Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WIAW Anniversary Edition

Y'all are so sweet! My husband and I both read through all the comments you left, and we really appreciated all your happy anniversary wishes. We did have a very happy and low key anniversary :)

And like I do most Wednesdays, I am linking up with Peas & Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday.

If you've never linked up before, I suggest you join in.

Today I'm going to bend the rules and include an extra lunch in lieu of breakfast. Yes, I eat breakfast, but it's kind of boring to me. I'm much more into the other meals of the day.

Here's two lunches I've eaten this week:

I LOVE using leftover chili on top of salads, with lots of cheddar cheese. It reminds me of an "indian taco" like we have at fairs and festivals here. Also, I think avocado on sandwiches is delicious!

Mid-day I had an odd craving for peas. Yes, I know that's weird.
And yes, I do eat a lot of my food in our little kid bowls. Don't judge.

This is what we had for our anniversary dinner. We contemplated going out for dinner, but decided we'd be just as happy staying home with our kiddos.
It was my first time to roast asparagus. Not exactly sure if I did it correctly.

And in celebration of one year of marriage...
Top-tier wedding cake for our anniversary. We did layers of chocolate cake and spice cake for our wedding. I'm just never very impressed with traditional white. Too bland for me!

The top tier spent a year wrapped up all cozy-like in our freezer. My husband was really unsure about eating year old cake (not to mention he doesn't really like cake much to begin with) but we gave it a try. After I unwrapped it from the 10 layers of saran wrap and 3 layers of foil (yes, maybe I like to overdo things!) it really did taste totally fresh. Not at all old or dried out or freezer burned or anything. And the spice cake was more delicious than I remembered!

Did you keep your top tier for your anniversary?? How was it? 

Also, what's your favorite meal of the day? Breakfast, lunch or dinner? 


  1. PEAS PUHHHHHHHLEASE! I LOVE IT! Everything looks super delish! i totally want to make a 3 bean chili salad with cheese now! yum yum yum!

    my favorite meal is dinner. no breakfast. no... all of it! any meal i take time to make from scratch and make fun. or have at a fab restaurant too =)

    i just heart food

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

    ps: totally went mini bagel crazy last week! and purebars are FABULOUS! the brownie and blueberry are to die for!

  2. We did not keep our cake. We were going to but we had a freezer malfunction and our cake was filled with melted ice.

    We also went the non traditional route and had red velvet cake for our wedding! :)

    I have never since had a cake as good, and only one cake before topped it. The cake me and my friend Madison baked for a competition.

    We won first place. With good reason. It was fan-freaking-tastic!

    It ruined me though. I am not one for cake now. It's just too disappointing.

  3. Wait, you ate a BOWL full of PEAS?

    and did you make that sandwich yourself? Because it looks like a restaurant dish. If you did make it, please oh please share the recipe!!! and asparagus is my most. favorite. food. EVER.

  4. We ate the cake... but we almost didn't get to. We forgot to arrange to get it from the reception site. I texted my mom, she somehow talked to my husband's mom. We returned from out honeymoon to find cake in our freezer!

  5. You eat well! The cake looks delicious!

  6. Your chili salad looks delicious! (and it's currently 7am. I'm convinced my brain is broken).

    My favorite meal of the day is probably breakfast, although lunch is a very close second. Dinner...ehh. If I wasn't always so hungry at dinnertime, I probably wouldn't even eat dinner.

    My brother and sister-in-law had a family get-together for their first anniversary and the top tier of their cake, which spent a year in the freezer, was dry and pretty tasteless. I'm glad yours was good! I've had a couple of friends who made a deal with the cake-maker to make a fresh cake for them on their one-year anniversary, which I think is an awesome idea.

    I'm glad you had a happy first anniversary. Congratulations again!

  7. I thought that was a restaurant sandwich, too! Looks great. I looooove asparagus. We eat it all the time. Peas...not my favorite.

  8. Our wedding cake was epic (like everyone had two slices and there were no leftovers level of epic-tude) We were so excited to eat the top after a year. We actually fought over it (don't worry, I won).

    Your asparagus looks better than most restaurants :)

  9. I love avacado on a sandwhich! and we ate our toper cake too! (but however we went the more traditional route and had vanilla, I'm not picky when it comes to kinds of cake, its all good.) It was still as good as the day we put it in the freezer. A technique that I still use on extra cupcakes to this day.:)

  10. MMMmmm.. your salad and sandwich look delicious! I love anything with avocado!

  11. Sounds like you two had a wonderful day! Congrats on your one-year! It makes me so happy knowing you two have each other. Yay!

    The top tier of our wedding cake did get saved. We did eat it at some point...maybe at a year? Either that, or I'm forgetting that in a pregnancy-induced fit of hunger, I took it out early and ate it. I honestly can't remember!

  12. My top tier is still in our freezer but we were thinking about pulling it out at our 6 months because... well... I'm worried about eating year old cake! lol Glad yours turned out ok. Maybe we will wait for a year.

  13. I love eating a big bowl of peas!! I'm not married yet, but would love to keep a slice to celebrate with! And maybe a bottle of wine from the wedding?

  14. we ate our top tier for our one month anniversary...no way i could wait a whole year!!

  15. Your food looks awesome.
    I wish I had skills to recreate your meals.
    But I don't.
    Because I suck.
    That is why I am marrying a super chef BBQ-er.
    To make up for my incompetence in the kitchen.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. I will take that chili salad! Looks delicious! I love breakfast because I'm always starving in the morning and get very cranky if I don't eat right away. (P.S. I finally tried your overnight oats with brown sugar & maple syrup. They were good!) But I also love dinner because I usually get to eat it with Kyle, and it's when I actually cook!

    And yes we saved the top tier of our wedding cake. It was also the FIRST time either of us tasted our wedding cake, because we didn't eat any at the wedding since Kyle was so sick!!

  17. That chili salad looks amazing and your wedding cake looks YUMMY!!!

  18. Oh my..all that food looks so so so good:) You are making me so hungry, darling
    Happy afternoon, muah

  19. The tortilla sandwich looks so yummy (minus the avacado)!! And your Spice Cake for wedding cake, looks delish!!! Mmmm... :)

  20. What a yummy wedding cake- congrats on your anniversary!
    Those tortilla sandwiches are too cute!

  21. Our cake was soooooo good, it tasted just like it did the day we got married! yummmm!! I was a happy girl!!

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  23. YUM!! That chili salad looks amazing!! I totally need that right now. I can't wait to do have our anniversary and eat the top tier. We didn't wrap ours up very well though. Who knows what it'll taste like!

  24. We didn't keep ours. It was a really big layer because we had a three tier square cake and we were moving and my husband was joining the army so we weren't sure how it would hold up! So we ate it with my family at family dinner night before we moved.


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