happy almost anniversary!!!
    And I think Kaylee just has good taste in treats.
    I remember like....3 or 4 years ago meeting you two at Starbucks & she had to have her very own Vivano (sp?) shake even then! So what if Landon will probably have the same problem??? (doesn't seem quite as ok for a boy, ha ha)

  11. Seriously...I love your babies. They are both too adorable. I always eat raw cookie dough. I'm alive. And normal. Well, mostly normal. Haha.

  12. Sweet Isabelle. :) Reminds me of a sleeping pic I have of my littlest. I think I need to drag out some old photos for the little blog one day.

    So what if I was late for church because I was tired and so what if I slept 2.5 hours when I got home and so what if I have no intentions of making dinner tonight. Yep. That's right.

    Send some chili over??? ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  13. ohh my gosh! That pic of her asleep in her bumbo, SO FLIPPIN CUTE!! Seriously. and how I love me some baby chubs in the bath! Precious!

  14. Raw cookie dough..... YES PLEASE! Those who haven't eaten it, haven't lived.

  15. when i was pregnant I swore off cookie dough b/c i read it was bad for the time around BRING IT ON! i agree with you- it's NEVER made me sick so I doubt it'll harm the baby!!! and congrats on 100! I'm thisclose myself yay! maybe we'll win each others giveaways!

  16. Your kids are adorable! I like the idea of a "so what" blog post and I am with you on the cookie dough and bath photos.

    I am now following you back ; )


  17. Girl!!!!! Happy over 100 followers!! Uh-o is it birthday time!??? yay!! we get to celebrate you!!!! So glad you had a beautiful weekend! <3 ya!

  18. Isabelle sleeping in her Bumbo is the cutest thing ever! Babies are so funny, I bet the bed is more comfortable, but she wants to be in on the action!

  19. That sleeping baby thing is so girl can sleep outside in a snowstorm but not in her cozy warm bed.

  20. Yum...I love eating raw cookie dough! You know the kind that is already made into blobs for you that you freeze?? Sometimes I like to pop one of those out and eat it just like fixes my little sweet tooth!! ;)

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