Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spinach Smoothie, for the win!

So, if you read of those crazy healthy living blogs, I'm sure you've seen mention of "green monster" smoothies. These are smoothies that contain spinach.

Wait a minute.

Smoothies........spinach? Huh?

Fruit? Yes!
Yogurt? Yes!
Milk? Yes!
Juice? Yes!
Spinach? Come again?

Everyone swears you can't taste the spinach and that it's totally delicious, but I was skeptical.

No, let's find a stronger word than that.

I straight up didn't believe them. Spinach did not belong in my smoothie.

Or so I thought.

After months (years?) of hearing about them, I decided to put on my big girl pants and give them a try.

My smoothie ingredients included, from top: spinach, pineapple and papaya in juice, strawberries, blackberries, and banana. With milk, for my liquid.

With fear in my stomach, I threw all the ingredients into the blender.

And here's my finished product. I used enough colorful berries that I didn't end up with a green smoothie
Ignore the fact that it's in an ugly tupperware container instead of a nice glass. I actually like to freeze my smoothies for awhile to thicken then up before I eat them. It makes it more dessert-like to me.

Survey says:
It was delicious! It really didn't taste any different than any other smoothie. In fact, I couldn't tell there was spinach mixed in. The spinach imparted literally NO flavor at all.

The moral of the story is: add some spinach!

In other news, I'm a What I Wore failure for this week. The whole point of the What I Wore link up is to get out of your sweats and get a little dressy every day, even if you don't have any special occasion to do so.

Well, my friends, I did not get a little dressy at all this last week. Everyday was some variation of this:
An old ratty tshirt, shorts made out of sweats material, and tennis shoes. Fail. At least my hair wasn't thrown into a haphazard ponytail.

However, I did think it was fitting to include this picture in my What I Wore post.
Because, yes, as a matter of fact, I do wear Isabelle on a regular basis :)

I'm loving...that Coach is so kind to me, and sent me this sweet card.
It says:
Use this card for $100 off your purchase of $300 or more.

You can't deny that $100 off a Coach purse is an awesome deal..........but you also can't really justify spending $200+ when you weren't intending on doing so. However, their sneaky marketing trick worked...I'll be visiting the store soon.....just to look. Right? Looking is free. It never leads to purchases...

(my husband told me I should stand outside the store and try to sell it to someone for $20)

I'm loving...that Kaylee is so excited about summer time. For over an hour last night, Kaylee kept making trips from her bedroom to the kitchen, telling us she was getting a surprise ready, and we weren't allowed to look in either room for the duration of her preparation time. Here was her finished product:
This was her "Happy Summer" party, complete with fancy drinks in champagne glasses and decorations made by Kaylee. Too cute!

I'm loving...attempting to get organized for this summer with Kaylee. While I know summertime is "free" time, I do want us to have some sort of a schedule. And we will definitely be working on basic academic skills too.

I'm loving...these delicious no bake cookies. Can you believe I'd never made no-bake cookies before? I'll share a recipe soon!

(I also owe y'all a recipe for my delicious corn!)

I'm loving...playing outside with our Aerobie...don't forget to enter for your chance to win!

What are you loving today? 

And also, could you suggest some good summer chores for my almost 8 year old? 

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  1. Actually I think that smoothie looks delicious. I have never tried spinach in a smoothie before, but I've had super green drinks from the health food store. Your husband's idea is ingenious by the way :)

  2. I myself have been skeptical about the spinach in a smoothie thing and I like spinach! Guess I will have to try it now!
    That is soo cute what Kaylee did to celebrate Summer. Love the champagne glasses!
    Please give us the recipes! I am eagerly waiting....:)

  3. I heard good things about that smoothie! I think I'll have to try this!

  4. Okay, I'll have to try the spinach in the smoothie. As for chores, she could pick up toys and sticks in the yard before you guys have to mow. She could clean windows with paper towels/cleaner. Sweep the front/back porch?

  5. That smoothie does look good!

    And I agree, not using those coupons are so hard since they really are such great deals.

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. yay for a spinach smoothie! i can't get enough :)

  7. I had a spinach and kale smoothie this morning!!!

  8. Okay, I'm totally trying out that smoothie recipe. I would have been worried about tasting the spinach too, but since you say it untraceable, I'll give it a shot! :P Oh, and your husband's onto something with selling the coupon. I've seen people on ebay selling coupons with great success. Of course, it's their time you're paying for (finding said coupon, putting said coupon in envelope, addressing envelope, walking to mailbox/or/driving to post office) not the actual coupon itself *wink, wink*
    Have a great day! :P

  9. Thanks for popping over to my blog and becoming a follower because I am so excited to meet you! I've loved reading your past posts! You are so funny and I kinda think we could be bff's :). Today I am LOVING that there is finally sunshine (after 10 days STRAIGHT rain! ugh!) My kids and I will be outside for the rest of the day!

  10. Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)

  11. Wow I am really impressed that it didn't taste like spinach! I really need to start making some smoothies...I mean I make baby food for goodness sake! Ha ha your husband is probably right...better stay outside that store!

  12. this a pretty full post! I think Isabelle makes a lovely accessory...and your husband is totally onto something with that Coach card!

  13. the smoothie looks yummy and you look amazing even if you are just wearing mom cloths (my wardrobe choice everyday). is that an ergo? i've never seen that design! love it!

  14. I only tried spinach in my smoothie once, and it was terrible! After reading your post I think it's because I didn't add enough other fruits/flavors.

    I hate coupons that make me feel like I'm doing something wrong by not taking advantage of them!

