Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We love weekends

Normally, I'd prefer to post my weekend recap on Monday, but a little review got in the way of that. If you haven't entered yet, go do it!

So how was y'alls weekend? We had a great one! Filled with fun, but not too busy.

Friday night was Kaylee's school's fun night. I wish I had pictures to show you, but alas, I was running around wild the whole night, making sure everything was taken care of and getting done right. The good new is my little miss was the winner of one of the 6 raffle baskets. She won a basket full of Kansas State University goodies, which is our favorite college team in this house. Score!

Saturday began with a soccer game, and Kaylee's team sustained their first loss. Bummer. I still have a cute little soccer player though :)
hot mess!

Since we were finally having some gorgeous spring-like weather (LOVE!) we went to the zoo after her fame for awhile. Us and everybody else in town. 

I tried to get Kaylee to take a picture with the panda, but she declined. Isabelle acquiesced, though :)

And did you know Kaylee is part mermaid?
(she won't take a picture with a panda, but she will sprawl out on a rock?)

While we were looking at animals reptiles in the herpetarium, I tried to get a shot of Kaylee searching in action, like this:

But instead, she saw that I had my camera out, I got this:
little cheeser!

By the end of our zoo trip, she was tired of my picture taking. 
this makes me laugh =)

Unfortunately, I won bad mom of the month award, because Isabelle got a little too much sun while we were out on Saturday.
poor little sunburnt arms =(

In my defense, winter has dragged on for what feels like 20 years, and I've forgotten what the sun is like. Next time I'll be ready with sunscreen, I promise!

On Sunday, we took a little trip to the library. 
I love that she asks to be taken to the library!

And then made a stop at home depot for some new flowers. 
This is what spring looks like!

And ended with some frozen yogurty goodness.

We came home and planted our new flowers. 

 This mama HATES dirt, but I make an exception when it involves quality time with my kiddo.

And lastly, I'll leave you with some cuteness.
Don't you just wanna pick her up and kiss those chubby cheeks?

Do you have a garden? And if so, could you send me some fresh produce? =)
I'll attempt flowers, but I know I don't have the dedication to grow fruits and veggies. 


  1. Those were some great shots- Esp. when your oldest didn't want her pic taken anymore!
    Don't worry too much about being bad mommy of the month- babies skin is ultra sensitive to everything! She will survive!

  2. WOW you had quite the weekend :). Sounds about like ours. I'd share the produce wealth but I'm having to start over on some of my veggies this year. Our doggies decided plants taste good. So it might be a little late ;) For some reason this year ,despite having brand new from the store 100+ sunscreen, I still keep managing to get burnt even when I reapply.

  3. Flowers and frozen yogurt..two of my favorite things about Summer! (Ok, so there are about a million, but those two are definitely in the top ten).

    We will have a garden at our house this year. Last year we had way too many squash, so I was giving it away. I'll keep you in mind :)

  4. That sounds and looks like such a great weekend. Your girls are so adorable and Im so impressed that Kaylee asks for a trip to the library. Such a sweetheart! Have a great Tuesday, darling. Kisses

  5. Faith had that same "hand picked" onesie! I'm paranoid about her burning and I'm always putting sunblock on her, even when I don't think she actually gets any sun.

    I tried to grow basil inside one year. It died and it was sad. So now we just focus on trying to keep the grass alive :)

  6. I hate dirt as well... anytime I am forced to dig I hold my breath until I can wash my hands... ok maybe that's a little extra but you know :+)

    Sorry the little one got too much sun - Will you remind me what exactly the "sun" is again?

  7. Looks like a great weekend!! I love seeing signs of spring all over and getting ready to be back outdoors.

  8. We had so much fun today! And sounds like you guys had a great weekend. The flowers looked good on your porch :)

    We don't garden (obviously, we're gone every summer) but the past 2 summers our next door neighbors have gardened in our backyard, then given us some of the fresh produce after we get back from our summer project. That's my idea of gardening - none of the work, all of the benefits!

  9. I LOVE the "I am sick of pics, mom" of your sweet girl! I get that all the time. Looks like a great weekend. Love quality time together! Here's to a wonderful week ...

  10. it looks like you girls had a great time! And poor little baby with sunburned arms :( But she still looks so happy and cute!
    I have to start working on my garden soon, too. not looking forward to it

  11. "and did you know Kaylee is part mermaid?" .. literally laughed out loud. That is adorable.

  12. Was that orange leaf?? Oh how I love orange leaf! Sounds like a fun weekend. With how much I read, the library is a must for me!

  13. You have some CUTE kids on your hands!!! Looks like a fun weekend!

  14. You guys had tooo much fun!!! Your girls are just toooooo cute!! Im not a fan of dirt either blah!! We let our neighbors use out land to plant a garden, in return we get all the produce we want yay!!! Im excited about that! I hope you had a great Tuesday!

  15. I feel like this post is my childhood. Except we played tee ball. We loved going to the library. You are such a great mom.

  16. Cute pics!! Looks like a busy but fun weekend!
    I have tried to plant a veggie garden so many times I've lost count. I keep killing it. I have no idea what I'm doing. :(

  17. if you want veggies from my garden you better get your tush over here to pick it up! =) haha!

    great photos dear! love the mermaid shot! hahaha!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  18. Looks like a fun weekend! I think we are going to make a zoo trip next week while we are in Houston:)

  19. We love weekends too !!! hope yall have a great week too !!!
    your girls are precious

  20. Megan, I love this. Perhaps it's a bit nosey (I could use another word but I'll skip)...but I love seeing into your life. That's just 'cuz we're friends. But, I really do! Plus, you always make me laugh.

    Um...and are you asking me to send you some produce because you know about all my fruit trees? Heh. Heh.

    Don't feel too bad about the sunburn. Hub did that with my boys out on the boat a few weeks back. Oooh. It was baaaaad.

    And good grief, what are you feeding that baby? She is the chunkiest most delicious piece of sweetness ever!!! Both your girlies are adorable. They must get that from their mama. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  21. The photo of your older daughter with her "I'm done with this" face is priceless! My mom used to take us to the library every weekend during the summer....I loved it. And your baby girl is seriously so very cute. Have a great rest of the week!

  22. oh such a precious recap! and isabella is too adorable and i can say that a little too much sun is the least of mothering worries! and the warm summer days beg for us to join and in all the excitment it is easy to forget the sunscreen!

    i will definitely send you some veggies from our garden!

  23. Oh my goodness Isabelle is ADORABLE!!

    We put in a HUGE vegetable garden each year, and always end up with more than we (or the rest of my family) can handle! We'll have to meet up and share sometime this summer!

    Love the mermaid picture and LOVE Kaylee's new glasses!

  24. Look at those cutie pie glasses!! Love them!

    No worries about the sun burn. My oldest daughter got burned at about 6 months old. Just make sure you keep her hydrated - mine ended up getting constipated for the first time ever after the sunburn.

    And, today, I win the ultimate award for TMI.


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