Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aerobie review and giveaway

I'm pretty sure I've made it very clear that I love summertime and sunshine and spending time outside.

If I haven't made that clear, or if you're new around here, then allow me to clarify for you.

I love summertime. I love sunshine. I love spending time outside.

Kaylee does too. And she's one of the most active 7 year olds in the whole world. (It's true. I conducted a very scientific study.)

Anyway, I was really thrilled when Aerobie contacted me about doing a review and giveaway. And I was honest with them from the beginning...I didn't need anything to review...I already knew Aerobie was awesome. I grew up playing with my own Aerobie! And of course, Kaylee already owned one too!

Aerobie markets itself as "The World's Best Flying Ring!" and it's TRUE! This is better than any other frisbee I've ever played with. 

Aerobie was kind enough to send us the Aerobie Sprint flying ring, and it's just as great as we already knew it was. Aerobie has been around since 1984 and is famous for their high performance standards.

Obviously, the science and aerodynamics are way beyond me, but whatever Aerobie did, they did well. The ring is easy to throw and easy to catch. And it really does soar! It's a bit weightier than your cheapo plastic frisbee, so there's not as much interference by the wind.

Kaylee was thrilled when the Aerobie showed up, and we immediately had to take it out and play!

Check out my little Aerobie throwing professional!

Our little two year old neighbor kid couldn't resist the allure of the Aerobie! He hasn't quite figured out the throwing and catching skills, but he sure did have a good time!

And of course, we had to get Isabelle's stamp of approval! She likes Aerobie too :)

Besides the fact that the Aerobie is a great product, I also appreciate that they are part of a Let's Move campaign, which is all about getting kids to engage in physical activity every day. Physical activity is so important for our kiddos!

If you've never tried an Aerobie, I'd highly recommend them. They really are better than other frisbees, and you'll notice and appreciate the difference immediately.
Aerobie is sold nationwide, at many retailers such as Target and Walmart.

In addition, one lucky reader of Loving the Little Things is going to receive their very own Aerobie sport ring, courtesy of the great people at Aerobie!

Here's how to enter:
--leave a comment on this post, telling me your favorite outdoor childhood activity. Tag? Jump rope? Hopscotch? Kickball?

For an extra entry, you can Like Aerobie on Facebook. Let them know that loving the little things sent you, and leave an additional comment to let me know.

Giveaway closes Friday, May 27 at 9:00 am CST.
A winner will be chosen via random.org and announced on the blog and notified by email on Friday, May 27. Good luck!

In the interest of full disclosure, I was provided with the previously mentioned Aerobie Sprint Ring from Aerobie. I received no compensation for my review, and my thoughts are entirely my own. 


  1. 1. You're quite the funny/witty writer.
    2. I have never played with one of these before, but I have a tendency (at 23 years old) to buy kids' toys to play with for the summertime.

  2. I loved playing on our swinset as a kid.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  3. My favorite outdoor childhood activity were jump rope and tree climbing (of course)...Gravity and I were pretty good friends!

  4. 1, I had an aerobie for ever ago.... like 1984.
    2. all time fav - cops and robbers, in the street, all over the neighborhood.

  5. Look at your 7 year old sporty girl! I enjoyed playing kick ball at school :)

  6. those things are great! i almost stole one at the park one time. WAY better than a normal frisbee!

  7. I liked playing outside, didn't matter what it was. My mom kicked me nad my brother out of the house growing up when it was nice out....and now being a mom when it is nice out the Tv is off, and we are outside.

  8. I think we may have had one of those when I was a kid too! Can't remember the brand name, but it looked like that so probably.
    My fav activity was when our next door neighbors and us used to make up obstacle courses for each other on their playground equipment/trampoline. Such good times.

    And p.s. although I believe you about how awesome the Aerobie is, the picture of the hand on the packaging looks REALLY creepy the way it's cut off. Time for a new package design

  9. LOVE THIS! Kickball was definitely my all time favorite activity as a kid. We lived on a court growing up...so we did not have to worry about traffic. All the kids from our street would come out and we would play almost every day of the summer!

  10. :) My favorite outdoor thing to do as a younger teenager was to play Freeztag!

  11. I've never head of Aerobie!

    My favorite outdoor activity when I was a child was playing in the creek and on the rope swing over the creek :)

  12. LOVE the pics...and can you believe I have never played with one?? ((SHAKING MY HEAD}} I know, I'm a total nerd. ;)

  13. Aw yay!

    (this isn't me entering, I think one of your other readers definitely deserves the ring more!). But what a great giveaway and review.

  14. Oh fun stuff right there, we have two, and The boys love them.

    I can't choose between riding my bike, playing with sidewalk chalk, running through the sprinkler, or flashlight freeze tag. All are very fun things to do and totally acceptable as an adult (hey someone has to school the kids on how to properly "Play"!)

  15. I really liked my skip-it as a kid. Did you have one of those? Do they even still make those?

  16. i have too many favs! definitely playing in the barn, playing little house on the prairie, jumping on the trampoline, and running around in freshly tilled soil in my barefeet! ;)

  17. I never had one of these things and I've never even seen one. It looks a lot safer than a plastic frisbee. We need helmets when we play frisbee because you never quite sure which direction it is going to go!

    And I loved playing Mississsippi when I was a kid:)

  18. I used to love my hula hoop the best.. or playing hopscotch wiht my friends.

    My little niece would love this toy!

  19. chinese jumprope, for sure. hopscotch a close second!


  20. Oh AND I forgot to tell you in my comment in the last post that the second I saw the name of your blog I knew you were gonna be cool. That's my motto in life and I love other people that try to live that way too!

    My favorite childhood outdoor activity would be kickball! We played everyday after school in my front yard-great memories!

  21. Oh, that's so sad! Hope the kitten is going to be okay!

    P.S. I'm assuming that this is your Pour Your Heart Out post- I do ask that all participants either grab the button or put in a text link or I delete. This helps keep the linky spam-free!

  22. This is so fantasic and I loved hopscotch as a child:) Kisses, darling

  23. I loved playing red light, and ridding bikes!!! sooo much fun!!!

  24. I LOVED swimming and bike riding as a kid - these aerobies look AWESOME - I've never used one before!!!

  25. Turns out I grew up in a black hole b/c I've never heard of Aerobie.

    I have to get one of these for the kids (and the ahem...dog...we MAY be getting.)

    My favorite outdoor activity? Hard to narrow it down...I was quite the stunt bike rider ("Look Ma! No hands!") and the trickster master rolling backwards on roller blades (oh yeah) and quite the little saleswoman at my lemonade stand. Does that count as an activity? Haha.

    I was outside a lot as a kid. May explain all my freckles. ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  26. Thank god some bloggers can still write. Thank you for this article.

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