Monday, May 23, 2011

Bob Barker was right

I don't know about y'all, but I grew up watching The Price Is Right. And I loved it!

I'm not really sure why I liked it so much, but it was definitely my favorite game show. Even as a fairly young child, I liked to guess the prices of things and compete with the participants on TV from my living room.

And besides the fun and games and prizes, I always remember Bob Barker telling everyone to spay and neuter their pets.

As a kid, I thought it was silly, because I really loved puppies and kittens and was all for adult animals having babies.

But yesterday, some neighbor kids found an abandoned little kitten down the street and brought it to us.
It was a tiny, scrawny little thing, and unfortunately, it was sick. It sneezed and wheezed a lot, and it had lots of mucus.

But it was still cute.
It's not mean, it's meowing pitifully. 

We tried calling the humane society, but being a Sunday evening, they were closed. So we tried to make a comfy little place for it to stay, safe from our two dogs and cat.

Again, pitiful meow, not mean.

Kaylee was quite smitten with the cute little kitten, even though we wouldn't let her hold it. She named the kitten Checkers. 

This morning we called the humane society, but were directed to animal control because it wasn't our own animal. Who ever my husband spoke to told him that most likely the kitten would be euthanized since it was sick, which was very sad to hear. 

However, we made arrangements for animal control to pick up the kitten and the man who came to get her was much more positive. He said it looked like she (it was a girl) had an upper respiratory infection, which is treatable, and maybe worms since she was a stray and wasn't vaccinated. He said as long as she didn't have any serious disease, that she would be treated and then available for adoption. He gave me a website to check so that I could see she'd been checked in.

Kaylee immediately asked about Checkers when I picked her up from school and I let her know that Checkers went to the vet and that she would get some medicine to help her. I looked online and found her picture and was able to show Kaylee so she'd know she was being taken care of. 

But here's where Bob Barker and his infamous message to spay and neuter your pets comes in. 

I don't live in a large city by any means. Our population is 380,000. 

But when I logged onto that website the man gave me, I saw that over 20 kittens had been turned in, just today. And right now they're being taken care of, but you know that there aren't enough people to meet the adoption needs. 

This is very sad to me. The kittens were really cute. 

So at the risk of stealing someone's trademark phrase

PLEASE, spay and neuter your pets. I'm really sad about all the unwanted ones without a home right now.


  1. I sad...we do need people to do the responsible thing!

  2. awww, that is sooo sad! I remember finding a stray kitten when I was a kid & I took care of it for the day and then gave it a little bed in a cardboard box for the night. My parents wouldn't let me bring it in the house, of course, so in the morning it was gone :(
    Hopefully Checkers finds a good home! She sure was cute, so hopefully someone will take her.

  3. Oh that poor little creature!

  4. Aw, poor kitten! She's so cute, I hope someone takes her home.

    I have a stray cat, I think it's a he, that I feed. I don't let him in the house b/c I have an indoor cat that has a disease, so I don't want to risk getting the outdoor cat sick and then spreading it ... but I sure wish I could bring him in. He comes by a couple times a day for his meals :)

  5. Poor Kitty! If I had the room/money, I would rescue TONS of animals!

  6. It really breaks my heart, I am a huge cat lover, and if I could I'd rescue them all

  7. One of the rules for my marriage is that I'm not allowed to go near the animal shelter. All those poor things would have a forever home and I'd be a crazy cat lady. It's so sad!! Our dog isn't spayed, but we're VERY responsible about it, I promise!!

  8. Amen amen amen!!! Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention. I couldn't agree more.

  9. Amen sister. That kitten was precious and it just breaks my heart that there are animals without homes and people to love them. This was a great post and an even better reminder. You and Bob Barker have it SO right!

  10. That makes me so sad ... poor kitty. I'm glad you were able to get the kitten help though. WAAHHH!! Broke my heart.

  11. Hey Megan. It is special people like you that make our world a better place. Many people would have just shoed the kitty away and not wanted a sick stray animal in their home. You're inspiring.

  12. I can't tell you how much I wish I could have a cat. Or two. My husband and step-daughter are allergic. :-(

  13. You are awesome for taking care of a sick kitten for a night!

    I'm a huge advocate for fixing pets too. Actually, if I come across any friendly strays, I take them to the well pet clinic here for a 60 dollar spay/neuter and then either release them (if it's a cat) or take it to the shelter (if it's a dog). We live in a very rural area, so we have a ton of feral cats, so releasing a cat isn't as mean as it sounds, I swear.

  14. Aww...what a sweet note. We have a couple cats that were dropped off and they stay very fluffy with all the mice in the cornfields.

    I'm a new GFC follower from Tuesday Blog Hop.


  15. awww, poor little sick kitty! i really hope she is able to get better and find a good home.

  16. Poor kitten! I totally agree that people need to spay and neuter their pets.

    PS I gave you an award in my blog post today. Check it out!

  17. This is the first thing we do when animals end up at our house. I think being a pet owner requires a lot of responsiblity! Great post!

  18. AAWWW - this is such an AWESOME post!!!! Your message is perfect and Checkers is adorable - I hope she finds a wonderful home. And great job to you and your fam for taking care such a sweet little thing!

  19. This is so true and so sad! It always breaks my heart to see all the animals who need homes, but you're right, get your pet fixed!

  20. No lie, this brought tears to my eyes!! It's so sad. I hate (and yes I mean hate) people who abuse/neglect their animals. There are just too many that need good homes.

  21. I'm not allowed near our local shelter anymore, says hubby, because I'll try to bring them all home with me. It breaks my heart to see the older cats there, who will more than likely live out the rest of their lives in a cage. Even just typing that makes me want to cry. :/ I hope checkers finds a great home!

    Stopping by from pyho

  22. It just kills me to see so many animals in those shelters. I definitely believe in adopting a shelter pet. Poor kitty. I hope Checkers finds a loving home.

  23. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm glad you blogged about this poor little kitten. I worked as a police officer for several years and dealt with a lot of animal control issues... people have no idea how many animals are dumped out of cars and abandoned on a daily basis. People def need to spay and neuter their animals! I've always loved Price is Right too, but only with the irreplacable Bob Barker! -e

  24. OMG! Poor kitty! I couldn't agree more. Kittens/Cats are everywhere around here! EVERYWHERE! I feel bad for them too. :(

  25. You are the sweetest thing. :)

    And...apparently my neighbors have never watched "The Price is Right" b/c the strays they feed are on on their 4th or 5th litter. I've lost count! Ugh!

    Sophisticated Steps

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