Monday, May 2, 2011

Meaningful items: ek Designs

 This is my first installment in a feature I'm going to be doing, showing you some of my most favorite meaningful items! Hopefully you'll find something you enjoy!

I'm a big believer that there are some things in life that are meant to be meaningful.
And when the meaningful overlaps into the beautiful, you know you've found something special. 

Like what you'll find at ek Designs

Unlike a lot of women, I'm not a big jewelry person just for the sake of bling. I know accessories are awesome when they're done right, but I'm a minimalist in the jewelry realm, I suppose. 
If I'm going to wear jewelry, it's because it means something to me.

And what could possibly have more meaning than family, and something that is a beautiful representation of that? 

That’s why I was so delighted to discover ek Designs, and their gorgeous Mother's bracelets.  

Elizabeth is the amazing designer behind ek Designs, and she was kind enough to send me a customized mother's bracelet to review on my blog. 

Obviously, personalized and customized jewelry is very popular right now, but this is in a class of its own. The craftsmanship and quality is impeccable. 
The entire collection is created with the finest of precious metals, Swarovski crystals, exclusive hand blown beads, and our custom designed silver bead frames, beads and toggles that befits these distinguished designs. In its fifteen years of existence, the business consistently has held excellence in materials, workmanship and service in the highest regard.

I received the 'Henry' design, which is a bracelet combining white fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver complement beads with a symbolic Mother and Child charm It has a Heart Lobster closure, and crystals may be changed at no extra charge.

I've worn it everyday since it arrived, and have received so many complements on it! I love that the silver and the pearl are "neutral" and will go with everything, and the touch of green (Isabelle's birthstone!) adds the perfect personalized touch. I'm also quite smitten with the mother and child charm. So precious! The clasp is also very sturdy, which is important. 

Elizabeth was fantastic to work with, and I received my bracelet within days of placing my order. I highly value excellent customer service and fast shipping times, so this was another mark of a great company for me. 

Even Isabelle recognizes quality when she sees it!

I'd also encourage you to check out some of her other designs. 
I know Mother's Day is right around the corner, and an ek Designs bracelet would make a beautiful gift for any mother, mother-in-law or grandmother in your life. And I absolutely recommend this jewelry for the quality of the item!

ek Designs bracelets would be a treasured gift for loved ones.Whether you are welcoming a new baby into this world, looking for Mothers Day gift ideas, celebrating a birthday or other special occasion, or honoring Grandma with a special gift, ek Designs personalized jewelry will be a cherished gift.

What do you want for Mother's Day? Anything goes!


  1. Wow - I'm a minimalist when it comes to jewelery, as well...but these are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I want a nice day off my
    I deserve it.

    Beautiful designs, thanks for sharing.

  3. I want a clean house! Gosh, the things I want these days!

    LOVE the picture of Isabelle reaching for the goods! So true of the age right now.


  4. I am with you on being a minimalist in the jewelry realm. I usually just stick with a few simple pieces and rotate them again and again!

  5. I love this bracelet, I would love one for mothers day!!! Im adding it to my wish list!!!! I LOVE YOURS!

  6. so pretty...they would be great Mother's Day gifts!

  7. Beautiful! I love all of them!

  8. what a great idea! I too love things that are personalized and have meaning. However, I doubt I would ever turn away a big ol diamond if offered one :)

  9. Awww how pretty! I could use some pretty jewels this spring!

  10. Ooooh, shiny. I hardly ever wear jewelry either, mostly because my baby CAN'T let it BE. Seriously, she harasses me until I hand it over. I'm glad Isabelle lets you wear nice things :)

  11. What beautiful pieces of jewelry! I love the family strand!

  12. I love these types of bracelets. My grandma used to make them for my mom's cousin's store. (Is that my 2nd cousin? That sort of thing is always confusing...)
    Although mine is a B.C.C.H.S. one so maybe its time for an adult version.... ;-)

  13. What a great idea for mother's day. Those are beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow! These are really amazing. I love these jewelries as Mother’s day gift. Any mom would surely love it. But I wonder how much these jewelries are.


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