  15. Spinach smoothie sounds scary, but I'll have to try it now. I need to eat more spinach anyway, so maybe this will help.

    Right now I'm loving anything and everything coral colored. I got coral lip gloss and it's amazing! :)

    I don't really know any 8-year-olds or people with 8-year-olds, but why not let her weed the garden? It will get her outside, and she'll be allowed to get dirty.

  16. The spinach smoothie sounded crazy and then I read more and saw the finish and it actually looks pretty good. Something I'd like to try.

  17. I love adding spinach to my smoothies as well and I always feel so good after a huge glass of it. Btw: Love your tip of putting it into a freezer for a while before drinking it! Btw: Kaylee is such a sweetheart and her party idea is so wonderful! Kisses, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a great sportswear GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for morning yoga practice!

  18. I was definitely assuming you were going to say the smoothie tasted awful... glad to hear it was still good with the spinach! That's definitely something I'll have to try.

  19. LOL...I love that your husband told you to sell the Coach card! Sounds like my hubby!

    New Follower from the Wednesday Blog hop! Love it if you'd follow me back!

  20. You are too funny, loved reading your post. I say if you look great in shorts and tennies (which you totally do) then wear them! With great hair of course :)

  21. Awww that's cute about the summer party!! :)

    I'm so glad you tried spinach in your smoothie!!! You really can't taste it! I do mine with almond milk, banana, peanut butter, chia seeds, and spinach! It's totally green but totally delicious!

  22. Smoothies with veggies hidden in them are usually pretty yummy! :)
    Maybe thats my sneaky side coming in to play. hehehe

    I did the same thing with the boys, We have a basket full of flash cards and workbooks for the upcoming year to work on this summer, and we went to the book store and purchased more books that they can read.

    Yay for summer parties, can I come?

  23. Very interesting smoothie recipe. I'm a little afraid of the spinach myself. Hmmm...may think about it. But in the meantime, do share the cookie recipe!

  24. Yummo smoothie recipe! My goto summer recipe is a daily spinach, strawberry, feta cheese and chinese noodle salad...I love healthy options! Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Summer chores and math homework? Man, you're a lot of fun. :)

  26. eeeeeeeee!!! so awesome! first baby step accomplished!!!! next step? pom mango and moooooore spinach! <3

    Rock on girl!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  27. I think that you have mad a believer out of me! Ill have to try it and see! Ill let you know!!! I love the outfit with the little girl attached, how do I get one!?? HEHE!!! I hope your having a great week!!!!

  28. So...I've never made a smoothie or been to a Coach store. But what I'm loving is that I'm now inspired to do both. Great post.

  29. Wow that smoothie looks totally yummy.

    Chores for an 8 year old, eh? Do you have a garden? she could do some weeding, planting, harvesting?

  30. I made some spinach smoothies before and they were seriously not bad!! I need to get back on that bandwagon.

  31. I need to try that smoothie since spinach will not come close to my mouth,hahaha!

    chores: help with the dishes, help with laundry, set the tables, water the flowers if you have any...

  32. YES!!!! loved this post! with my kids being the crazy particular kids that they are, with their food, I have found the most crazy ways to his things like spinach in their everyday food. I ASPIRE to have my kids eat healthy, period.

  33. Ooh I've really been wanting to try making smoothies. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely have to try adding spinach. Who knew!?

  34. Mmmmm, I love no bake cookies. Especially in the summer when I don't want to turn on the oven.
    And I love the Happy Summer party. So cute

  35. I've never tried spinach in my smoothie before.... but maybe I will. :)
    I LOVE no-bake cookies. Clayton can devour a dozen in no time flat.
    I don't know if you have a chore chart or not. But we bought a cheap picture frame and wrote out a chart with the days of the week and Aubrey's chores. Aubrey marks if she did it with dry erase marker. We erase it at the end of the week. We normally base different priveleges with how she did that day. (ie - if you finish all the chores on your chart for the day then you get to stay up an extra 15 min) It also makes it easier to remember what chores she has at our house vs her mom's.

  36. Of course, this post was cute as always, but somehow all I can remember was "I wear Isabelle."


    Life as a mama. You don't get this stage back! (I wore Ethan til he was 12 months. Gave me a headache every time as he got bigger...but my hands were free!)

    Sophisticated Steps

  37. the shake looks a little healthier than the 100 animal crackers I ate today! ugh I want to have a schedule this summer too but I haven't figured that out. When you come up with chores for the 8 year old let me know ;)

  38. I am a vegetarian and my diet consists mainly of spinach, but I dont drink alot of kids do not like spinach but I make them a lot of healthy fruit smoothies. I NEVER thought of putting the two together!! I will just have to trick them of course but spinach is SOOOO healthy that it is justified! Thanks for the awesome tip!!

  39. Also, I have an eight year old and he puts away his own laundry and hangs his shirts. He empties the bottom rack of the dishwasher of things he can reach, and he sweeps the floor where he has tracked in mud or grass or spilled food...(then when he is not around I sweep it again)he will get better with time. He loves to wash windows, cupboards and walls because he loves to use the spray bottle. I give him a bottle with water and distilled vinegar instead of chemicals and let him go crazy as long as he dries it up right away. (then I go back over it when he is not around and clean it well) adain, he will get better with practice :) I thiink that even when kids act like they are disgruntled, doing chores makes them feel "big" and proud.

  40. Yay! You tried spinach in your smoothie! :) You'll never go back!

  41. omg you have me cracking up with your husband's comment because that would be EXACTLY what my husband would recommend too!

    he also hates when i get gift cards as presents because he knows i'll never spend just the amount on the card :)

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