Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Kaylee Eats

Welcome to this week's edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Go link up at www.peasandcrayons.com :)

Usually it's all about me, but this week I decided to switch things up and do a WIAW Kaylee edition. For the most part, we always eat the same dinner (this mama isn't a short order cook!), but on the weekends, we all do our own thing for lunch time. And breakfast is always unpredictable!

Kaylee always wakes up earlier than I'd like to, and she's knows that's her time to get to sit and watch a movie. During the week, she's at school til 4:15, then we have homework and dinner and bath, and she usually doesn't get any TV time in the evenings. Breakfast is usually kind of snacky.

Don't judge! In that smoothie, there's lots of fresh fruit, milk and yogurt. The goldfish is a serving of whole grains, and those fruit leathers that she's holding is the ridiculously expensive all natural, fruit only healthy fruit leather.

This is a typical lunch for Kaylee. Lately she chooses to have sandwiches a lot, but sometimes she'll ask for mac&cheese or ravolis.
Carrots are the ONE vegetable that she eats without complaint or coercion. Needless to say, we keep lots of raw carrots in our house!

Like I said, I only make one dinner a night. So yes, my hubby and I aren't eating anything exotic or exciting, but that's ok with me. On days when I don't mind the "eat another bite" routine, Kaylee will have whatever vegetable we're having, but oftentimes I'll just peel her a carrot and save us all the trouble.
She's not a fan of potatoes unless they're mashed and absolutely drowned in gravy, so she only had to have one potato wedge. There's those carrots again.

Dillons had drumsticks on sale AND I had a coupon, so I got these as a special treat for Kaylee.
As a kid, my favorite part was the chocolatey coating on the outside. YUM!

What's your kid's favorite food? 

I just asked Kaylee what her favorite food is, and she said spaghetti and popcorn. 


  1. I think she eats healthier than I do!! super impressed. and that drumstick looks SO good.

  2. I love seeing what other kids eat. It gives me ideas and makes me feel more normal :) I just found your blog on the Classified Mom blog. Cute stuff! I'm your latest follower!
    P.S. Miss S. favorite food is fresh Mozzerella Cheese.

  3. Visiting from Peas and Carrots! I love the idea of doing a WIAW with your kids. I absolutely adore the heart in the sandwich.

  4. Brendan LOVES spaghetti. It's such a mess though. And smoothies are pretty much the only way I can get him to eat any fruit other than bananas or applesauce. Sometimes I blend spinach up in it, too.

  5. I love her eats. I think I'd enjoy a sandwich more if it was in a fun shape!

    I should do a day of eats for Faith. I wonder if I could get pictures of all the pieces of carpet fuzz she eats?

  6. She is too cute! My son eats whatever but if I go off of most "mmm's" per meal it's my baked pasta I make. Love that kid lol!

  7. My favorite, I think, is pasta. And wow, she doesn't like potatoes? I'd give anything to NOT like carbs!

    My favorite part of those cones is the chocolate on the inside of the cone. Genius!

  8. Pears and breastmilk LOL...good job momma of getting your little gal to eat carrots! :)

  9. I WISH that I didn't like potatoes. I always hated carrots growing up. Good for her for eating them!

  10. I love hearing kids favourite food items!

  11. Aww cute idea for the post!! I'm happy to see she likes carrots!

  12. LOVE the Kaylee edition of WIAW!!! Shes too flipping cute! and the fruit leather photo -- thats totally how I pose for pictures half the time. haha! =)

    so awesome that she adores carrots! Some kids only eat potatoes or corn so she's a rockstar in my book!!! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  13. she's so cute. i like the sound of that fruit leather! yum.

  14. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Glad you enjoyed the links! You have a great blog. Your daughter's smoothie looks SO yummy! Have a blessed Easter.


  15. This makes me miss eating as a kid! Life sure seemed simpler back then, didn't it (especially when someone else was putting the food on the table)?

    Also, this makes me want to have a smoothie!

  16. so cute, i love the idea of sharing what other people in the family eat! um... her smoothie looks SUPER good right now. totally jealous. ;)

  17. I think I will do my kids for WIAW next week...great idea!


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