Thursday, May 5, 2011

Challenge: In 10 years

Being sick put me a wee bit behind on the blog challenge. But hey, better late than never, right? 

Blog Challenge, day two.
In ten years, I'd like to be getting back into my career. I don't foresee myself staying home forever, but I do think we'll have at least one more little baby join our mix in a few years. So I think I have several years of staying at home ahead of me, but one day it'll be my time to jump back into the working woman world.

I've said it before, but I feel so blessed to get to stay home with my kiddos.

I didn't stay home with Kaylee - I was a 19 year old trying to juggle being such a young mother while being a full time college student, a college athlete, and working a part-time job.

 Look at us! We were both such babies!

So yes, I've seen both sides of the situation.

And I know that there are highs and lows, pros and cons, to being a stay at home mom. When you choose to stay home, you really are giving up a lot. Having a career - or even just a job - isn't just a paycheck. It's also a change in scenery from being at home, a break from constant contact with the kiddos, a chance to interact with adults, a time for some intellectual stimulation.

But when you choose, or need, to work, you're also giving up a lot. You're missing time with your baby, being the primary caregiver for the majority of their day, and watching them grow and explore and do all the little cute things that babies do everyday.

I know that different women need different things. Some people could not imagine giving up their career to stay home. Other people would rather barely make ends meet to be able to stay home. And hopefully every woman can come to terms with what works best for them and their family.

Now how did I get off on that tangent?

Anyway - in 10 years.

Still married to my wonderful husband.

A mother to an almost 18 year old - off to college! (I can't even imagine!)
(yes, I consider college a necessity!)

A mother to a 10 year old!

Hopefully a mother to a....7 ish year old (if I'm making my own plans!)
(but we all know that God's plans are better than my plans!)

And ideally, working at a job that I enjoy and find rewarding. I'd like to say without a doubt that I'll go back to teaching, but at the rate budget cuts are going, I don't know if schools will still be open and running 10 years from now!

Oh, and if I happened to be living in any of the following places, that would be pretty stellar too!

What is one thing you hope for yourself in the next 10 years??


  1. I desperately want to comment but I'm going to start this challenge on Saturday.... So.... I'll keep you guessing. ;-)

  2. I may have surpassed you in the 30 day challenge by days but your quality is much better!! Yours has pictures... Including pictures of potential future homes was BRILLIANT!! I might have to go back and add a picture or two :) Your in 10 years sounds pretty good too!

  3. sign me up for that first house! I think both our families could live there together & still never cross paths with each other if we didn't want to.

    and I agree...staying home is so wonderful!

  4. Hmmmm 10 you maybe back to work. Hopefully 2 to 3 kids by then...taking lots of family trips so my kids can see the world since I didn't get to when I was a child. Hard to see our lives in 10 years isn't it?

  5. 10 years...I'll be 36 (um YIKES) and will still be at home, still be blogging, still be traveling, hopefully be more wealthy (ha!), and will hopefully be the mommy to a: 12 year old, 9 year old, 6 year old, 3 year old and maybe a new born? or maybe an adopted baby? we shall see!

  6. In 10 years I'll be OLD! :)

    I'd like 2 more kids, at least one more dog, and to qualify for the Boston Marathon (that last one is a wish rather than a plan) Oh yeah, probably go back to work too. Bo-ring.

  7. Oh I love those houses you picked!

    In ten years I'd like to have 3 kids and have lived overseas again for a period of time.

  8. I would love to live in any of those houses.
    That is where I would like to be in 10 years.

    I love your 10-year plan. It sounds like you have everything scheduled! We are so similar. I always have the next 10 years of my life planned. I can't help it!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. haha- hey, we'll be living at the same home! Just kidding. I like your plans but openness to whatever comes!

  10. I love those pics. You guys look so adorable!
    And I'm really liking your future houses. Can I come and visit for a while?

  11. I love how you point out that different women need different things. My husband and I are thinking of trying to start a family this fall, and we've been talking (and praying) a lot about the job vs. stay-at-home thing. I'm just not sure what I'll need, so I think I've realized I just need to wait and see how I feel at that time, and see how God leads.
    And in 10 years . . . I want to have kids!!

  12. I hope to be living somewhere maybe in the last house. (yeah snow looks pretty right about now.)
    Or maybe I can just make that my "Summer Home" while its too hot here.

    Actually I'm hoping in 10 years that we will have another "little family memeber" and that we are blessed enough to be able to travel more often.

  13. Heck, Im really not sure!!! I def want 1 or 2 more kids, I want to be a full time mom, the working world just isn’t for me!! Honestly that’s all I can think of for my life right now, I know that pitiful!!

  14. thanks for sharing your story. I cannot believe you were balancing all of those things at 19! you are amazing! the pics of you and your daughter are sooo cute :)

    in ten years I hope to working in a stable position within my field that I enjoy, married and just taking everything one day at a time after that :)

  15. i love that you've experienced both sides of the issue. i always wonder what i'll decide/have to do. i hope that financially i can pick either option comfortably! in ten years i'd like to have a few kids of my own and maybe have adopted at least one.

  16. This is a question that gives me anxiety. I hate being asked this on job interviews, and I purposely took it off my blog challenge list :). I guess I'm reluctant to try to answer it because I'm so far "behind" everyone else my age in life. I'm not married, don't have my own place, and still don't feel like I have things figured out. I guess I figure, as you pointed out, that God's plans reign supreme and I couldn't even begin to guess where I'll be in ten years...or five.

    Where I'd *hope* to be is: married, living in a nice house near my brother, with my parents having moved to live close, making much more money than I am now, and POSSIBLY with a child. Only time will tell!

  17. Those are such a sweet photos and in the next 10 years I see myself having a little kiddo and be as happy as I'm now:) Hugs and kisses, darling

  18. 10 years I see myself married to D, and having 2-3 kids of our own...but like you said God has His own plans for us!!!

  19. I love that you have done both sides of the working mom versus stay at home mom thing! I really hope to be able to be a stay at home mom!

  20. Whoa - just got a little twinge of nausea thinking about 10 years out when my baby girl will be a 10 year old!!! I'm also hoping to have a 7ish yr old and a 5ish year old - those houses look pretty nice too:)


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